How Much Does Your Pediatrician Charge per Visit?

Updated on January 08, 2011
R.D. asks from Tucson, AZ
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I will be paying out of pocket for my newborn's doc visits. How much do pediatricians charge per visit?
Do pediatricians have payment plans?
We have been taking her to St. Elizabeth (Tucson, AZ) because we thought it would be more affordable but I am not sure anymore. BTW AZ's kidscare program which we qualified for is not taking applications.
Thanks in advance.

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answers from Cleveland on

Mine charges $185. RIDICULOUS. But funny thing is they have all these financial assistant programs if you qualify. I dont know what state guidelines are where you live, but appy for assistance. healthcare is a rip off!

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answers from Cincinnati on

oh lord I would consider applying for Medicaid. Its going to cost alot. The payments vary depending on what your infant is there for. BUYING insurance would be cheaper than paying out of pocket. I have a copay and I pay $30 per visit BUT my insurance covers ALOT. Everytime you go, it is going to be at LEAST $150 and that is without the shots. If you dont qualify for Medicaid, then you will need to decline anytime they offer to give Tylenol before shots...possibly bandaides...Not sure if they charge for that but I am sure they do.

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answers from Seattle on

It really varies by region and by services.

In ours, we paid about $250 per visit if NOTHING else was done except the exam. Immunizations or labwork or xrays could very easily bump an appt into being $1500 - $2k. Traveling, however, really nailed home that like everything else, the cost of healthcare changes a lot by region.

We had to pay at time of service, for us, at the time that meant credit cards.

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answers from Washington DC on

Doesn't NM have an insurance plan for children. I know maryland and many other states do.

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answers from Boston on

I have no idea but I can tell you no child can be denied vaccines because of the inability to pay. Payments are due at time of visit unless prior arrangemnts have been mad so call and ask them. Do you qualify for Medicaid I know in ma they offer some type of other child insurance for those that do not qualify and it is dated from the day they get your application not when you get accepted so if you qualify you will be reimbursed.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Can you apply for medicaid? Maybe you can get your visits covered through a state plan. Just a thought!

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answers from Topeka on

Call the buisness office they will be able to tell you the charges & additional testing if needed plus immunizations,payment plans vary depending on your account status with the office most want some form of payment upfront others in 30 days if a payment plan hasn't beed reached.It isn't cheap to take baby to the DR it adds up plus any additional testing.
Mine charges $68.00 this is just for an ear infection other than that don't know becasue we have had insurance or Medicaid to cover my kids the $68.00 has been in the last few months becasue we lost our health insurance & my kids did end up with an ear infection right at the end of Fall

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answers from Detroit on

I'm not fmiliar with the programs in your state, but try It will allow you to aapply for low cost health insurance depending on income, household size, etc. It's govt sponsored by state.
Our pediatrician's office charges btwn $140-160 for well-child checkups and $100-125 for reg visits depending on which dr we see.

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answers from Hartford on

My Ped charges $140 per office visit. When my son had a lapse of insurance he would only charge us $90. Usually they do not offer payment plans.

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