How Many Baby Teeth Should He Be Losing?

Updated on March 14, 2013
H.M. asks from Huntington Beach, CA
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My son is seven and had only lost two baby teeth. (two bottom front) He didn't get his first tooth until 11months. The dentist had told me that he would start losing baby teeth later than most kids because of that. I'm just concerned because the last time he lost a tooth was almost a year ago. I see children younger than him with big toothless grins and I'm getting worried. At what age did your kids start losing teeth?

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answers from Washington DC on

Definitely nothing to worry about. My oldest also did not have a single tooth until she was 11 months old. She lost her first tooth when she was almost 7. They've been slow to come out ever since. She is now 11 1/2, and all of sudden all the teeth are falling out! She lost 4 in the last month. Before those 4, she had only lost the top front 4, and bottom front 4.

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answers from Boise on

Mine loose their teeth late, they also get teeth on the later end of normal. One was almost 2.

Right now my 8 year old has only lost 6, my 11 year old 8 and my 6 year old has 2 that are starting to get loose.

I also did not finish loosing all of my baby teeth until I was in high school.

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answers from Dallas on

My middle is 7 and 3 months and hasn't lost one yet, our dentist says the later, the better, so I'm not stressing :)

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answers from Phoenix on

From what I see among kids my DD's age (almost 7), this can vary quite widely. DD has lost 5, but most haven't lost quite that many. Every kid is different. I wouldn't worry :-).

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answers from Boston on

My daughter started right at age 6 and lost 7 teeth in 9 mos.

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answers from San Francisco on

It really varies from child to child. My oldest began losing teeth at 5, and now that she's 10, she only has 3 baby teeth left - the rest are her permanent teeth.

Now, my youngest is the polar opposite. She didn't lose her first baby tooth until she was 7. She will be 8 in June, and she has still only lost 2 baby teeth! Her top 2 front teeth are loose. One of them is literally being shoved out of the way by the adult tooth that is growing in under it, but that baby tooth is hanging in there so tight that we can't pull it out. We are starting to get worried we're going to have to have the dentist pull it!

One thing that I have noticed, though, is that my younger daughter has REALLY BIG adult teeth. Yes, she only has 2 of them so far, but they are huge. I'm wondering if maybe her baby teeth aren't coming loose, and/or the adult teeth aren't growing in, because her little mouth just isn't big enough to accommodate them. When she got a mouth expander/retainer, that's when the top 2 teeth finally became loose. It's almost like that extra little bit of space allowed them to start growing in, or something. I don't know.

Anyway, I guess it will happen eventually for all of them, right? :)

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answers from Chicago on

My son is 6 1/2 and has lost his bottom two. The tops ones are not lose at all. I'll be sad when they come out!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I was sad that my daughter lost her teeth so early. My baby grew up faster than what I would have liked:). She had not even turned 10 yet and the orthodontist said her mouth looked like as mature 11 yo.

I wouldn't worry. It will happen and I believe it is better for their dental health to be late bloomers.


answers from Dallas on

The ages for this are all over the board.

My daughter (now 18) lost her first tooth when she just turned 4. By the age of 10 she had lost everything she was supposed to plus had her 12 yr molars. My pediatric dentist said it is totally normal. She has a perfect set of teeth with no orthodontic work.

I also sub teach on the side about once a week. I had a 2nd grader lose her first tooth a couple weeks ago. I've seen children in 1st grade with no teeth lost yet through several teeth lost.

I wouldn't worry about it, it will happen when they are ready to come out.

Good luck.



answers from Washington DC on

My son is seven and four months, and he has only lost one, on the bottom. My teeth came in late, so not at all surprising. No worries, time will take care of the rest. Worst case, if he ever needs braces, he will be a little older than most. I still had braces my freshman year in college! The later it happens, the easier it will be for dentists/orthodontists to provide the most effective care. Good luck. :)



answers from Knoxville on

My youngest daughter is 7 years old and has also only lost 2 teeth so far. No other ones are even lose yet. Both of my girls were late getting teeth and losing teeth also. Our dentist says that is just fine.



answers from New York on

my little neighbor is 14 and is still waiting for one last baby tooth to fall out .. so i dont really think you can put a number on it and say by X age they should have lost X amount of teeth.. i think its the same kinda thing as when they are babies and getting their teeth.. my cousins son is 2months older than my daughter and has 10 teeth already and my little one has none.. nothing wrong with that


answers from Rochester on

My oldest will be eight in a few weeks, and has lost the four front teeth (two top, two bottom), but the two top teeth were in the last several months. One of them wasn't really ready to come up, but my husband yanked it out anyhow...otherwise, she'd probably still have it. Perfectly normal...she also didn't begin getting teeth until about 13-14 months.



answers from Los Angeles on

Kids lose teeth at different rates. Generally, late teethers lose teeth later, but here's a twist. My son cut his first tooth at 8 months (my mother's day present that year!), and from then on, his teeth came in at a normal rate. By the time he was 8, however, he had only lost his two front lower teeth and did not lose his four front upper teeth until he was in late 4th grade -- then he stopped losing teeth. His growth rate also slowed down considerably at that time, and he grew less than 1/2 inch in the next year and a half. By the time he was in the middle of 6th grade (age 11), he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. Within a month after starting replacement therapy, he finally started losing his baby teeth.

I'm not saying that your son has a similar problem -- growth hormone deficiencies are rare. I wouldn't worry about the rate of his tooth loss unless at some time in the future you notice other growth issues that could be contributing.



answers from Oklahoma City on

My daughter got her first tooth at 3 months. She lost her 4 top and 4 bottom teeth by Easter before she entered kindergarten. So she lost all the teeth very early because she got hers in very early. Dentist is right.

If his X-Rays don't show the adult teeth then the dentist would have said something.


answers from Norfolk on

My son started losing baby teeth at 6.5 yrs old.
His started coming in at 6 months.
It's true - the later they initially come in means it will be later when they start losing them.
The baby teeth loosen and fall out as adult teeth form beneath (or over) them and dissolve the baby tooth roots.
If the dentist does a panoramic x-ray of your son's mouth, he should be able to see the buds of the adult teeth forming up.



answers from Los Angeles on

Just be patient. I just got back from taking my almost 11 year old son to an ortho appt. today,he still has 12 baby teeth. My kids were late to get their teeth and have been late to loose them. Ortho says his teeth look fine no need for ortho and my now 15 year old was the same way and has nice straight teeth. Good Luck.



answers from Dallas on

My dd is 7 1/2 and lost the 2 bottom also. She lost both of those in the summer. She, finally, has a top one loose. Her baby teeth came in early though. Nevertheless, don't worry.

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