How Much Should I Pay a Babysitter per Hour?

Updated on February 23, 2008
C.M. asks from Denham Springs, LA
9 answers

Good morning! I was wondering how much I should pay a babysitter to come into my home and watch my children for a few hours every once in a while. My mom usually keeps them for us, but I know sometimes she just does because there is no one else. I have never had to pay someone before and I want to be fair with the sitter. I have one boy who just made 3 in Jan. and one girl who will be 2 in April. Thanks and have a good Friday!

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answers from Houston on

After reading everyones responses i feel i was not getting paid enough to watch kids in the summer. I use to watch kids out of my house and was only getting 3.00 an hour to watch them after school. my day charges us 12.00 for under 6 hours and half price for the second child and then 16.00 for over 6 hours and half price for the second child. but it would depend on you and who the sister is.. young high school girls will take about anything these days to get the new cd out for dvd or whatever it is they buy now days. well hope this helped.



answers from Houston on

Its about $10.00 an hour for two kids roughly thats what I have researched out there!



answers from Houston on

for two kids, you'd be good to give them $10 an hour. I have three kids, and pay $15 an hour, so, i guess it really depends of the age of the children and the age of the sitter.



answers from Houston on

I am paying a lady, who owns a daycare out of her home, about $10.00 for roughly 30 minutes up to an hour. I am attending a bible study and my husband cannot get home early enough to watch our girls (6 and 8 yr olds) before I have to leave to go to the study.



answers from New Orleans on

I have one child i leave with a sitter,she charges 20 dollars a day and i leave her at 7am and pick up usually around 4pm or 430pm




answers from Beaumont on

If it is just a couple of hours every once in awhile then I would probably pay about $20-$25 each day.



answers from Baton Rouge on

Hi! I am a sitter and for one child, I charge $90.00 a week which comes out to be like $1.70 or so a hour... which is kinda a joke but I guess when you have the luxery of staying home, tax free, its worth it. For 2 kids a week, I charge $160.00. If I have to babysit on the weekends, then its $20 for 3 hours. ...



answers from Little Rock on

I am a little slow but I have had the same issues with what to pay a sitter. I went through a nanny service in Little Rock and they charge $10 an hour plus $2.00 an hour for each addition child. I think it really does depend on how old the sitter is and how experienced they are. My husband always tells me you get what you pay for. Have you checked into Mother's Day Out programs? That's what I did and it was the best thing ever! Also, they have a Parent's Night Out also. You should check it out. Hope this helps!



answers from Houston on

I also pay our babysitter $10 an hour for two kids.

M. B

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