How Many Days for Preschool?

Updated on January 14, 2010
N.C. asks from Frisco, TX
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I'm hoping I can get some feedback on how many days to send my little girl to preschool next year. She has been doing an MDO since she was an infant, starting out at 1 day a week and for the past year has done 2 days a week. She is extremely social and her teacher this year has told me she's very bright and a very fast learner. I'm just trying to decide how many days to send her next year. I'm wondering if two is enough...or will I be holding her back (T/R might work better for our "schedule"). BUT...should I send her 3 days (MWF). I certainly don't want to hold her back and want her to be prepared when it is time to go to kindergarten. Her birthday is in March...and she will be just turning 3. I'm trying to make my decisions for next fall. Thanks so much!

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answers from Amarillo on

Hi, just a slightly different perspective, but I didn't send any of my kids to pre-school at all. My eldest is now an honor student, already accepted at the college of her choice, and very sociably adept. My youngest started Kindergarten this fall (I know, huge age apread!), and he is far and away the best reader in his class, as well as excelling in math and science. I just don't think pre-school is absolutely necessary, especially if you can gear what you teach your kids towards the standards for Kindergarten. I kept my kids home with me because I knew I would never again have a chance to spend that much time with them, and I don't feel like they missed out on anything.

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answers from Dallas on

I am in the same boat, but I've decided that since my twins do so well in school, that 2 days a week in the pre-k class will be just fine. We do other activities on the other days, and I am just going to make an effort to work on skills at home, too. They are only little once, and will be in school every day before we know it. Do what your gut thinks is best and what you can afford. You are her mom and will do what is right for both of you!



answers from Tyler on

Personally, I think it is about what YOU want. I think she will learn the same whether she goes 2 days or 3 days. Do you want an extra day to spend with her at home, or would you rather have an extra day to spend with your son? I know I personally would like to be able to spend a little more quiet time with my younger son, if I were you. I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old and I hardly ever get any quality time with the 2 year old because the 6 year wants to be involved with everything.

So, personally, I think she will be bright and forthcoming no matter how many days she goes. What do YOU want?




answers from Dallas on

Your little girl is only 3. I don't think it's possible to "hold her back" at this point. She's bright and enjoys learning, so she'll learn plenty in two days. My oldest has gone 3 days this year, but he's going to kindergarten next year so the increase I felt was a nice transition year before he goes full time next year. My youngest only goes 2 days and I love the extra day home with him; however, he may start going 3 days soon because of my work schedule (I only work while they're in "school"). Honestly I don't think you can go wrong. Two or three is fine, the important thing is you do whatever is right for you and your family, not out of fear that you'll be "holding her back" by not giving her more. Quick story to illustrate my point.

My brother is extremely intelligent. He's truly around genius level IQ. I never realized all this growing up, but have since learned how much my parents worked with him to foster his personal skills. He would have been perfectly happy to stay in his room all day and read books or just simply think. He would have been fine living in his own little bubble learning about science, dinosaurs, etc. My parents forced him (in a good way) to be social; he had to go out of his way to talk to and compliment so many people a day, etc. When he was in junior high, he was given the opportunity to skip some grades in school and attend college courses where he would get dual high school and college credits. Everyone told my parents how this was the opportunity of a lifetime for him. They turned the chance down. They knew that it would be social suicide for my brother to do that, and wanted him to have as "normal" a childhood as possible. Today, my brother is extremely friendly and social, and you would never guess the social awkwardness he was prone to earlier in life (think Dwight Schrute from the Office, only magnified). Yet, he's still extremely smart; he's a criminologist for DPS (you know, a CSI guy)and he has helped develop national databases, testifies in some high profile cases, and even does lecturing on occasion. Now, it doesn't sound like your daughter is like that at all; I'm just using this story as an example that giving your child every opportunity is NOT always in their best interest and you just have to know your child.



answers from Abilene on

You have to do what you feel best for your family. My girls only went one day a week (30 years ago) and excelled in school. The time you have with your daughter will always be precious -- and it really does fly by! I wouldn't let what others do or fears about "holding her back" influence you -- let her be a little girl, play with her, read with her, go to the zoo and park, let her cook with you, let her help you clean house -- whatever you do, she is learning every second. Enjoy her to the full.



answers from Indianapolis on

our kids are in full-time day care, so I may have a different perspective.

