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Updated on April 25, 2008
R.M. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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So first, dont think I am a horrible mother! I have not had night of drinking in over a year now, (obviously since I was prego!)and I just REALLY want to let lose. I am going back to Indiana to visit family, and having a birthday party for myself. I have a 4 month old (will be 5 months then) that is at this point still strictly breastfed. My question is... if I have some drinks (and I am not talking 1 or 2 drinks...I want to LET LOOSE!) how long should I wait to feed my son. I am not planning on getting falling over drunk/stupid! But I am sure i may have 4-6 drinks. I say that now, but seeing as i have had no alcohol in over a year, it will probably only take 2 drinks to knock me out! My husband actually wants me to do this, because I will have all my family around to help with my child, so he says its the perfect time. Also, I will not lie... when I drink, I want to smoke a few cigarettes. (No, I do NOT smoke unless I am drinking!) How long do I have to wait until I feed him after that? I plan on having some milk stored up for this, but i just need to know how much to have! A MOMMY NEEDS ONE NIGHT OF FUN! :) Any help is appreciated!

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So What Happened?

I talked to my sons Ped today, and 2 lactation consultants. All of their answers were the same, pump and dump (and you only pump and dump to not become engorged. it has NOTHING to do with getting the alcohol out, that just metabolizes in your body over time) for 24 hours for drinks and cigs. NOW, lets just see if I dont chicken out and go have a fun time for night!

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Hi R.,

I don't know for certain, but I'd guess at least 24, maybe even 48 hours or more. I should think you might want to drink plenty of water afterwards also, to help flush out your system.

I know that all the stop smoking literature says it takes 72 hours for all the nicotine to leave your body when you stop, so 72 hours is probably a safer bet.

Talk to your baby's pediatrician or maybe a lactation consultant and ask to be absolutely sure, though.

Happy birthday to you!

K. W



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I can't remember the exact time period for all the alcohol to get in your breast milk, but I think it is something like wait until you are sober and "pump and dump" until there is no milk left to pump. Any milk produced while you are sober, should be sober milk.


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I have no advice but you go mama!!!! I am glad there a is a mom out there not ashmaed to admit she needs a break from life!!!!! my hub always tried tog et me to just have a drink ven when i wasnt BF but i would get so guilty feeling about it i wouldnt!!!! Hvae a blast!!!



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"Alcohol clears the breast milk in about the same amount of time it takes to clear the blood stream. If you are planning to drink heavily (more than 2 drinks), you may want to give it 6-8 hours to clear your system." This is what I got from the internet. I did the same thing when my son was still breastfeeding. Me and my boyfriend had a couple friends over, and had a couple drinks (while my son was in bed, sleeping). I waited until about 1-2 hours after I felt sober again before I started breastfeeding again. I had a couple of pumped bottles in the fridge and I only had to "pump and dump" once. It seemed to work out fine, my son never suffered any adverse affects, so I am sure I had waited a proper amount of time. Have fun!!!

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