How Much Do You Pay for Medical/dental Insurance?

Updated on November 06, 2010
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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just curious -- how much do you pay for your medical insurance (covered through your employer). i have myself, my husband and a child and i'm paying $430/mo. + $60/mo for dental/vision. is this normal?? seems so high... :(

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So What Happened?

wow im surprised..i thought for sure i was paying too much! thanks everyone for the responses. i feel a little (just a little!) better now paying these premiums. thanks again :)

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answers from San Francisco on

we pay about that for Kaiser through my hubbies work (for us and one child) we have really great deductibles and it's way cheaper than getting it not through work.



answers from Boise on

My work actually covers this for me. I didn't realize it was so much. I really need to be more appreciative of this benefit. I have them cover all 4 of us, and my husband covers himself and the kids, but I don't know how much it is. It was too much to cover me too, and since I am already covered, we felt better having the kids double covered.

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answers from New York on

Yes insurance is very high. I wold suggest looking into Aflac supplemental insurance which could help lower your costs some and provide you with some additional coverage.

This is why Obama's plans for affordable medical coverage is so important.

I live in New Jersey and we have high prices here for everything, insurance included but it is getting better.

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answers from New York on

I work as a consultant to employers regarding their group health plans. It's a financial nightmare every year as employers try to figure out how much they can afford and what their employees can afford. People think that insurance companies make huge profits. They don't - their profit margin is about 2% - 5%. For example, clothing, jewelry, cars, eyeglasses, etc is more like 20% - 50% (jewelry and eyeglasses is more like 100% to 500%).

Your contributions are really right in the mid-range from what we see with our cilents. Of course, CA, NY and a few other states are way more costly because there are more mandates about things that are required to be covered. Don't expect savings with health care reofrm - there are even more mandates about what MUST be coverd - whether or not ou want to pay for it. And the new layers of requirments by the employer and financial burdens will result in lots more work for people like me and more employers dropping coverage all together.

But just to give you an idea of where the money goes the following are examples of soem costs I've seen in the past 12 month period for some of my clients:
Medical care & hospitalization for a premature baby: $650,000. Cancer treatment for a 37 year old woman who passed away about a year after she was diagnosed: $550,000. Neurosurgery (emergency brain surgery) and therapy for a woman in her middle 40's (with 2 young children) who had a stroke Christmas week last year: $597,000 (she's doing very well with rehab and physical therapy). A teenage boy with sickle cell anemia who get bi-weekly IV medication: $275,000 yearly. WE hae amazing medical technology and breakthroughs that really save lives and make them better - but its at a HUGE cost.

Just like we buy homeowners insurance and hope we never have to use it, we buy health insurance and generally only use it for things like pediatric visits, antibiotics, etc. But if we ever get really sick it's nice to have it there.

Typical group medical coverage for a family is about $1,500 - $2,000 monthly in NY and CA assuming the employer has about 250 or more employees. If they have less employees it can be more expensive.

If your employer offers more than one option you need to do a cost analysis of how much medical service your family generally needs each year vs. the cost savings to take the lower cost plan. If they offer a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan with a high deductible option you may really be better off taking your own pre-tax money and socking it away in the HSA and taking the plan with the much higher deductible. You can take the money you save with this lower plan and put it in the HSA and then it's yours forever to use for medical costs today or in the future. Even if you don't need to use it this year it's yours to take with you if you leave the company - kind of like a medical IRA plan.

It's a very complicated thing to reveiw your options and make decisions - but overall the $430 monthly for family coverage is not a bad deal - it's probably about 25% of the total monthly cost. (And the $60 monthly for dental/vision is probably about half of the total cost. - if you don't use the dental/vision alot you may be better off just putting that money in a FSA instead.)

I hope this helps!

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answers from Dallas on

That sounds good to me. Many major corporations are cutting back and only insuring the employee and their spouses if they are also employed.

Per the way we set up our company, anyone we hire will be covered at 100% on our tab as a benefit.

We own our company (just hubby, daughter and myself) and we pay almost $1000 a month for the 3 of us. That is with extremely high deductibles and excellent coverage for any type of major medical concern.

We do not carry dental and vision. We pay out of pocket for that because if you really break it down, it is not worth the insurance costs.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Also take into account how much your deductible is, that matters. Right now I carry the insurance through my work, coming from a company that had excellent benefits, I always thought this one kinda sucked. Guess the grass is always greener... -

We also just have myself, hubby and one child. I pay $365 per month and the deductible is 1,000 per person ($2,000 per family).

Now I find out that my employer is shopping around for a new insurance plan, and you can bet your bottom dollar that he isn't looking for something BETTER. So we will probably have to change plans in the middle of my pregnancy! eek!

PS i guess I don't know if my employer pays a part of the premium as well. He must because when discussing him looking for a new insurance plan, he said, and I quote: "I am holding my ankles on this one."
ew, thanks for the visual dude.

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answers from Boston on

For my husband and me, $11,000 a year with no dental, no vision.

