How Much Solid Food to Feed a 7 Mos. Old

Updated on September 28, 2011
E.M. asks from Boulder, CO
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I have a seven month old son who will eat anything. He seems to love solid food and by solids I mean, pureed baby food and teeny bites of table food. He is also an avid nurser. How much solid food should I be feeding him since I feel like he should still be primarily nursing? I don't want to fill him up too much with anything but breastmilk---but he seems to love eating. I had been limiting him to one jar a day. Should I bump it up? Neither of my girls were this interested in solids at this point.

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answers from Atlanta on

I follow baby's cues (and my little one generally eats the equivalent of about 6 jars a day plus whatever table food actually makes it into his belly). Just make sure to nurse first, and then offer the solids a little while later.



answers from Denver on

As long as you breast feed him before giving him solids, let him have as much as he wants. That way you insure he gets all his nutrition through the breast milk, and he can fill up on the solids.



answers from New York on

Gerber & your ped can provide you guidelines on this one. We introduced solids at 4 months, and were fully on formula at 5. at 7 months, DS would eat 1/2 an egg yolk, 2 tspns of mashed potatoes and 2 oz of fruit for breakfast. he would eat 4 oz of veg and 2Tblspns of cereal for lunch. 2 crackers or some fruit in the afternoon, and the remainder of the fruit, some cereal, and some tastes off our plates for dinner.

At 11 months, our little guy now eats steak.

Every baby is different, enjoy the ride, and your baby's hearty appetite.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have a 7 month old daughter who is also an avid nurser :) i nurse her in the am along with a couple teaspoons of pured fruit, nurse her couple hours later then lunch puree vegie and nursing, probably nurse her once or twice more then dinner - a pureed meat and night time nursing for bed :)



answers from Des Moines on

As long as it doesn't seem to be interfering with his nursing (because you are right about this is where he should be getting his nutrition from until about a year old) - I don't see any reason to limit him to one jar. I think when my son was that age - I gave him the equivalent of a jar twice a day (pureed fruit for breakfast, pureed veggies for dinner) and sometimes a third serving (cereal or yogurt or something) midday.



answers from Honolulu on

Per our Pediatrician:
For the 1st year of life, breastmilk/Formula is a baby's PRIMARY source of nutrition, and to nurse/give Formula on-demand, 24/7.
Nurse/give Formula, BEFORE solids. Otherwise a baby will be too full to nurse, and will possibly 'wean' from breast.

Solids, is NOT as nutritionally dense, as breastmilk or Formula.

Solids at this age, does not have to be 3 times a day, like an adult. For the 1st year of life, solids is an 'introduction' for eating. Not the main course.
Eating solids, 3 times a day, is gradually... worked up to.

My daughter as a baby was like your son. She ate everything and very well. But, I nursed her, primarily. On demand, 24/7, day and night and especially at growth-spurts.
She grew like a weed and was very healthy.
She still, even if on solids, nursed every 3 hours or so. And she nursed, heartily, from both breasts, drinking me dry. Per session.



answers from Minneapolis on

As long as he is nursing first, I see no need to limit him to 1 jar a day. This is a good time to offer a variety of foods since he is so interested in trying things. Let him sample all of the different vegies, cereals, fruits and eventually meats. Avocado is a good food to try. Letting him taste what you are eating also is good practice for joining family meals later.

As you have noticed all babies are different, one of mine only ate a few tablespoons of food at that age and the other ate a lot of food, more than I thought she would need. I remember asking her doctor if I should limit her food and he said not to, she will stop when she is full. Both girls continued to nurse a lot until I weaned them at 2 years old, so eating a little or a lot of food did not seem to make a difference. Let him lead the way on what he wants (needs).



answers from Detroit on

my ped said.. for the first year.. all nutrition comes form breastmilk.. babyfood is practice for eating.

so.. he needs to nurse first then if he has room.. give him solids.. there is not much nutrition in a 4 oz jar of baby food.. whereas breastmilk is a complete food.. full of everything his body needs..

boys do eat more than girls.. even at this age.

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