How Much Time Does Your Child Spend on Artwork?

Updated on May 15, 2013
T.R. asks from Altamonte Springs, FL
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I'm trying to see what the norm is. My 5 year old spends A LOT of time on artwork, especially drawing, but cutting and pasting is a strong second. We save and reuse everything and anything that can become the next "master piece". I encourage all I can, since both of my parents (now passed away) were oil painters, and it would be wonderful for her to always have that type of expression; if she enjoys it, of course. Anyway, my question is, how much time does your child(ren) spend on creating art? Mine is at it everyday, starting from the time she wakes up, and depending on the day it could be one hour or 4-5 hours(or more). Is this a lot, or average? I know kids love to create, so I was just wondering. TIA!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My granddaughter did that too. At that time she was wanting to be an illustrator when she grew up. She drew a ton of art today and it was amazing. IF this is his talent then he needs to draw.

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answers from Chicago on

My kid has the creative gene too. (No idea where she gets it's from- I am a stick figure girl) She loves to paint, cut and glue or tape (currently she's into making paper dolls), scrapbook, draw, and she got a mini loom thing recently that she loves. She has a mini easel on her desk that she uses a lot too. We just redid her room and I found these awesome zebra print photo boxes that we use to store art supplies- pencils and crayons in one, paints in another, scrapbook stuff, stamps, stickers, etc. Just last night she told me she wants to start painting wooden beads and make jewelry out of them.
Art is like a way of life to my kid. So all that to answer your question, my kid does art every day. She's like yours- sometimes it's all day, sometimes its a painting and she's done, other times it's a string of days on a craft.
I say encourage it- I stay on the lookout for art or craft items whenever I'm in like the clearance section or the dollar store.I love watching what she does with stuff. I'm so in awe of that little brain of hers- the way she sees things and creates things. It's amazing isn't it- how their brains see stuff and what their hands create?

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answers from Rochester on

My oldest is like that...she's now 8, and still spends most of her free time drawing or creating. Seriously, I have to shove the empty toilet paper rolls deep into the trash can or suddenly they're a creation. I've had to put a cap on it...our house is only so big. She probably goes through at least 10 sheets of paper a day, and that's okay.

My little one, who just turned three, will also spend hours if I let her. One of the cutest things she says is "Look, Mommy, it's my newest newest MASterpiece!" I love it. ;)

Continue to encourage...I'm sure it's genetic, since my husband and I are both professional artists/musicians by trade. I don't know if it's a lot or average, but it's normal to us! ;)

(Also, please don't feel like you are just patting yourself on the back. You want shared stories from other parents with artsy kids, and I get that. My oldest will never be able to run a mile or sing beautifully, and that's okay...everyone has their something.)

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answers from Portland on

I'm not sure if there is a 'norm'....some kids are very specific as to how their work should be and some are very slap-dash. I say this after years of teaching preschool and volunteering in my son's kindergarten class during art projects.

My son loves to do art, and if he hadn't discovered Legos, he's be composing with paint and all sorts of materials. I have him in a one-hour a week art enrichment program after school and he loves it. He is also spending a lot of time drawing in the evenings during his quiet time. I'll be setting up the easel outside come summertime.

Great that you are saving all sorts of found objects too! We have a chest of drawers in the kitchen; the bottom drawer is full of yarn, chopsticks, mesh vegetable bags, nearly anything I can find that has potential for a future life as art.

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answers from Grand Forks on

Neither of my kids spend very much time on artwork. One is very musical, the other is very athletic, but neither is particularly artistic. They do what they need to do for school, and when they were little they did arts and crafts at play groups and pre-school, but never just for fun.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Yes, I would say that is a lot. I am sure she has quite a bit of natural talent and inclination toward art since she is working at it so much each day.
My kids are all pretty different. I encourage creativity and I am an artist so there are plenty of art supplies up for grabs. My 10 and 5 year olds will join in if I am painting. My 5 year old draws a lot but I would say it is not more than 30 minutes a day. She does draw well for a 5 year old. My 8 year old is the one that is the most artsy, she leaves a trail of art supplies wherever she goes. She is creating projects all day, every day.
Yes, I would not be surprised at all if your child ends up an amazing artist. 5 hours a day is a lot! Pretty cool.

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answers from Chicago on

My 6 yr old paints about once a week for 30 min and colors once a week for 20 min. But he is in all day kindergarten and they do lots of projects. In the summer we try to create one thing a week. He's not interested in much more.

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answers from Chicago on

Everyone has different interests, right?

I'm really tired, terrible night getting the three little ones to bed without help, so im not in a great frame of mind, but this post rubs me wrong. Everyone is different, and different kids put their energy into different things. Because of this, there is no normal. Asking a quesion like this is kind of like patting yourself on the back.

In any case, my 3 year old is too busy putting out fires and rescuing people to do art, but my 5 year old likes to create.We have lots of supplies, and i collect lots of stuff, but I gravitate towards outdoor adventures, so we don't have a lot of art time.

My 5 year old is a builder. She likes to take misc objects and create things. She likes to draw sometimes -- she drew a fairy on her leg today--but lately she has been about making things with tape. I'd say she creates for at least an hour a day, but she will have days when she really gets into a project. My husband is an excellent drawer. I keep asking him to create with the kids, since I prefer expression through words or music, but hubby isn't around a lot. This daughter also shows great promise.

If we build onto our current house, I do envision a painting space. Right now we only have a craft table.

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answers from Atlanta on

Sounds wonderful. We have lots of materials on hand too for doing all kinds of things.

I'm not sure what is so called normal but I don't think this is too much. So much depends on the child, their environment and the age. All of my kids drew and painted and did a lot of art work at this age but only two out of four continued after reaching adulthood. My grandkids do some art work every day, one more than the other. I'd say anywhere from an hour to four hours depending on the day.

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answers from Santa Fe on

My son spends almost no time on artwork. In school he does the bare minimum in art class most of the time...he's just not interested. I'm an artist and was like your daughter when I was a kid so I was pretty disappointed for a long time that I could never really interest him in cool art projects at home. He'd rather ride his bike, jump on the trampoline, and play with his neighborhood friends. My daughter definitely enjoys doing art...she likes to paint and do projects with me. She's only 3. I'd say she spends 2 hours a week though...besides what she does at preschool. Anyway, I grew up loving art and drawing like your daughter and not at all sporty. I kind of wish my mom had signed me up for sports when I was younger bc I was hopeless at it when I was in school! I still do art and sell it in a local gallery. :)


answers from Houston on

Are you asking because you dream that she got the talent from her grandparents? She probably does. What a blessing!


answers from Jacksonville on

That is a lot compared to most kids, probably. My daughter is pretty artsy, but she never spent 5 hours a day at it. She is 11 now, and still enjoys getting out markers and making homemade cards (birthdays, Mother's Day most recently, and decorating gift bags, etc)...
The latest thing with her age group is creating with duct tape, and she has made wallets and bracelets and book covers, etc with that. She has a social studies class at school that has a lot of projects, and science class also, and she uses her creative side to put those together.
But her creativity comes out in other ways too. She is very musical. And she loves to immerse herself in a good book---absolutely loves to read!

So she spends her time doing a lot of things like that. Art is just part of it, though a part she enjoys a lot. Just not 5 hours a day.

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