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answers from Huntsville on

I'm like Emily C. My employer pays 100% of medical/dental fees every month. For individuals & families. I believe they pay $950/month for our family to have BCBS. Love my company :)

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answers from Albany on

My exs health insurance benefit including medical, dental, vision, is about $700 for employee + children, a month. It is a PPO plan, with no deductibles and various reasonable copays for each service. Course he is a corporate executive making $150k plus a year. Those employees lower down the latter pay the same premium and for many I'd imagine it's crushing.

I worked as a claim processor for a few years prior to motherhood (and thank God for it, it can be very confusing understanding your policy), so I have slightly more sympathy than most for insurance companies. It's one of those nasty little necessary evils Americans hate but have to employ as member of a socialist country, tehehe.

Btw, I LOST my insurance with my divorce, my ex refused to keep me on his policy (even if I paid him the $50 a month difference, yes his employer would allow him to keep an ex on his policy), I suppose I could have taken him to court, spent tens of thousands of dollars on that other necessary evil my attorney, and likely would've won a few more years on his insurance. It's terrifying to me to have no health ins, I've never before in my adult life not had it. My household income is too high to qualify for assistance, and a private policy is WAY out of my price range. So I, too, am keeping a close eye on our current president!

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm an insurance agent in AZ. You can't really compare insurance with anyone else. It's based on age, smoker or not, zip code, health issues, etc. Just like your auto insurance is. If its thru your employer you have no control over it unless you leave and go somewhere else. If you pay for it on your own, you can shop it around like you do your home/auto. good luck.

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answers from Orlando on

just my daughter and myself, i pay almost $200 per month. and dental is about 10 dollars per month. vision is covered by my employer.


answers from Hartford on

I just thought I would add to the mix eventhough I am self-employed. I pay about $700 per month for me, my husband, and child. It is more emergency insurance than anything else. There is no dental or vision. I still pay out of pocket for all doctor visits and prescription meds until each individual exceeds $3000. My biggest fear is that we may actually use the insurance one day and they will drop us from the plan.



answers from Fayetteville on

My employer pays for everyones insurance 100% we only have a 30 dollar co pay!



answers from Reno on

If we were to include my husband and child ( currently I have just my child on my insurance) I'd be paying $670 per month



answers from Columbus on

Ours is a little over $300 per month for both, my husband's employer has really good benefits though. My BIL had a son last year and his employer is charging $600 a month for just the two of them!! It's crazy!


answers from Stockton on

I have only me on my medical, and dental and vision for my whole family and pay almot $100/week out of my paychecks, plus I have a high out of pocket deductible for the year..... It IS high!! =0( and NObama Care is going to make it even worse.....


answers from Seattle on

Our portion of hubby's insurance is $710 a month for 2 adults and 3 kids, thats medical, dental and vision...we can add as many kids as we want and it wont go up any further, so thats nice...thats about the only nice thing about it, though.



answers from New York on

I was just talking with a friend today who works with employee health benefits about the cobra subsidy. She said a family plan that includes dental and vision would cost an employer at least $1,000 a month for a limited/basic plan.

I've heard of employers deducting up to $250 a week from your paycheck for family medical coverage.



answers from Chicago on

My current amount is close to $470 for health and another $80 for dental. I don't get vision unless I want to pay another $20+ per month and then the doctors are not at all convenient and it is more a discount program. I also have co-pay/deductible but my son gets very expensive meds so I don't think I will complain too much yet. I have heard much worse. I try to use the plans so I at least do not pay the amount I am paying for the insurance.



answers from Toledo on

We pay roughly $240/ month just for health insurance (no dental/vision). With this insurance we do not have any coverage until we meet our $5000 deductible per person or &10,000 per family. We pay out of pocket for all of our doctor visits, prescriptions, or anything else that we need. This year my husband did meet his deductible so he is covered in full until the end of the year and then the vicious cycle starts all over again!



answers from Cincinnati on

Yes that is about what we pay for medical. Dental/vision is ~$45. The cost of insurance also seems to increase ~$20 a year.

HOWEVER I would add that I am also requesting the highest amount of coverage (coverage is excellent - 100% coverage for hospital visits, coverage for OT, PT, SP, mental health coverage, prescription coverage, $20 co-pays) and consider myself very lucky. I've never been denied or had to pay for MRIs, x-rays, etc. Majority of prescriptions are $40 for a 3 month supply, antibiotics can cost $5-$10.

We have the option of lower cost insurance with basic coverage (e.g. coverage for annual checkup, and some “Basic” services with higher out-of-pocket expenses - nothing fancy) for ~$150 per family.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My husband pays $115/mo medical coverage and vision would be $15.41/mo (we don't select that. Dental is covered. But we have a HSA and my hubby also contributes $100/pay so our total is 315/mo. We have a $2500 deductible.

BTW, we switched to the HSA 2 years ago and LOVE it! The money we contribute byut don't use is pre-tax and there for medical costs forever.


answers from Seattle on

Ohhh, I hear you! We just did our budget last night and with our monthly premiums and our out of pocket expenses we are going to end up paying
around $15K this year for medical... and were are HEALTHY! God help us if we actually get sick or end up in the hospital. What you are paying is high.. but sadly I think that is "normal". Our other plan (that we got rid of at the end of last year) was $975 a month (no dental)......



answers from Boston on

Yep. We're in the mid 500's/month. Absolutely sucks.

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