How Low Must the Crib Mattress Be for a Standing Baby?

Updated on May 05, 2009
A.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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My son is 11 months and always stands up in his bed. His crib has 4 settings, and we've had it on the lowest setting for about a month. The problem is, I'm short, and I can't reach to lay him down with it on the lowest setting. I should mention the side rail does not lower. We usually put him down awake, so this hasn't been a problem. But he has been sick the past several days, and I have to hold him to go to sleep. My husband raised the mattress yesterday to the third setting, and the rail is at his chest when he stands. I think this might be a little unsafe, but I'm not sure what else to do. I've also tried a small step stool, but it doesn't work either. Has anyone else had this problem and have any suggestions?

I guess I should add, the side rail does not come down.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for everyone's advice. I didn't know about crib nets, but it sounds like we might need one. Even if we're able to lower the crib again after my son gets over his sickness, there might still be a need in the future. He's very active and spends time awake in his bed before every nap. I sure don't want him falling or climbing out. Thanks again for your help!

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I have the same problem, and they do make cribs that the side doesn't slide up and down. Mine is permantely up. I have put my baby in a blanket then lifted him up over the side then rolled him onto the mattress and he stayed asleep.

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You can buy crib nets that fit over the crib and will keep him from getting out. I bought mine at They are not that attractive, but after one of my twins fell out of her crib I didn't care if they looked good or not! She was ok but I didn't want to take any chances.



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Doesn't the side of your crib slide up and down??? They usually do, for this exact reason. Check it out. You may need to lower it BEFORE you rock him, so you can just put him in and then raise it back up. It usually takes two hands to lower, since they make that part child-proof. I've never seen a crib that doesn't have this feature. Even MY crib, from 37 yrs ago did this.

We also have a "tent" cover on my daughter's crib, because she tried to climb out once and fell. It scared me to death! We love the tent, though. We just zip her in at night. It is mesch...see-through...well ventilated. It was about $75, but worth every penny for peace of mind! Just another option....



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The majority of cribs nowadays do NOT have the sliding crib rail, so this is an issue for short and average height alike. My only suggestion would be to find a more sturdy step stool. I have the Safety 1st Tubside Kneeler, and while it only adds about 5 inches of height, it is extremely stable & not rickety at all like most standard step stools. Plus it's much wider than most step stools, so you can fit both feet spaced apart. Good luck!



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The reason that they say to lower your child when the rail is at chest height is because some children are trying to climb out of the crib. If your child is not trying to climb out, I think you will be okay to have it a little higher while he is not feeling well. Then, you can lower it again when he is feeling better.

I'm not short, by any means, but it is hard to lower a child into the crib when it is on the lowest setting (my side rail also does not lower).




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If you must raise the crib level then get a crib tent by Tots in mind. the best thing I ever bought! I had them for all 3 boys and it allows your baby to use the crib for at least 3 years with out falling or getting out.

A. J



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They have things that you can buy to put on the legs of your crib so that it will raise it up a little.They may have them at babies r us but I would just look online.I cant remember what they are called but I am sure if you google it you can find what i am talking about.



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The sides usually go down on a crib and then you could have it on the lowest setting or near that. Put him in bed and then raise the sides. Have a routine such as kisses, a lovey and a pacifier if he has one and put one in each hand so he can find them at night. Then start the music and turn out the light and leave. Or something like that every time you put him to bed. It creates a routine of familiarity and they feel secure. I hope the rails go down for you.



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The side rail should come down. Put it down to put the baby in the crib, then raise the rail back up. Make sure it locks.



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The only suggestion I can think of it to use a pack n play while he is not feeling well.

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