How Much Do I Pay Someone Who Is Watching My Children for 5 Days?

Updated on May 15, 2009
J.H. asks from Lewisville, TX
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Hi Mamas,

My husband and I are going to Tennessee. We are leaving on Saturday and coming home on Sunday. My husband's cousin, who is graduating from college, will be watching my three children during this time. She babysits for us on a regular basis and has in the past worked for a professional sitter service. She will be watching the kids starting Saturday evening through Thursday morning. My daughters (almost 10 and 7) will be at school during the day and my son (2 1/2) will go to Mother's Day Out on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am - 2 pm. I have purchased and prepared meals for them to eat while I am gone. My question is, how much should I pay her? She said whatever is fine with her but I don't want to take advantage of her.

I appreciate your suggestions.


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I have a 14 yr old and 3 dogs. In March when I was gone, I paid the high school senior we know well $400 from Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning just getting daughter to school. Basically she was with my daughter from 1ish on Sunday, got her to school on time, met back with her around 6pm on Monday, got her to school on Tuesday am.

As for the pet care.....I had Debi with All Critter (here on Mamasource) double checking on the dogs. Debi is great by the way and we have used her services at least 2 other times as well. We'll certianly call her back.

Enjoy your trip!!


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My sister who lives in GA also went to TN with her husband leaving her three children for several days with the regular babysitter who watched them M-F. One was 12, the other two were 4 and 2 so a little younger than yours. Anyway, my sister paid Emily $100/day. Not sure if that's what you had in mind but maybe since two of your kids are a bit older and don't need so much help then you could pay less.



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I would ask her what she was paid for this sort of thing when she was paid as a professional. It sounds like she may not be so assertive, but I would insist that this is what you will pay her. We had a nanny years ago that we had hired after a neighbor no longer needed her services. She was willing to take the same rate they were paying her, BUT I researched the going rate and it was higher than what the neighbors were paying her, so that's what we paid her. And, she really, really appreciated it. She was quite shy overall and would never had asked for that amount.



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I would say anywhere from $100-$150 per day. Even though the kids may be gone during some times, they are still her responsibility, and she is unable to do other things during that time that she might otherwise do to make money. So really, that should not be taken into consideration IMO. You are paying for her time mostly, and the fact that she is coming to you is a big deal. I have charge $100 per day for 2 kids that came to my home, so really I think $150 is more appropriate. But, this is coming from a professtional childcare provider of over 15 years, so it might be a bit different. Regardless, have a GREAT time on your trip, and have comfort knowing they will be well cared for:) ~A.~

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