How Many Times a Day Should a 15 Month Old

Updated on November 19, 2010
J.H. asks from Dubuque, IA
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I was just wondering b/c Carter seems to poop a lot. Sometimes its round hard pebbles and other times its like peanut butter consitancy. Just today he pooped 3 times from 9:30am-12:30pm. He has also had 3 c. of milk already (dr. said to let him have it). I noticed after he drank each cup he pooped? Is that normal too? Each time it was a pretty good sized poop (peanut butter consitatancy). The only reason I am asking is b/c he has also been waking up at night and screaming and screaming all night. If he does wake up I can not comfort him at all and he doesn't seem to want anything. The dr. suggested it might be night terrors but to have them all night long about every hour or so? My 3 year old is on a no milk/dairy diet right now as he has been having issues with his tummy hurting, throwing up, and softer stools. someone suggested to me that Carter might have a problem with milk too. He is not on whole milk he is on 2% b/c he became very crabby and fussy and not sleeping when we put him on it. When we switched it seemed to have helped but now he is back to not sleeping and is whiney during the day but I just figured that was teething. The last 2 nights he has been up screaming. He falls asleep then no sooner wakes up screaming, won't let me comfort him, doesn't want his cup, not too hot or cold (as i remove pjs and put them on), he doesn't even want his blanket (he is attached to it :-) He just screams and thrashes around (fights me if I try to hold him) I was assuming this was night terros but from what I read they usually happen once a night and at certain times (I coudl be wrong on this). Any suggestions.

added info: he gets fruits daily and the 3 c. were from about 6 am to 12:30 not over the 3 hour time span and he was on his third cup around noon. I talked to the dr. about the drinking a lot of milk and she said it was fine. Also he is healthy no issues he just had his 15 month check up yesterday. I can't get him to drink water out of his cup, he will out of his brothers/sister cup but not his. With the night terrors he acts like I am not there, most of the time his eye are not even open. When I try to comfort him he acts like I'm not there if that makes any sense.

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So What Happened?

Thanks, I am going to slowly take him off of milk and put him on almond milk like my 3 year old. I am also going to try to reduce how much milk he drinks in a day.

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Most of the world's population is lactose intolerant. I would suspect this could be the problem, since your older child is. We Midwesterners get inundated with messages about how great milk/dairy products are (I grew up on a dairy farm), but there are other ways to get calcium, etc.


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Sounds like it could be lactose intolerance as well. I would limit him to 3 cups a day instead of allowing him drink 3 cups in three hours - that is a lot!!!! I would cut it back and see if that helps. If it's something else (bug, ear infection, teething) then cutting back will not help. But since you know your older child is having those issues, I'd be careful.

My son poops anywhere from 2-5 times a day. It ranges from softer peanut butttery consistency to runny when he's teething. He hardly ever has pellet type (sounds like lack of fruits/veggies).

I'd talk to his pediatricain and maybe get a 2nd opinion if you are still worried.



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Does he drink anything else? I would give the milk only with snacks and water the rest of the day. He should walk around with a cup of milk water is much better for him. So long as he is getting enough nutrition through eating foods then water should be the way to quench the thirst. Good Luck



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Sounds like he has a milk intollerance like your other child. Try giving him soy milk, instead, its softer on his tummy. My son has to drink soy because any other milk hurts him and he acts the same way at night time.
Also there is a milk called Lactaid, its just the same as regular milk but its just lactoce free, so its easier to digest, and it tastes the same as regular milk.



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Poop can happen any number of times, and eating gets the body going to produce it. If it might be teething, have you tried Motrin before bed. Is he interacting with you, just not liking what you are doing? Most kids that I have heard of with night terrors are non-responsive and don't seem to notice you there.



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My first thought would be lactose intolerance which would relate to the numberous poops and maybe night terrors. My almost 2 years old has has problems with night terrors for a while too. He gets more out of control if I try to touch him or comfort him. Just let it run its course. I was talking about these night terrors with my aunt and she thought lactose intolerance was related to night terrors, she said she thought she read that somewhere and i always had a feeling that he might be, he never liked milk,even chocolate, stawberry, etc. I let him have cheese and yogurt and give him almond milk. I am not a big believer in soy. He likes the almond milk and seems to sleep better at night but he still ends up drinking cow milk because I give it to my 4 year old. My 23 month old is very sassy and likes to do things he shouldn't so he likes to drink the 4yo milk just to be naughty. When he goes for his 2 year checkup next month I am going to ask about lactose intolerance and will really make sure he doesn't have cow's milk if I know for sure.
Something to try.
Good luck, hope you figur it out,

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