How Much Is My Coach Worth?

Updated on September 16, 2010
H.H. asks from Newburgh, NY
4 answers

hello ladies, last year my aunt gave me a lightly used "Coach" pocketbook/purse. I'm 99% sure it's has the authorization number embossed in the leather tag, etc. It's just not my style. I am wondering how I can find out it's value and where I can sell it? any ideas, suggestions? thanks in advance.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Look for a similar bag on ebay to get an idea.



answers from Dallas on

You can also go to the Coach website and type in the authorization number. That will tell you how old it is and if it is authentic. They keep record of all their items.


answers from Pittsburgh on

I have authentic Coach bags (I bought myself at a Coach store, so I know they're authentic - bought before I was a mom and had more important things to do with my money! - lol), and I have bought some on the streets of Chinatown in NYC. And honestly, I have a couple knock-offs that are indistinguishable from the authentic ones. They have real leather, identical fabric, the authorization numbers and all. So by appearance alone, I'd say that you can't be sure it's authentic. I'd look into that before I'd try to sell it somewhere like ebay. Check into the authorization number for authenticity, then look on ebay and see what comparable purses sell for. I've sold Coach purses (authentic ones) on ebay from $100 (Medium sized canvas bag) - $350 (for a matched set, large leather bag w/wallet), but what you ask for will largely depend on the style, size, and amount of wear.



answers from Atlanta on

See if it's still a current style on the Coach website and look on ebay. You can sell it on ebay as well. If it's not on the site -call Coach and give them the number and ask. They have extensive catalogs of their past styles.

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