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Updated on January 27, 2009
C.W. asks from Saint Paul, MN
4 answers

hi moms my daughter is almost 11 months old and i was wondering how many times a day should be getting breastmilk? and how much? i'm in the prosses of weening so she is now getting it from a sippy cup. thanks soo much

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answers from Minneapolis on

I gave my son breast milk at every meal and snack. I always had a sippy of water available for the rest of the day so he could drink as much as he wanted.



answers from St. Cloud on

They can have breastmilk as often as they want. The nutrients in it are so good for your baby. In some countries they are EXCLUSIVELY breastfed for a couple years.



answers from Duluth on

try mixing it with vitamin d milk atlease onces a day and see how she takes.. do half and half.. then if she does good try doing it more until you do it every 8 hours and each time put a little more vitamin d milk and a little less breast milk. That is how i did it



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi C.,

I don't know if this will answer your question or not, but my son is 13 months old, and we offer him something to drink every 2 hours (or so). He drinks goat's milk and once or twice a day if we think of it, we offer him juice, too. He will not drink plain water, so we ocassionally "dilute" the goat's milk or juice with water.

I could not even begin to tell you how much he drinks. We trust him to drink what he needs to quench his thirst.

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