How Much Milk Should My 15 Month Old Be Getting?

Updated on November 13, 2010
J.H. asks from Dubuque, IA
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Carter seems to drink a lot of milk. I think he can easily have 5-6 cups a day (8-9oz sippys) if not more. I don't remember my other two drinking this much at this age. He gets mad if he has water/juice if he wants milk. He will not drink water out of his sippys only his brother/sister. He eats really good too. He is my big eater. He even still wakes up at night sometimes for his sippy and if its not milk he will not drink it and then I can't get him back to sleep. Is this too much milk? How do I get him to drink other stuff? My 2 and 3 year old was easy. They drink water most of the day with milk at mealtimes after they turned one and Carter wants milk all the time. Just today from about 8 in the morning to now which its 4 pm he is on his 5 cup. He will likely have 1-2 more tonight.

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So What Happened?

His dr. is not concerned with how much he is drinking since he is eating fine and gaining weight just fine. He is 23 pounds and 31 in long. The dr. said he will eventually drink other stuff and since he drinks water out of his brothers and sisters sippys she isn't worried.

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Too much milk, if not balanced with other food nutrients, can lead to anemia and other nutritional deficiencies, believe it or not, because kids fill up on the milk which is lacking essential vitamins and minerals and too much can actually deplete iron stores. You say he is also a good eater, so that may not even be a concern. My pediatrician always said juice is unnecessary, to feed fruit instead, and only 1/4 cup a day juice max if we did give it. Jacy had a good idea of offering half as much in each cup. You may have to deal with some unpleasant attitude, but be clear and firm.

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If he's still eating well and within healthy weight/height ranges then I wouldn't worry too much. My sister basically subsisted on milk for 3 years once she was off the bottle at 18 months. And she's always been perfectly healthy. Talk to your doctor if you're really concerned though.

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Its GOOD he does not want juice.
We never gave our kids any juice, until over 2 years old. Then it was diluted with water....

He seems to eat fine and is growing fine.
I would not worry about it.
Kids this age, do often wake at night and/or are hungry...

15 months old, is also a growth-spurt period...

At night, you might opt to put water in his cup or whatever.
Or, dilute the milk with water.... and some kids will reject that then not ask for milk...

For me, I gave my kids milk if hungry. Which my kids had GINORMOUS appetites, when hitting growth spurts....

Whole milk, until a child is 2.. is important because the "milk fats" in it is an essential nutrient for brain growth.

Sometimes too much milk will make a baby/child too full to eat. But Carter does not seem to have problems with eating. He DOES eat well.
So I don't see, that his milk intake is a big deal.
If he wants milk, I would give it to him.
Each kid is different.
My son, is like Carter.... LOVES milk, and my son is a tall/lanky/solid built healthy boy... and never hardly ever sick and always in the 97th percentiles for growth...

all the best,


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No more than 24 oz of milk per day.



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my daughters dr said that she didnt need more then 16oz a day. start only giving milk at meal time. he wont let him self dehydrate. set a few cups out with water. thats what i did with my daughter. she was easy and would drink whatever i gave her. at that age she drank water, diluted juice, milk and V8! yes i gave my daughter straight v8 since stage 3 foods did not have many veggies. you can try diluting his milk with a little bit of water. or you can only give him 4 oz at a time.



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That seems like a lot of milk but if he is eating well it might be okay. You could always make a rule to have milk with meals only. Water for the rest of the day. If he doesn't want water in a sippy cup then you could try putting it in a water bottle with a pop up top or even in a plastic glass (just don't put too much into it). He might think drinking out of the glass is a big kid and that might encourage him to drink the water.


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I was told by my pedi that should give a child a year and up 32oz of milk a day.


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I asked my sister this exact question (she has a 5 year old and had a son at the time I did, I always went to her first because she is an INCREDIBLE mom in my eyes) and he said 3 sippys a day. She had consulted her pediatrician back when the 5 year old was just a year...the downside is I am not sure what a "sippy" is, but we use the same size you do....that is what I have stuck to. My son has one first thing in the morning, one in the afternoon after nap and one before bed. He will sometimes have another in the morning and I have not fought that. But....I would check with your doctor if you have the chance!


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