How Much Should I Charge My Friend to Keep Her 19 Mo. Son for 13-14 Hrs. a Week?

Updated on April 08, 2008
M.L. asks from Gardner, KS
3 answers

I've been asked to keep my neighbor's little boy while she attends her seminary classes for the rest of the school year. Her husband is now working full-time so she needs me to keep her son while she's in class. (she's also about 5 months pregnant) I haven't given her a price yet b/c I'm not sure what the "going rate" for babysitting is these days.

Her class hours are ...
MONDAY: 9-12 (drops off around 8:45, picks up "around" 12:15)
TUESDAY: 8-10 (drops off around 7:45, picks up "around" 10:15)
WEDNESDAY: 8-10 (drops off around 7:45, picks up "around" 10:15)
FRIDAY: 8-10 (drops off around 7:45, picks up "around" 10:15) THEN
1:30 - 4:30 (drops off around 1:15, picks up around 4:45 or earlier)

Without including drop-off & pick-up time, it's only 12 hrs., but if you add time for drop-off & pick-up, it's about 13-14 hrs.

On mornings when I keep him early she sends his breakfast with him. Also, she sends snacks for him but I provide milk for him to drink while he's here. (He can drink anywhere from 1-2 sippy cups a day) I will feed him lunch on Mondays FOR SURE & "possibly" on Fridays too.

So, would charging $50/week be a reasonable price? That roughly breaks down to about $3-$4/hr. and an extra $8 a week for milk & lunch for 1-2 days. Is that a fair amount for both of us? They are a one-income family like us -- I want to help them out and be able to compensate myself as well. I know most daycares charge a little extra for infants & toddlers. I know if it were me, I would think that anywhere from $30 - $50 would be acceptable.

Please give me your opinions & advice ... IF this were YOU, what would you think a fair price would be?

Thanks, in advance, for all your feedback!! :)

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answers from Kansas City on

Hi M.,

Well here is what I do:
6AM - 12 NOON $15
1 PM - 6 PM $15

So that would be $75 a week. I think this very reasonable and by only charging $50 you are short changing yourself. Just my opinion, W.
Home child care provider and mother of 4.

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answers from Kansas City on

I think that $50-$60 even a week is acceptable. I would expect to pay something like that if it were me and she would likely pay that or more if she were to choose to take him elsewhere...which I am sure she would rather have him with you! Plus you deserve to make a little for the extra work that comes with having one more kiddo to chase! :)

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answers from Kansas City on

I think that $50.00 a week is perfect.

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