How Much Does a Maid Cost??

Updated on September 27, 2006
R.S. asks from Lewisville, TX
6 answers

I am in the Lewisville area, have a 4 bedroom (one not used) 2.5 bathroom house that is 2600 square feet. How much should I expect to pay a maid? It would be no laundry or beds, just bathrooms, floors, etc. TIA.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a 5 bedroom home, 3.5 bath home, 2 floors that is 4000 square feet and I pay 100 every 2 weeks... no laundry.. she does make the beds and changes the sheets if I leave clean ones out but otherwise, just makes the bed. I know it'd be less than that... she'll come give you an estimate for free -- if you would like her number, let me know... she's fantastic and brings all her own suppplies -- you just provide the vacuum.

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answers from Austin on

Heres a cleaning lady I have known for 7 years she is honest, reliable and can leave alone in my home. She has covered me on many quick I need you now occasions for entertaining etc..

She is very thorough and uses all natural products. Her name is Kitty Todd her number is ###-###-####

Well it depends on the services but for a single lady its about a minimun of 65 to 80 and hourly after that at about 20 bucks per hour but if you use a maid service it it about 150 minimun and about 300 for a house your size thats the difference in a service is it takes about 1 hour with 5 people cleaning versus 1 lady for 4-5 hours Ihope that helps



answers from Dallas on

My house is 3,300 sq ft - 4 bed/3.5 bath and I pay $80 every two weeks which includes laundry and sheets.



answers from Dallas on

I have a 3600 sq. ft house and she chargesw me $80. SHe works with her two daughters and they are wonderful. I have referred them to all my daycare moms and they are very pleased.

Call them at ###-###-####



answers from Richmond on

I would say around 60 - 70 for that amount of square footage, and that is just to clean your house.



answers from Dallas on

I have a 3600 fq ft home and she charges me $60 every 2 weeks to do everything except for laundry. She would do that, too, but it would be extra! She is great. Her name is Wendy:

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