How Much Pregnancy Weight by 4 Months?

Updated on November 08, 2010
J.O. asks from Novi, MI
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I gained nothing the first trimester. Now I am four months along and a few days, and I've gained 10 pounds. That's 10 pounds in a month, and that sounds like too much. Is it? I want to stay on track because I lost the baby weight easily with the other kids.
Obviously one cannot gain 10 pounds EACH month!!
(I am a normal weight person, by the way).

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answers from Detroit on

Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I LOST 6lbs in the first trimester. I had gained a TOTAL of 18lbs by the time I gave birth.

When pregnant with my son, I GAINED at least 10lbs in the first trimester and had gained a TOTAL of 32lbs by the time I gave birth!!!

Funny thing is... I lost that 32lbs faster than I did the 18.

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answers from Detroit on

The same thing happened to me on baby #1...ZERO in the first 6 months, then 8 pounds in month 16 pounds. Baby #2 gradual all the way toal 30 # 3 nothing first 3 months 19 pounds total. They were all different, easy to lose after with healthy babies! No worries. Congrats!



answers from Detroit on

Eat healthy, avoid junk, exercise safely, drink plenty of clear fluids, and you'll be fine. Stop worrying!


answers from Pocatello on

Well sometimes you can have a month where you gain a lot and then hardly any another month. I am 4 months too (16 weeks) and I have gained a total of 6 pounds. Starting weight was 110 so I'm 116 now. But I gained those 6 pounds during the first few months and have been at 116 sense week 12 so that's what like about 4 weeks with no weight gain? So yeah try not to worry too much just eat healthy and you will be fine. But be careful you could gain 10 pounds each month. I have a couple friends who put on a total of 60 pounds during their pregnancy so yeah they were really packing on the pounds! But as long as you are eating healthy and not over eating all the time you will be fine.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I think overall, you want to gain around 25 lbs. Just eat healthy and it will all even out. Congrats!



answers from St. Louis on

I just went to the doctor (26 weeks now) and between 20-25 weeks I gained 10 lbs too. Before this, I had only gained 5 pounds. My doctor didn't seem concerned although she did say it was a lot. She said what mattered though was that I wasn't gaining that much each month and my overall weight gain.



answers from Detroit on

Try to focus more on the health of your baby rather than how much weight you gain.



answers from Dallas on

As long as you try to stay around 25-30lbs overall you should be fine. Ten lbs does sound like a lot in one month, but next month you might only gain 2 so don't worry too much about it. Just make good eating decisions...well, most of the time anyway!! Enjoy your pregnancy!



answers from Detroit on

Hi J.---You didn't mention whether or not you've had morning sickness. I did will all 3 and until 20 weeks I was losing weight. Funny thing, once I started feeling better, I put on 10 lbs or so the next month. As others have shared, your weight gain will vary from month to month.

If you are eating mostly fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, beans/legumes, nuts and seeds while keeping animal protein to 10% of daily calories, you and that baby will be optimally healthy. Animal protein, and dairy, contain mostly fat and calories and too much contributes to degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease and autoimmune disorders. What you eat now will determine your baby's preferences when he or she starts to eat solid foods. There was a great article in the Oct 4 issue of Time magazine about how you eat now, during pregnancy, determines the diseases your baby might be vulnerable to as he/she ages. Other sites to explore: and then put dairy in the search box, but do explore the entire site and

I apologize as it seems as I may have gotten off topic a bit, but how you eat determines MANY things relating both to pregnancy weight and health AND long term health for you and your family. If you would like to know anything more about the topics I've raised, please feel free to contact me. Our docs really don't know too much about how nutrition impacts our health and nutrition should be the first place we start with any health problem. Thank you for letting me share. Hope that this helps. Be well, D.


answers from Rochester on

I gained early on with my first two kids but it slowed down at the end and the total was 30 pounds for each. I am 22 weeks along with my 3rd and have gained between 18 and 22 pounds (depending on the morning). If my "pattern" holds true, I'll probably gain very little in the third trimester. If you had at all a suppressed appetite you might be making up for normal weight gain. I wouldn't worry about it, though. I do keep a journal from non-pregnancy times and jot my weight down periodically just so I can see the ups and downs and make sure I'm gaining healthfully and then losing healthfully. If you had healthy weight gain with your others, though, you probably will with this one unless you drastically change your lifestyle. Congratulations! :)



answers from Dallas on

I didn't gain anything for the first couple of months, then I gained weight pretty quickly. The Dr. said I need to gain 40 ( I was considered a little "underweight." I think the recommended is 25-30 lbs) and I gained 34. Just about all those 34 pound came in the last 3-4 months.



answers from Detroit on

I am on my 2nd pregnancy. With my first I was at 180 full term. I'm currently 6 mths and a couple weeks. I haven't gained in the past two months. A 4 mths I was at 170ish. I didn't gain much the first month or two. I think in the 3rd month I gained 11. Like other posters have said 25-35 is normal and recommended. Don't stress over it. My SIL who had a baby a month ago gained only 6 lbs this last pregnancy. She was overweight to begin and had to eat healthy due to Gestational Diabetes. She knew she had GD from the beginning and started eating healthly right away. My point is that everyone is different. Don't worry about it, eat as healthy as possible and just keep an eye on it.

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