How Much Can I Give to My Son Who Is a Year of Albuterol?

Updated on September 28, 2012
A.D. asks from Gwynn Oak, MD
17 answers

My 2 year old has albuterol 2.5 my youngest meds wont be in until tomorrow how much of it do i give to my youngest?

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answers from Cumberland on

Please don't let any of us tell you what to give a baby when it comes to prescription drugs-or any OTC drug-call the doctor-and speak to him directly.

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answers from Sacramento on

Not a question for a lay person, you need to speak to someone in the medical field, doctor or pharmacist.

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answers from Jacksonville on

That's not really a "what's your opinion" kind of question. You need to ask your kids' doctor.

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answers from Albany on

No idea, better call the doc and ask. Wouldn't want to mess around with that, right?


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answers from Portland on

Albuterol is a very serious drug. Call your doctor. Do not give this medication to your child without the doctor's agreement first. I have seen plenty of kids on this stuff and it can be a very powerful drug. Proceed with caution.

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answers from Dallas on

What the hell.

Call your DR.!!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The easiest way to get an accurate answer is to:


Not a "best guess" sort of situation!

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answers from St. Louis on

I don't think we have any doctors on this board, call yours.

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answers from Redding on

This is definitely a question for your doctor or pharmacist.

I've been on albuterol since getting pneumonia and they've adjusted the dosage several times. There are so many variables involved. I wouldn't "share" medication without consulting your physician.

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answers from Dover on

Call your doctor or pharmacist. It isn't just on age but also on weight.

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answers from Seattle on


This is not Tylenol or some other over the counter med. You must call your pediatrician for the correct dosage.
If your pharmarcy doesn't carry the medication and your child requires it today I would call around and see if you can get it somewhere else.

Good luck.

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answers from Portland on

Albuterol has strong effects on the central nervous system, and therefore affects the heart and other organs. An overdose can be seriously dangerous (I had to stop using it years ago because even the smallest possible dose sent my heart into hyperdrive).

Since it's also not an emergency inhaler, missing a day's doses is not likely to make too much difference unless your youngest is struggling to breathe today.

Either way, you need sound advice from a doctor, or at least the advice nurse at the doctor's office. Please don't take risks with your baby's health.

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answers from Alexandria on

If it yours or one of your other child's prescription, you cannot simply get it dosed. The ratio of mixes varies per vial, in other words, they aren't all the same strength, but its not a mixture can can get dosed down based off of weight like most meds. The ratio is written on the box somewhere and is listed as a number / a number like 4.75/1000 or something.

I assume you mail order prescriptions? That's why they will not be in until tomorrow? If not, then you can go to a different pharmacy. Call your pediatrician, they will more than likely have a sample that you can pick up. They keep all of the different doses at their office for treatments they have to give at the office. But don't listen to what anyone tells you to give that child Other than the pediatrician or pharmacist.

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm no expert, but every prescription I've gotten in my 35 years of life has always had the recommended dosage & frequency the medication needs to be used listed right on the bottle/box. The box of Albuterol tubes you have should tell you the dosage. Your pharmacist and doctor also would've told you this when the medication was prescribed.

Are you really for real? If you are, I find it kind of scary, that you are so uninformed. If the Albuterol belongs to someone else in your house, well then I just pray for your 1 year old, that use some common sense here. Because based on your lack of it and your ability to form a coherent sentence, well...

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answers from Charlotte on

Did you not ask your doctor? If you didn't, then call the pharamcist who filled the prescription. A bunch of moms on a mom site can't give you this info, and if they did, you shouldn't trust it. We aren't doctors.

Please call either the doctor's office or the pharmacist. The last thing you want to do is make a dosing mistake, and your child probably needs the medicine, so find out the proper way to give it to him so that he can breathe well.

If this is some other child's medicine, you should NOT be giving it to your two year old. Medicines should only be given to who they are prescribed for. A., don't make a mistake here. Do the right thing and only give medicines the way the doctor intended them to be given.

Good luck,

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Albuterol for a nebulizer comes in a vial that is already mixed. It is a prescribed medication so it should say on the box what the doc wants your child to have. He may not use but half the vial or he may use 1/4 or even the full thing.

Only the doc can say for sure. Most pediatricians don't give little ones Albuterol, they give them Xophenex since it has less side effects.

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answers from Washington DC on


Welcome to mamapedia!!

What does the directions say? That would be the easiest answer. I would NOT be giving my child albuterol unless my Dr prescribed it to that child. PERIOD.

I am NOT a doctor and I am NOT going to diagnose my child, even if the symptoms are similar or the same as the other child. Even though it is NOT a steroid, it can be VERY dangerous if not used properly.

Call your pediatrician or talk to your pharmacist.
Good luck.

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