How Much Milk per Day?

Updated on June 06, 2007
C.S. asks from Anchorage, AK
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I just weened my 11 month old off breast-feeding due to biting issues and have switched her to a sippy cup. I can't remember how much milk she is supposed to get per day. I have only been giving her 2 cups (about 6 oz.) during the day. Is this sufficient, or does she need more? Thank you for any input.

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answers from Portland on

My grandchildren's pediatrician said 24 oz and not cows milk until she's at least a year. It has something to do with their body's ability to digest milk so that the nutrients are usable. Also formula has more nutrition than cow's milk. Getting sufficient calcium is a high priority at this age. Their bones are still developing.

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answers from Seattle on

At my daughter's 9 month check-up, the dr said between 24-32oz of formula per day. If you're giving her more than 32oz of formula, "you're just wasting your money" is what she said. My daughter is just about 11 months and she's drinking around the 24oz mark. My daughter's eating lots of solids. She has about 3 meals a day (lite meals) and a few snacks in between the meals. So, she's getting plenty of what she needs. If you're really worried or think she's not getting enough to eat, I'd ask your ped just to be safe. Good luck! Hope this helped.

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answers from Yakima on

My son is 13 months, he weaned from nursing at 11 months and I put him on formula which he still is on because he gets the runnes with regular milk. He drinks between 4-6(6ozeach) a day.(none at night he sleeps through) basically babies need the calories from milk(which ever) because they are growing so much. Even if your child eats a lot of "food" she still needs the milk, and should also get some water, but no juice, once you start that is all she will want(and that is a whole other issue) hope this helps. S. D.

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answers from Portland on

I've heard that "they" advise toddlers drink 24oz of milk a day. So that is three 8oz bottles. Your 11 mos could be having 4-5 bottles (sippy cup) a day still if she wanted. No need to limit it yet. Depends on how many calories she is getting from other foods. She needs the calcium and protien, so as long as she can get those things either from milk or from yogurt, there are also pediasure drinks and toddler formula that is made for older babies. You can ask your babys ped too.

My son when he switched off the breast at 11 mos he would only take 4oz at a time, which worried me, but over time he took more until he got to 8oz. At 2 1/2 he still has 2-3 cups of milk a day.

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answers from Spokane on

my pedi told me that until my daughter was one year, to stay on infant formula, and to give her no more than 20 oz per day. Once she reached one year, she told me i could give EITHER cow milk or soy milk, and that soy milk carries less problems with allergies and digestion...a lot of babies, including my 20 month old, do not tolerate a lot of cow milk, and you can purchase soy milk that is fortified with calcium and vitamins, plus it has protein in it too!



answers from Portland on

I still have the guide sheet my pediatrician gave me. It clearly states 4 servings at 1/2 cup each. THIS IS WHOLE MILK ONLY. I was expressly told not to give anything but whole milk until he was 2 years old.

The guide sheet also states that you can give your child unlimited amounts of breast milk or formula.

That is pretty specific information and I would definitely not short her from formula if you are drying up. Don't be too anxious with the cow's milk.

According to the chart, you may be a month early on cow's milk, but that is not going to make a noticeable difference. Each child's development is different. Some children teeth a lot later, etc. These guides that are out there are 'blanket' guides in helping us first-time moms. So, like I said, a month difference, NBD.

Start introducing more water as well. It is good to start getting into the habit now of having a sippy cup of water sitting around for her to grab and sip at will.

Good luck! :o)



answers from Portland on

11 month olds should be getting formula or breast milk, not regular milk. And they're not supposed to have juice or water yet either. I don't recall how much fluid a baby that age should get, but it seems like it should be more than 12oz. Wouldn't you be thirsty if you only drank 12oz a day?



answers from Seattle on

I was told by my nutritionist that until they are at least 15 months that they should get 32oz a day whitch is 4 8oz bottles/cups a day. I would talk with your ped. if you are unsure. If they are eating enough other foods your ped. may sujest something different. Good Luck--Y.

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