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Updated on October 10, 2011
S.J. asks from Mesquite, TX
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I have been a SAHM for 3 yrs now (son is 4). I am going back to work week after next part time b/c we need the extra money. My sister lives 15-20 mins away and is going to come to my house and watch him here. He has his backyard to play in here, his sandbox etc and he likes being at home. She will have to take him w/ her when she has to pick up her daughter (14) from school and then I will pick him up at her house when I get [email protected] place I am working at is one minute from our house. We have not talked about pay yet much should I pay her? I will be working from 12-5 M-F making 12.50 a hour.


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So What Happened?

She volunteered to watch him b/c she needs some extra cash right now as well but we have not talked about how much.

**Thank you for the replies. The thing is that I have helped her A LOT in the past. For the past few yrs I have bought all my niece's school clothes and supplies and helped her financially whenever she needed it. We have fallen on hard times now which is why I need to bring money in. I was thinking 100.00 a week for her.

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answers from San Francisco on

Did you say you will be making $12.50 hr? Most nannies around here make between $10-15 hr. You would be working only to pay for childcare... unless you sister is willing to give you a really good deal?

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answers from Phoenix on

Since she's family, I'd ask her what she wants. Just a thought. I really don't have a clue. Good luck!

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answers from St. Louis on

okay...if you used a daycare, you would pay for full days (based on 11:30-5:30, allowing for your own drive time to/from work). That's 30 hours your son would be at the daycare. What do daycares charge in your area?

++your sis is driving to your home!

If you take a look at your salary, $12.50 x 25 hours= $312.50. Take out 20% for taxes....leaves $250. Do you give her a lowball of $50 or closer to $100 since she's driving to your home? This is a touchy, touchy subject! You have to make it worth her time/effort + + you have to have some income for yourself. Wow! Be very careful not to hurt her feelings! My vote is for $100 a week.....cheaper than a daycare & enough to cover her time/expenses (gas)/effort.

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answers from Honolulu on

Whatever you make per your job, is going to go toward, paying her.
And it seems like, paying her will be an amount that is below minimum wage... but this is for childcare AND transportation and watching TWO kids. (yours and hers).

And what about feeding your son? So she'd have to feed your kid, either making food or buying him food.
So what about that, too?
And she needs to drive to and from her home and yours... and pick up her daughter from school... and that is gas and time, too.

You just need to talk to her. About it and what SHE expects, too.
Hopefully, you both have the same ideas about it.
Unless she is expecting more.

Personally, I would NOT babysit another child, if only getting $4-8 dollars an hour. Not worth my time.
Anyone who does Babysitting/childcare, should not be getting below minimum wage. After all, it is a BIG job and caring for another child.
Another life.

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answers from San Antonio on

If you're making 12.50 an hour, minus taxes, minus insurance, minus all that stuff, you're probably making more like $8 an hour. Yikes. I'd pay her less than $8/hour if at all possible. Otherwise, it's not worth it for you to go back to work!

added: Read some posts. I think paying her per week is better. $100 a week sounds better than "$4 an hour" IMO.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Tough because it's family but childcare here is expensive. There is no way ever $3.50/hour would fly for any service here. Really, my daughter could pick up 1.25 hostessing shifts at her restaurant and make the weekly figure. Hope your sister will be kind and generous and you can help her out in some way in return. Seventeen years ago I paid my stepmother $9/hour, gas and a gym membership for part time help.

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answers from Seattle on

It's WAY under market, but bare min, $100 a week. Which is going to total out to about 1/3 what you're making, but as Cheryl has pointed out, most child care providers would charge at least what you're making... which would make working pointless.

That's only $20 a day, and $4 per hour... which is massively below market. So if she'll take it, jump on it.

((I'm going of what my friends in Tx pay for childcare; which is 10-15 an hour. In our area nannies make 20-30, and McChildcare is $10 per hour. Only leaving you 2.50 left over, and 0 left over or in the red after taxes and insurance. Which, btw, is why there are soooo many sahms in our area. Literally cannot afford to work. Childcare costs as much or more than they would make.))

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answers from Tulsa on

The M. will be making $12.50.

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Los Angeles on

$100.00 a week is the bare minimum, less expensive than daycare, but hopefully not too low to insult her. Doesn't matter that she "volunteered," she deserves fair compensation. She's coming to your home, being inconvenienced by not being in her home, using her gas.

When my mother watched my daughter I made less than you, was going to college, didn't factor in that she was a relative, she provided a service and I compensated her for it, paying under what daycare would have cost but not so little as for her to feel I was taking advantage of her, $125 a week, more if I left my daughter extra hours to run errands.

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answers from Washington DC on

EDIT: I have deleted my original response as it appears I misread your post. YOU will be making $12.50 an hour, I THOUGHT you would be paying HER $12.50 an you need to find a compromise that makes it worth it for you to go back to work.

