How Much Formula/solids Should a 10 Month Old Take per Day?

Updated on September 21, 2010
B.L. asks from San Diego, CA
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Hi I know every baby is different but I'm curious what the average is. My son has always been in the upper percentiles ( almost 8 lbs at birth and 22.8 lbs at his 9 month check up) but recently he's not taking as much formula as he used to. He won't take a bottle anymore, only sippy cups. Lately he's been taking anywhere from 16oz to 28oz of formula per day and he gets 3 stage 3 jars of food plus snacks (gerber puffs, steamed veggies, fruit, etc). I'm curious what your babies are taking or were taking around this age. He seems satisfied and loves eating solids but should i cut down the solids for more formula? I'm worried if I try that he wont eat at all lol. Thank you!

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That is about what my 10 month old eats. He definitely seems to be moving toward wanting more solid food and less formula. We are introducing table food (small steamed veggies, noodles etc.) and he seems to love it. We waited longer to give "table food" to my first son, but this kid seems ready. I remember my pediatrician telling me that as long as they are not losing weight they are fine (adjusting from baby to toddler).

Good luck.



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My son at nine months only took 12 to 16 oz. of formula. He just wasn't interested anymore and didn't want anything to do with the bottle or formula during the day so I had to mix it in his baby food during the day for him to take it. I can only add about 2 oz. at each of his meal in order to not make it too runny. At night he did he 2 bottles of 4 to 5 oz. each. I make it up by giving him whole milk yogurt which has calcium and vitamin D in it. I think after a while they are just not that interested in formula anymore.



answers from Seattle on

At 10 mo my son (way upper percentiles) was eating apx 64oz of formula each day.

As we introduced solids his formula level went down, but I continued to give him formula (instead of milk or water) until he was apx 18mo.

Until he was around a year old it was always formula first (until he was full), and then he could eat some of whatever I was eating at mealtimes. Then after 1 year I just served solids and formula together at mealtimes and formula in between. At about 18 mo he was eating regular food and just always had a bottle of milk (meaning 24/7). Of course at 8yo, he still drinks milk almost constantly.

From the time we switched over to solids to the present day he goes through phases with eating. Sometimes he's eating double what my *husband* eats (body builder), usually eats about the same as what I eat (about 1/2 of what my husband eats), but also goes through phases where he eats about 1/2 of what I eat.

I've noticed his phases go like this:

- Doubly my husband : entering a growth spurt and chubbing up
- Half of what I eat : IN a growth spurt and lengthening out
- About what I eat : aka "normal" / the rest of the time



answers from Los Angeles on

My 10 month old, drinks 28-30oz (4 bottles, 8oz) of formula a day along with solids. I always give her bottle separate & before solids. Solids are snacks like puffs, fruit, crackers, cheese. Breakfast oatmeal & fruit. Lunch: half cream cheese & puree fruit sandwich. Dinner: is usually what we eat with exceptions (she has 6 teeth and could eat a lot of stuff)



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If giving Formula after solids... they will be too full to have Formula or their breastmilk.
Our Pediatrician said, for the 1st year, to give breastmilk/Formula BEFORE solids... and on demand. Otherwise, a baby will 'wean' from it. And for the 1st year of life, breastmilk or Formula is a baby's PRIMARY source of nutrition... not solids and not other liquids.
And appetites... do fluctuate. And per growth or growth spurts etc.

Ask your Ped, how much Formula he should be getting for his age.

I breastfed, so this is not your case per say, But I nursed on-demand.... primarily. And solids, was not the 'main' meal so to speak. Also, I did not give solids, 3 times a day... but gradually worked up to that frequency... for the 1st year. Which is what our Pediatrician, also recommends.

Both my kids, were born over 8 pounds and were always in the 95th-97th percentiles, since birth.

all the best,



answers from Dallas on

• At least 3-4 nursing sessions per day or 24-32 ounces formula or combination of both
• No more than 6-8 oz of water or juice (to ensure they drink enough breast milk or formula)
• 2 servings (1 serving = 1-2 Tablespoons dry) baby cereal
• 2 servings grain (1 serving = 1/2 slice bread, 2 crackers, 1/2 cup Cheerios, or 1/2 cup whole grain pasta)
• 2 servings fruit (1 serving = 3-4 Tablespoons)
• 2-3 servings vegetable (1 serving = 3-4 Tablespoons)
• 2-3 servings protein (1 serving = 1-2 Tablespoons)
• 1 serving Dairy (1 serving = 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/3 cup cottage cheese or 1 oz grated cheese)
• You can also offer cooked egg yolk (but no egg whites until 1 year old due to allergens)
Sample of a schedule for eating
7:00 – Wake and Breast milk or Formula
9:00 – Breakfast
10:00 – Morning Nap (at least 1 hour)
11:00 – Breast milk or Formula plus snack
1:00 – Lunch
2:00 – Early Afternoon Nap (at least 1 hour)
3:00 – Breast milk or Formula plus snack
5:00 – Dinner
6:15 – Begin bedtime routine
7:00 – Breast milk or Formula and Bedtime (goal to be asleep at this time)

If your baby doesn’t mind a more “consolidated” approach to eating

Schedule 2

7:00 – Wake
7:15 – Breakfast plus Breast milk / Formula feeding
9:15 – Snack
10:00 – Morning Nap (at least 1 hour)
12:00 – Lunch plus Breast milk / Formula feeding
2:00 – Afternoon Nap (at least 1 hour)
3:30 – Snack
5:00 – Dinner plus Breast milk / Formula feeding
6:15 – Begin bedtime routine
7:00 – Small BM/Formula feeding (possibly) and Bedtime (goal to be asleep at this time)

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