How Many Babies Can a Woman Possibly Have?

Updated on September 03, 2009
R.P. asks from Lynn, MA
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i am a forty year old woman with two great kids and i love children dont get me wrong, but i just read that the duggars are expecting their 19th child. is it just me or does she constantly stay pregnant. for mamasource please this is not a spam im just curious about how other women feel about someone having that many children andon top of that is expecting her own first grandchild? no one ever comments on it but i hear so much negativity about octo mom?

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answers from Boston on

I think 19 is way wrong.There is no way it can be good for her body to be pregnant so much so close together. Not to mention who is really doing the child care it looked to me like older ones watch younger ones mom does the babies. If you ask me they are nuts. L.

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answers from Boston on

Hi R.,

I think it is none of my business. But, since you asked. She has had one husband who she seems to love. She seems happy and all of her children seem well adjusted and productive citizens. It is also part of their religious beliefs to accept however many children God blesses them with. I suppose ultimately she will realize her body has had enough or menopause will come as it does to all women. Otherwise, like I said it is none of my business.


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answers from Boston on

Hi R..I just heard that also.I love kids but I don't think I could handle having 19.How is she going to enjoy being a grandma when she has her own little ones to take of.I can't imagine being pregnant for more than half my life.To each their own,I guess.

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answers from Boston on

I agree with the previous response - to each his own. I personally know that my husband and I have a limit of two, the beautiful little boy and girl we have now. We feel our family is complete. But some people thrive in a large family. I think that the main difference between the Duggars and "OctoMom" is that the Duggars clearly have the means to support a family that large both economically and emotionally. They have crafted the arts of thriftiness and order (organization). The children and extended family seem to be truly happy. Their religious and personal beliefs seem to play a huge part in their choice to continue to grow their family. They have created a wonderful support system within their family so I see no problem with what they are doing.

As far as OctoMom goes, 8 of her children are babies of the same age and previous children from what I understand have some disablilties that must have already made life a huge challenge. She is a single mom raising all those children and I believe that she does not have the means financially to do so, or the manpower for that matter. None of her children are of an age where they can be expected to help out without feeling taken advantage. Octomom does not appear to have stability, even her own mother speaks out against her which is neither a good testament to Octomom OR her mother. I do not have a problem with artificial means of conception, but I do have a problem with a woman who doesn't seem to have her act together bringing 8 babies into this world via the method she chose. Single mothers are entitled to stay single, but raising a family is alot of work and is not a joke.

Bottom line is Duggars = peace and happiness and teamwork and Octomom = stress and chaos and pity.

I do not worry about the Duggar children, but to think of the future mental health of the Octomom kids is scary.

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