How Much Should a "Professional" Painter Charge?

Updated on January 11, 2011
B.H. asks from Detroit, MI
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Just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with "professional" painters and what they charge to paint one room? I had a guy come to the house and he quoted me $300 to paint the room. (putting on primer, patching a few holes) I don't have the exact measurments of the room but it is smaller than the master bedroom. I guess it's just a standard sized room.
It is my sons room and they have knocked a few holes in the wall by banging their door against it. I had someone come out a year ago and wanted to charge me $350.00 to paint the room.
Is this the going rate to paint a room?

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So What Happened?

Thanks, I told my mom and sister what the two quotes were and they thought it was outrageous. I suppose if you do your own painting and never use anyone it sounds like a large amount? In the past, I would have done my own painting but I just don't have the time and I want it to look nice.LOl

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Painters are like any other professional these days and can get up to $60 or $70 an hour. I would be happy to have one who only quoted $300 lol I had one do my bathroom last year. and we are talking small off the hallway bath not master bath it only actually has 2 walls. cost me $100 and he was in and out in less than 2 hours. A bedroom with patching in my area can run upwards of $500 for just a random square bedroom. patching can cost more.

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It really depends on the room. Are there also moldings or chair rails that will have to be taped and painted around? Do you need them painted too- white or something like that? Is he painting the ceiling? Are you guys moving all the furniture out or is he supposed to cover it and paint around it? How much patching of holes or cracks needs done?

Around here $300 sounds about average if there is also trim to be taped and then painted and if it is a medium sized room with a few holes to patch up. I am sure there are people doing it a little cheaper, but not by very much. The other thing to consider is - are you providing the equipment - brushes, rollers, trays, tape, etc. or just the paint and he is bringing all the other stuff with him?

It always SEEMS cheaper to say " You should just do that yourselves!" but it can really depend on if you already have all the STUFF to do the job, or can borrow it from someone for free.

Once you buy all that, the paint AND factor in how long it will take you to tape up all the trim and do the edging and put on two coats... if you haven't painted much before, it can take MUCH more time than you think and you might have gotten a better looking, more professional job for what it costs you in the end to do all the work yourself.

Good luck either way!! :)

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answers from Dallas on

Does that price include paint? We recently had 2 average size bedrooms painted and it cost us $350, not including paint. We purchased the paint (Behr Paint & Primer in 1). We paid about $150 for all the paint, so the total cost was $500 for 2 rooms. I live in McKinney, TX (just north of Dallas).

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I had a "pro" paint our great room's ceiling and let me tell you, it's GREAT big room! I would say $250-$300 sounds normal to me but then again I guess it depends on the area that is being covered AND the area which you live in.


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maybe i should become a painter!



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I've never hired a pro painter, but my friend has--and you are getting a good price. I had a pro painter come to my house 3 years ago to quote me on 10X13 bedroom...he wanted $1600! I never again looked at a pro painter...I'll do it myself.



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Wow I wish I could move by you and use YOUR painter. Sounds like a great deal. It's more like $500 around here.

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