How Much to Give Speech Therapist (Gift Certificate for Christmas)

Updated on December 19, 2010
M.S. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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My child has been going to a speech therapist and I got the speech therapist's 2 son's a gift, and want to give the therapist a gift certificate also, she does very good work with my child, how much should I give? Thanks.

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answers from Allentown on

I am a speech pathologist and do get gifts from many of my clients. I agree that I would not feel right about getting gifts from a family for my own two boys. Maybe a gift card to a restaurant that her whole family can go but that is up to you. Honestly my favorite gifts are a photo of the child with a nice note in a card. I do home based Early Intervention so a Dunkin Donuts gift card or gas card is always great too.

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answers from Honolulu on

Be careful that you don't make her feel uncomfortable.
My son had a wonderful Speech Therapist as well and a child herself.
I ONLY got the Speech Therapist a little something, for Christmas.
But bear in mind, some Clinicians/Therapists, will not accept, gifts from clients... or per their workplace rules etc.
And then also.... she may then feel 'obligated' to then get something for your child/children AND you, as well, in return for the gift you gave her AND her children.
Therapists have SO many clients....they cannot possibly buy gifts nor reciprocate, for every single client/child/Mom/family....

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answers from Denver on

I would agree with Dawn's comment. Buying for a place where they can buy something for work is a good thing. We usually buy our kids' teachers certificates for Target or Barnes and Noble and put no expectations on them. If they geel compelled to use it for work related items, okay. If they feel compelled to use it on themselves, that is good too

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answers from Charlotte on

Well, I wouldn't have given the therapist's children a gift, to be honest. I would have only gotten one for her.

My therapist was so excited to get a gift certificate from one of those learning stores that sold the kinds of toys she used to help her kids. She had many years of experience under her belt, but toys break, and parts disappear, so she needed an upfit badly. I chose a store where they sold the kinds of toys and games that she used for receptive and expressive therapy.

All my best,

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answers from Lansing on

Even tho it wasn't my childs speech therapist, it was my stepdads speech therapist (He had 2 strokes and doesn't speak very well). He was seeing her for over a year and his sessions finally ended. We got her a gift certificate for a massage (she works at the hospital and in the rehab department they have massage there), give her a little time to relax.

I agree, I wouldn't get her children anything. They aren't the ones helping you or your child.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My son's therapist got a pic of him the first Christmas. Then a picture of both of them for 2nd Christmas. We saw her in October and won't see her until March (his final visit), so no Christmas gift, but a 'farewell' gift instead in March. I understand being so grateful for their work/help and wanting to extend gifts to her children, but I wouldn't do that as others have said. My son knows his therapist's kids and I still wouldn't do that. She says she loved the pics and wishes she got more of them from others. Good luck!

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