Ask her what she feels is reasonable for her time. Since this will be under the table, I assume (and I really don't like to do that) and she has flexibility, she may not want much - who knows.

Daycare here (Washington DC) would be considered full time and for a 4 year old is $198 per week last I checked...


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answers from Honolulu on

Sitter city has a babysitter calculator. Thatis what I base my babysitter pay off of.

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answers from Des Moines on

Around here, there is a big difference in asking someone to come to YOUR home, vs taking your child to theirs. I think if you take your child to her places, you can pay significantly less (usually full day of daycare $30 - so maybe $20/day.) However, if you expect someone to come to your house I wouldn't understand/haven't seen less than maybe $9 or $10 an hour for this - at this rate, perhaps its not worth it to work! The difference in my head is that if someone has to come to you, they can't work on their own projects/house stuff (folding a load of laundry while kiddo watches a carton or whatever) and they are spending gas money and such to come to you. Also, if you bring kid to their home, they are able to watch other kids as well which allows you to pay less.

Maybe because it's family it's different...

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answers from Minneapolis on

It can be hard to talk to family members about money, but I think you'll have to ask her what she would like or is expecting. Maybe she will trade services of some sort, or want to be reimbursed for her gas, or maybe she will expect a little more than that. Obviously at the pay you will be making, you'd like to have her babysitting not cost too much of your pay.

I babysit one of my granddaughters for free one day a week. If they needed me five days a week, I may not be able to do that for free, but that depends on your sister's situation.

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answers from Kansas City on

In HER home only, 3.50 per hour is fine and really not that much under market at all. BUT, if you have her going to your house, then I believe you owe her more because she'll be wasting a lot of gas money going to and from your house and then having to go back and get her daughter from school. So I'd say just split your paycheck in half, AFTER taxes. Or, take him to and from her house and pay her 90 per week.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I think the $20 per day is enough.

In Oklahoma full time child care for a 3 yr. old pays a child care center: That is 8-10 hours per day with at least 2 snacks and 1 meal, plus crafts and activities, along with preschool/age appropriate toys and a pre-school classroom like setting.

1 STAR center $13.50 per day, full day part time is $9.00
1+ STAR center $18.25, part time, $12.00
2 STAR center $24.75, part time, $15.00
3 STAR center $27.75, Part time, $17.00

To get higher STAR certification the director must have a college degree in some area that somehow applies to children, the classroom teachers must have their CDA credentials, the center must have pay scales that are competitive with other centers in their area, they have to have a planned curriculum, a year in advance for 3 STAR inspection, that is age appropriate, have numerous toys and supplies on hand at all times, participate in the food programs, and they also have to jump over hurdles and through hoops during inspections to make sure they have excellent reports.

A center just starting out gets and automatic 1+ star and can have a contract with the state to get subsidy payments for low income families. If they lose that 1+ down to just a 1 they lose their contract and are just a pay cash center.

Here is a link to verify what I have had said for anyone who is interested.

So, to state my answer again, I think $20 is more than enough for Texas or any other southern state.

Just a note, I think some of the mamma's here need to google what the state pays for child care in your area, you are paying WAY WAY too much.



answers from Jacksonville on

You should check what home daycares charge in your area. We pay $100 week for my almost 3 year old for full time care. Since this is part time you may be able to pay less. You really need to talk to her to see what she's expecting.


answers from Dallas on

I used to work for my sister as a nanny to her (then) 4 month old and 8 year old. I worked from 7:40am-5:30pm and she paid me $175 a week. For part time, I'd pay her $100 a week and maybe help with gas.



answers from Dothan on

I would talk with her about it. I think a lot of the moms answering here probably live in big cities and are comparing the favor of your sister to a nanny or a full time sitter. I am sure she is not looking for an hourly rate, she is trying to help you out is what I am guessing. I would give her maybe a 1/3 of your bring home check-1/3 for you, 1/3 for her, 1/3 for the gas and work expenses you will incur. I would for sure talk about all of this before she starts, so there is no hard feelings if she is expecting more than you can actually pay. Just be honest with her about it. Another good idea is to maybe help her out when you can. Since she has a 14 year old I doubt she needs a sitter, but maybe clean her house for her sometime or cook them dinner maybe-just to say thanks for helping with your son, I live in a smaller town in FL, but childcare for a 4 year old would be close to $100 a week in daycare. Not to mention you would have to drive him back and forth, and he wouldn't have the special care an aunt can give him in his home. =]



answers from Denver on

I pay $5 per hour per kid with my sitter and I have to drop them at her house and I am not consistent with her, just do a drop in scenario.

I have a friend that pays $10 per hour to a woman who does what you sister will be doing. Since she is your sister I would do $5 to include drive time and that should be fair and you still make money at your job.

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