How Many Times Do You Receive a Mamapedia Article in Your Email?

Updated on September 13, 2015
A.V. asks from Silver Spring, MD
13 answers

Just today I got the "steal my son" email 4 times. This has become the norm for me. Is anyone else seeing this?
ETA: Make that 6 times.

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So What Happened?

I tend to ignore the FB one because I don't want my real life mixed with this forum. By the way, I'm *thisclose* to saying screw it. On the page there is a Contact Us link and one of the drop down menu options is "delete account". I mention this in case anyone else is getting fed up.

I just changed my email preferences to NEVER see the digest. I don't need the same stupid article SIX times.

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answers from Dallas on

I wouldn't know... those emails go to my spam folder and the only time I might get a glimpse of something is when I scan the list of spam mail just in case something is there by accident and then delete everything.

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answers from San Francisco on

Never, those emails were marked as spam years ago so I never see them.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My settings are such that I get ZERO. Perfect!

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answers from Columbia on

Option 1: Straight to the SPAM folder.

Option 2: Change your settings so you don't get emails from MMP.

I chose option 2 quite awhile ago and no longer get emails. :)

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answers from New York on

Thanks for the mention of changing email preferences - I'm going to do that right now. And yes, same email multiple times for a week or two it seems.

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answers from San Diego on

I never get emails from Mamapedia. In fact I can't remember when the last time I actually got one from them now that I think about it.


answers from Boston on

Usually twice a day. Annoying as hell. And not one "Mamapedia Daily" for the past few months has had any questions featured or even a link to "see all of today's questions." I get access to the questions by going into an ancient "daily" I received over a year ago. I told the person doing the upgrade (remember a month or so ago when we got a notice that the site would be down for maintenance? - that's when I did it) but there's still no change. I imagine that's why we have so few questions and so few new participants.


answers from Kansas City on

I don't get the emails but I've noticed more questions posted on here being on FB lately and I can't say I'm totally thrilled about that...but I guess if someone hasn't "liked" mp on fb then they don't see it (I am one that doesn't want my mp stuff mixing with my fb stuff). I thought maybe the system had a hiccup or someone had hit a "reset" button somewhere...I never see them and I've seen a couple the past few days.


answers from Washington DC on

geez. MP is SO glitchy.
i usually just get the one. sometimes two. sometimes none.
haven't had it happen 6 times yet!


answers from Springfield on

the e-mail i have linked to this and other forums as well as other "send you a daily e-mail" sites does not get checked very often. about 1x a week i go there and delete all inbox. i have a seperate e-mail for friends and family and bills to go to that gets checked daily.



answers from Wausau on

Once daily, in the morning, if there is new content.



answers from Oklahoma City on

No. I put mamapedia as a spam email and they all go in the trash.



answers from Asheville on

I flag it all as spam and I never have to see it. I also don't think clicking on the delete account actually does anything.

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