How Much Is Your Car Insurance?

Updated on June 21, 2014
S.T. asks from Kingwood, TX
11 answers

I'm just wondering whether my car insurance is too pricey. I have a 2000 buick park avenue, its a V6 3.5l. It has low mileage. I am 40 years old, and have not had an accident for over ten years. My last car got struck by lightening, and they paid out on it, and I got this car. ( the last car was the exact same car lol, so no change there) We have a 500 deductible.

I pay around $900 a year.

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answers from Dallas on

Car insurance rates are based on so many factors that what other people pay will not relate to you unless they have same car, same driving record, same location and same mileage and same coverage. What you might want to do is shop your insurance with other reputable companies and see what they would charge you for the same coverage you have. Have your policy in front of you so that you know your specific coverage and your limits. You can call other companies to get a quote (ask for it in writing if you are interested) and decide if you are paying too much. I shop our insurance around every few years just to make sure I am properly insured and not overpaying.

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answers from Springfield on

Are you working with an insurance company or an independent insurance agent?

We go to an independent insurance agent. We've been very happy with the service and with our rates. The usually shop around for us every couple of years and let us know if there is a better deal with a different company. But it is our decision.

Might be worth looking into if you have only ever worked directly with insurance companies in the past.

And there really are many, many factors in addition to the car you own and your driving record. Your credit score is a factor. Where you live is also a factor. My insurance was cut in half when I moved from rural Illinois (not Springfield, I was living in a much smaller town at the time) to Dayton, OH. Then in changed again when I moved to Toledo, OH.

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answers from Phoenix on

I've been in insurance for over 20 years. You cannot compare any insurance rates with anyone else. Rates for auto insurance are based on MANY things such as your sex, age, driving record, year and make of car, mileage, credit, zip code, what coverage, deductibles, etc, you have on your policy. So if you really want to know if you are paying too much, simply call an insurance agent who is a broker, they can quote you through MANY companies and that will show you the difference in premiums.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I think i paid $900/year in 1984 when I was 18 in my '69 bug. I'm in sales, drive all over Los Angeles and this is the first time in nearly 18 years I haven't driven a company car with all expenses paid.

I drive a 2013 Volkswagen Passat Turbo Diesel. I pay $267/month for a ton of coverage, $250/deductable.

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answers from Cleveland on

That's less then 100/month.

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answers from Louisville on

Is TX a no-fault state?

Son's rates in are crazy cheap compared to here - KY is a no-fault state and has higher premiums overall. He insures his truck AND a brand new camaro cheaper per mo than I insure my old car!



answers from Pittsburgh on

It depends on the coverage you have. Do you have state minimum or full coverage? I drive a 2014 Chevy. I have above state required full coverage and I pay about 120 a month. Its about 1400 a year. And I'm completely satisfied with my rates. You can always rate shop if you think your paying too much!


answers from Dallas on

Rates vary per state and sometimes county and even to car types.

If I had a $900/yr premium I would be in heaven!!!

I currently pay $1975 each 6 months which is $3950/yr total premium and this number includes the pay in full discount of about $400.

Our deductibles are $1000 and we have loaded coverage. No accidents, tickets, etc on the records. Our daughter is 19 so we are paying the teen rates for her.

My numbers are for 3 high end cars (2 sports models) in the years of 2007, 2008, 2010

The best thing for you to do would be to call independent agents and see what they find for you. I am not a fan of going with the cheapest company I find because you want to be sure you are covered when and if you need it.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I think $75 per month is high. BUT if you have excellent coverage and they are quick to respond to claims and everything then you have a good company and might want to consider that sometimes you get what you pay for.

Call around to the other companies in your area.



answers from Los Angeles on

based on your age and the age of your car it might be a little high. but i am not familiar with the rates in your area. I pay about the same in So. Cal. But we're younger and with newer cars. Our rate does include multi line multi policy and loyalty discounts. And we have VERY good coverage.

Service of your insurance company is also a big deal. Last year I was in an accident with my girls ages 7 and 5 at the time. A gate off a slat bed truck few off and directly into my car. NO ONE stopped and there were no witnesses. The police said I could file a report but without witnesses or anything else there was not much I could do. My insurance covered me 100%. Waived my deductible. My LOCAL AGENT handled EVERYTHING. He made arrangements for my car to be picked up to be taken to the repair shop. (I had driven it to my mom's around the corner) He called and made all the arrangements for our rental and made them get us a bigger Crossover SUV comparable to what I drive (an edge). Short of making me doctors appointments he took care of everything. This is worth paying a bit more for. To me anyway. there was $8500 in damage plus rental car for 2 weeks plus about $5000 in medical all paid for and my insurance did not go up.

Currently I think our rates are good. We might be able to do better. But my local office has given us refunds when their claims have been down for the year. We have gotten them at least 3 times and they have been $400-$500 dollars each time. THAT is honest business. My parents have been with this office for 40 years and I myself for about 14. When I was younger I tried to shop around and it would maybe save me $10/month but the coverage was way less. Plus not the service I have now. I mean my local agent calls to wish me "Happy Birthday" to all listed on the policy on their bday unless its a weekend they will call on Friday. If you have been with your company for a while and they do a loyalty discount you probably cant beat what you are paying. It only costs time to check though.

Shortly after my accident a friend had one and she was stressed dealing with the repair shop and claims and everything. I told her to call her agent because that is what you pay them for. She tried and because it was an independent agent/broker its "not their job" to help her. She took the number of my agent to look into switching.



answers from Los Angeles on

IME, the best way to get an idea whether you are paying much, too little (lol) or just right is to quote it out every so often.
That way it's your city, your driving record, your car, etc. apples to apples.
If you have different insurances, make sure to bundle them into the request.

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