How Much Should a 4 Month Old Be Eating ?

Updated on December 09, 2008
A.I. asks from Tucson, AZ
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i watch a 4 month old( almost 5 months) during the day...and her parents just started feeding her rice cereal...but only want her to have a tablespoon at a time. and she can only have a 5 oz bottle every 4 hours..she only weighs 11 lbs and is hungry all the time ( she cries all day wanting to eat) but im not her parent so i cant make any decisions on her much should she eat and what do i do?

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My son is almost 3 months old (next week) and he takes a 5-1/2oz bottle of breastmilk every 3.5-4 hours. I don't think the every 4 hours thing is a problem, but she probably needs more then 5oz at a time!



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My daughter's pediatrician gave me a really helpful worksheet from Gerber. It is called "Starting Solids: A Healthy Feeding Plan."

A baby this age should be drinking at least 32 oz. of breast milk or formula a day in addition to this food too. If they are underfeeding their child this could cause long term developmental problems for their baby. The nutritional nourishment is imperative for good growth.

Single-grain cereal (am and pm)- 4 Tablespoons per serving- mix with apple or white grape juice. The juice shouldn't have additional sugar added either.

After a few days of the single grain cereal you will begin to add in vegetables and single fruits from the Level 1 selection of baby food. If you are making your own baby food, you will need to puree and strain.

You will introduce a jar (2.5 oz) of green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, etc. at night (pm meal) first. Feed the child the same vegetable for 3 days to see if she has an allergic reaction to the food.

Then in the morning (am meal) you will begin to introduce single fruits (2.5 oz jar) of applesauce, peaches, bananas, pears, etc. I found that prunes were too potent for my daughter and actually caused her to have explosive diapers and blisters on her bottom. I only fed her this one day and have never given it to her again. At least I tried it...Remember to feed the same fruit for at least 3 days in a row to determine if she is allergic.

The entire introduction will take about 3-4 weeks. If she doesn't like a certain food at first, try it again in about a week. She just might not be used to the texture.

My daughter immediately began sleeping through the night too. She was finally full enough to sustain throughout the night.

Her baby should also be drinking milk every 2 to 3 hours too rather than the 4 you indicated above. By 4-5 months, my daughter's pediatrician said she should have doubled her birth weight. From the 11 pounds you indicated in your question, I don't think she could have doubled her birth weight??? The mother could potentially be unwittingly harming her baby's development. I would appeal to her to help her baby.

Good luck.


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Too me it sounds like you are in a rough place. I would talk with her parents. Let them know your concerns. I've always let my kids eat until they are full. I think 11 lbs is very small for a 4 month old, however, I had 9 lbs kids. They were 11 lbs by the time they were a month old, usually by 2 week check up. I personally would give her more to eat, you are her caregiver during the day, and that's what you are doing. I would tell the parents look here, your daughter is still hungry and I'm not going to starve her. That's just me. Babies are growing fast at this age, and I am a firm believer that during critical times like this affects them for the rest of their life. My sister was anorexic during puberty and she is a good 5 inches shorter than my other sisters and me.
God Bless, I'm praying for you!



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Actually, infants shouldn't have any solids at all until 6 months at least. Formula or breastmilk should be their main source of nutrition for the first year, and their only source for the first 6 months.

As far as a 5 ounce bottle, if she is breastfed then she may never take more than that. Regardless, if she is hungry she should have more milk (breastmilk or formula). Could she possibly have reflux or something else that is causing her to cry alot? My son had reflux and sometimes drinking milk makes it feel better at the time, but then it is worse after that because they are over full - but it makes it seem like they are just hungry.

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