How Much Clothes Shuld a Kid Have?

Updated on March 01, 2010
V.G. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I have 5 kids and 1 on the way my kids have tons of clothes and sometimes they only wear something once or not at all. I am trying to make room in there closets. I have a 10 yr old, 6,4 and 1 yr old all boys and 1 girl who is 2. A lot of the boys clothes I save for hand me downs if they are in great shape still. I need to make room and get ready for the next baby so I am trying to get ideas. On how many pants ,shirts , shorts and ect is enough per child.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

My son tends to wear the same clothes over and over and then the clothes that he never wears are like new. I have limited his wardrobe to 4 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of dress slacks, 3 dress shirts, 3 or 4 pairs of shorts and for some reason he has 25 or 30 T-shirts. He is such a piglet. I just keep the T's cause they don't take much room. Now, he also has a whole drawer of athletic clothes too, which he wears about half the time.
Good luck and congratulations on #6.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Just today I cleaned out my sons drawers again. Seems like I am always cleaning out drawers.
How often does he wear a pair of pants a week? Mine can wear his two days if he is just hanging out and doesnt' get dirty. His shirts he changes every day. I do laundry once a week. Do you want a number?

On underwear make sure each child has at leat 10. I would say more 14-18 for the younger ones. THey tend to have accidents.
Socks, the same, at least 10 pair.
With this many undercothes you can go more than week if you need to.
In the summer mine will wear their swimsuits sometimes all day. So that takes care of a pair of shorts. If you have neutral pants instead of outfits you will get more use out of them.
Have a pair of good pants and a good polo for each child for Sunday or a nice dinner, Grandma's birhtday etc.
Have a few pairs of jeans, maybe three or 4.
At least one pair of sweats, maybe two for the little ones.
Same with the shorts 4 pair at least.
If your little ones still have accidents then be sure to have 10 pair of bottoms, pants, shorts, good pants, sweats.
MIne have too many tshirts to count.
Hope that helps

Hope this helps.

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answers from Detroit on

Enough to get from one load of laundry to the next and to include a little variety.

Mine have 7 play outfits (or would be school outfits if old enough), 1 church outfit, and 1 semi-nice (can be worn to church or for restaraunts, birthday parties, etc.) outfit. I do laundry once a week.

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answers from Tulsa on

I used to live in an apartment and had to go to the laundromat to wash clothes, so I made sure my son had enough for 2 weeks of clothes, plus 2 nice outfits. If you have plain pants, such as jeans, you can get away with less of those and more shirts to make it look like there is a bigger wardrobe. I also have kept my son's clothes for my next baby. This last year, I had gotten so much from other people that I ended up giving away half of his clothes and I still think I have about a month's worth of clothes. Also, I use the smaller comfortable (sweat) pants as pajama pants and that can get another year's use out of them. I would definitely keep at least a week and a half of clothes and after that, sell or donate the rest.

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answers from Cleveland on

It depends on how often you want to do laundry... If you want to do it every 3 days - then I would have 5 pants/shorts, 7 - 10 shirts (just because they don't always want to wear the same ones over & over). The reason I said a few more then the number of days is because you need one when you wash clothes & also if the kids get dirty for some reason. Younger kids might need a few more because they mess things us more & with potty training you never know what you will need. I do laundry about 2 - 3 times a week... I have 3 kids at home (2 1/2, 4 1/2 & almost 6)... my kids have a few more things, but we are also going through everything & cutting down what they have.

For my daughter (almost 6) we also have to have school uniforms, she has 3 pairs of pants, 3 sweeters, 2 jumpers, 6 short sleeved shirts, 6 long sleeved shirts & 2 belts. Her grandma got her a few pairs of skorts for her birthday that is coming up for her to wear this spring. But she also has a few dresses... the boys just need a nice pair of pants & a nice shirt when needed so it seems girls need a few more things.

Congratz on the baby on the way & such a large family :)



answers from Washington DC on

I try to have 4 or 5 of each item , then underwear I have more of , like 7 pants/socks. PJ's they have 5 pairs each , 1 winter coat and 2 pairs of shoes. I have 3 kids aged 6 , 4 & 20 months , 2 girls so some stuff is handed down , the boys I give to friends if they need anything or charity bag. I would say that I do laundry most days , sometimes I can go a day without doing any.



answers from New York on

I think that depends on several factors, like how often you do laundry, the seasonal weather, and their activites.

As a minimum, I think they should have at least 7 bottoms (shorts or pants), one for each day of the week. About 10 shirts, 2 pairs of pj's, 2 sweatshirts or sweaters. Of course the less amount of clothing, the more wear and tear, and you'll have to replace it, but considering they outgrow it so fast you'll be replacing it anyway.



answers from San Diego on

For me this is also a laundry & weather question. What we have:

4-5 pairs of pants
10 shirts (mix lof short and long)
3 pairs of shorts
Gazillion socks
10 pairs of underwear
3 hoodies
1 down vest
2 pairs of sneakers
1 pair of adidas slides

3 swimsuits ... he LIVES in his suits in warm months
2 rash guards
Snow Jacket
Snowboard Pants
3 pairs of smartwool socks

One way I save $ is to buy "double sleeve" long sleeve shirts. When the long sleeve part of the shirt gets too short I cut it off, and voila, short sleeve shirt good for another year.



answers from New London on

it depends on how often you do laundry as well... if they wear uniforms at school.



answers from Pittsburgh on

you have lots of great ideas here, but a question for you.... why do they only wear somethings once?? Do they have so many clothes that this is possible or because they wear their favorites over and over.

What I do now, is not put everything back in my kids room, I wash and fold the clothes and put some in my closet. This "forces" them to wear all of their clothes at least some of the time. I do good at rotating through their clothes, even pants. Or sometimes, I just don't wash the favorites for a week or more. Older kids won't want to wear dirty clothes!

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