How Much to Feed 1 Month Old?

Updated on March 11, 2008
S.S. asks from East Galesburg, IL
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My son is a month old and the doctor tells me to give him no more than 2 1/2 oz at each feeding. but hes not full after that and i have to listen to him cry and try to keep him occupied til the next feeding which is every two hours.How much should a 9lbs.12oz month old eat?

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So What Happened?

So far I have increased the amount I was feeding him.He was getting 3oz to 3 1/2oz and I can tell the difference already he actually nods off to sleep alittle instead of fussing after a bottle. Thank you for all the advice.It really helps to have others opinions.

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Feed him when he's hungry and feed him until he's full (you may have to take burp breaks throughout, though). Most babies will stop drinking when they're full. I've never heard of any other doctor putting a limit on how much a baby should eat.



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I agree with everyone who has said to feed your baby more. You will probably see an immediate difference in the amount crying if you feed him until he's full. Opionions differ from doctor to doctor as well, follow your instinct because nobody knows your baby better than you.



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Hi S..
I would say go ahead and try and give him more. We were giving our 1 month old about 4 oz at that point because he is a bigger baby. He is now 2months old and he is eatting almost 6 oz every 3-4 hours.



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You would want to give him what HE wants, only your son knows how much he wants. He will turn away from the bottle when he is full. Our daughter was drinking 3-4oz at 2wks old (10lbs 4oz when born). She usually ate about every 3 hours, sometimes sooner if she was hungy.

I have read that an infant should get about 2 1/2 times there weight in ounces. So if he is almost 10 lbs he should be drinking about 25oz a day.



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I had problems breastfeeding so when I was bottle feeding I fed my babies 'on demand' as if I was nursing. Sometimes they would eat 2oz sometimes 4. All my kids have turned out fine-no weight issues, healthy. I never focussed on the number-babies don't over-eat. Do what feels right. Good Luck!



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I think you should feed your baby when ever he is hungry(not on any hour schedual) and let him eat till he is full. I did that with both my children and they are now 13 and 3 and neither have weight issues of any type.



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Dear S.,

I have never heard of only feeding your one month old 2 1/2 oz. at each feeding, unless there is a medical reflux. My babies were eating that much or more when they came home from the hospital. I would suggest feeding him what he wants to eat at each feeding and you will find that he will probably only want to eat every 3 1/2 to 4 hours. I always tried to get mine on an every 4 hours schedule, otherwise you felt like that's all you got done all day. Plus, if you are feeding him every 2 hours when is he sleeping??? Your newborn should be sleeping a should not be having to occupy his time in between feedings....he should be sleeping. He is definitely not content otherwise he would not be so time consuming and such a handful at one month old. After feeding him, until he is full, try putting him down for a nap and give yourself some time to do some things for deserve it!!!

Good luck!




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I really believe that you should feed a baby until he is full! My one month both of my sons were eating 4 oz bottles every 2-3 hours. I think you should go by what you feel and not what the doctor tells you. They are not with your baby all day and listening to him cry. Use your mommy intuition! Good Luck!



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Hi S.
I would say feed your baby until he is full. Baby's will not over eat. T.

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