How Long W/ a Fever Is Too Long?

Updated on February 23, 2011
M.M. asks from Bladensburg, OH
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I posted yesterday about my son being diagnosed w/ strep throat and still having a fever despite feeling fine and being on antibiotics. His temp has been around 101 the last few days and the dr. said to just wait it out and maybe he has a virus on top of the strep throat. Well, today his temp was 102.3 when he woke up. He still feels fine, which amazes me. Normally when his temp is 101 or more he is crying that his head hurts really bad... always has. Right now it's 101.4... he is fine. Needless to say he has missed 4 days of school (6 days w/ fever including weekend). How long should I wait it out or how long is too long to have a fever? And I am referring to no fever w/o meds... not just medicating him then sending him to school. He is still eating and drinking pretty well too. I am just curious and making sure there isn't something more wrong w/ him. Today is his last day of antibiotic and I'm worried the strep will come right back!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the wonderful respsonses. We took him back to the Dr. Friday finally... and they are running some tests. They retested for strep and are testing for mono. She said mono was a very likely possibility. I think the fevers are gone... now to just get him back to normal and get some test results!! Thanks :o)

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My doctor told me for my one child who has health issues to call if she was still doing poorly after 4 days on medicine. There are a lot of sick kids out there right now; lots of bugs. My husband, son and daughter have been sick over the last week with fevers. I am just watching for symptoms getting worse. Coughing is another part of this virus too. Keeping them hydrated and giving motrin when necessary. The antibiotic does not just leave the system once you stop. The Z pac is five days but stays in the system much longer.

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hhhhmmmm he is obviously fighting something.

I would be upset that the dr hasn't run a blood test to see if they can see anything more serious there.

Six days with a fever is a long time for a fever ESPECIALLY being on an antibiotic...however, they don't work on a virus - which sucks.

Make sure that he is staying hydrated...if you can pinch his skin on his hand and it stays UP - he is dehydrated. If it falls back down immediately - he is hydrated and his body is working to fight the infection.

I would tell the pediatrician you want a blood test done to rule out any other issues. Since overall he is feeling fine - have the school give you his homework so he doesn't fall behind there!! As long as he's up and moving about - but has a fever - let him get his HW done.

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The only time my kids had a fever that wouldn't really "go away" is when my daughter (9 mos at the time) had antibiotic resistant bacterial ear infections in her inner-ear. 30 out of 45 days she had a fever of 103 or more. We got tubes after 5 kinds of antibiotics and Rocephin shots were tried. Sounds like he needs an antibiotic switch.


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certain antibiotics never cut it for my kids. they just seemed immune to them. you want to be sure that strep is really gone to avoid other problems. I'd get him re-checked. some kids don't show much in the way of symptoms.



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Our pediatrician asks that we let him know if our munchkin has fever for more than three days. I'd bring him back in to get checked, as six days is too much. Our little guy is on day five of his fever (flu and now we suspect strep) and we're going back to the doctor to have him check him tonight, as it's not normal for us. Good luck!!!

Just an update on us - turns out our son didn't have the flu and fortunately doesn't have strep. He has something called "paraflu" it's a really mean cold virus that causes fever for 3-5 days. He seems better today, so I'm hoping yesterday was hte last of it. Gold luck!



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I can't comment on the fever part - my kids would be fever free within hours of antibiotics for strep and back to school the next day. I wanted to tell you to throw out your son's toothpaste and toothbrush in case you didn't know that they both can re-infect you with strep. also disinfect whatever you keep his toothbrush in or on..... good luck.



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He may have "two things" at the same time, but all the more reason to go see the doctor!

Request bloodwork in addition to the strep test b/c it seems like a week w/ a high fever must be something worth looking into!



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You guys to don't have February vacation? I am jealous!!! I hope your soon feels better soon. I would take him back in to the pediatrician he could be sick with something else or the antibiotic might not be working. I know you said he is allergic to other ones but there ought to be something they can do.


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Just remember, it always take over 24 hours on a medicine to help it kick in. I remember when my baby was sick, 24hrs after the meds she still had fever, but the dr said that you can start the meds, but the first 2 days are going to be the worst. Good luck. I'll be praying for ya.

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