But, when I was downsized in May, we still kept the kids (then almost 3 and 15 months) in day care 3 days/week for the social and learning aspect (as well as me having time to secure a new position).

If she's social and likes being there, I'd go for the 3 day option. She will only grow, and the extra time for you personally would be such a blessing.



answers from Tyler on

I taught preschool and kindergarten music while I had preschoolers of my own. The teachers of the school found that the kiddos got the most out of school by going Tu,Wed, & Thurs. That gives you a long stretch for the weekend.



answers from Dallas on

My sons only went 2 days a week althrough preschool. My oldest is in 2nd grade now, and I can tell you, he was more than ready for kindergarten only 2 days a week. My youngest is in pre-K now and only goes 2 days a week, and I believe he's ready for kindergarten!

Also, I have been sad now that my oldest boy is in school 5 days a week. I really miss those days we could go places and do things during the school year when places weren't crowded. I never once regretted just 2 days a week!


answers from Dallas on

I sent my son to MDO three days a week when he was three (August b-day), he is very social and loved it, as long as she is happy to go why not. I stay at home so he gets plenty of time with Mommy also. I have three boys and he is my youngest, so he is used to the older brothers having to get up and go so it really seemed natural to him. with my older two they were closer in age so I kept them on the same schedule to be easier for me... the oldest never went 3 days, but the middle did both 2 and 3 days at age 3 and 4 respectively... all was fine either way. As far as her being bright you can always give here "homework" as my now 4 yr old calls it. it's just work sheets from a preschool book, he loves it, he has "homework" to do when the older brothers have to do their "homework" but I think either way is fine, just your preference. I think dealing with separation is better at a young age then waiting till kindergarden and throwing them straight into a 5 days a week situation. JMHO



answers from Dallas on

My son's the same way. The way I look at it is, this is the only time I'll be able to spend my days with my son before starting Kinder so I've only put my son in 2x a week. He's plenty ready and prepared imo so I'm not worried at all. I have a friend who never sent her kids to preschool and they did just fabulous in school. We really blow this kindergarten thing so out of proportion imo.

Don't feel like you're setting your kids back because you didn't send her to enough days of pre-k. The bar for kinder readiness is really pretty low and your child will no doubt be ready. You can, and probably already do, supplement your child's education by taking her out with you and doing things. You have been her greatest teacher so far would be my guess. We also went to playgroups and many outings with our moms club friends. We also take advantage of story times and other events that will be impossible once he starts school.

Put her in for how many days you feel comfortable would be my advice. If you only want 2 days, that's perfectly fine. Same if you decide 3 or 5 days. Just pick what works for you.



answers from Dallas on

i think 2 days a week for now, then at 4yrs old, go 5 days a week to pre-k.



answers from Dallas on

It's really up to you and what you feel is comfortable for you and your family. Is this going to be half-day preschool or full day ('till 2 pm)? Remember she's only 3 and will be tired after school. Also, when it really comes down to learning etc it all pretty well balances out when they hit the 2nd or 3rd grade mark. The main point of preschool is not only beginning to learn letters and numbers but school readiness ie. manners, sharing, and interacting with other children properly.



answers from Wichita Falls on

I can just share my experience with my son, who turned 3 in September, and is also a very bright, eager learner. This last fall, he had just turned 3, and 2 days a week seemed like plenty (T-Th from 9am-2pm). But after the first semester, we felt like he would do well with more, so we added M-W starting in January (this pre-school offers 2 or 4 days; 3 days isn't a choice). It has been great - he loves the increased interaction with the kiddos, and he just seems to be picking up more and more info every day!

But, if T-Th works better for your schedule, there is nothing wrong with doing that. You won't be holding her back, in my opinion. They are little kids, and they learn no matter what they are doing. My son and I have so much fun during an afternoon of running errands and playing, and then I realize that he has been learning and absorbing all day. The structured time at school is great, but they'll get plenty of that for a long, long time.

I don't think you can go wrong, but personally, I would do what works best for the whole family's schedule.

Good luck & God bless!



answers from Dallas on

a child care worker gave me the rule once: a day a week per year of life. and i've followed it with my youngest boy with good results. as long as it's not a long day, say past 9-2, then i'd think 3 days are good for a 3 year old. it prepares her a bit at a time, without a big boom of 4 days or 5 days all of a sudden.

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