How Long to See Results from Gentlease???

Updated on June 24, 2011
T.C. asks from Las Vegas, NV
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I switched my twin girls to Gentlease about one week ago from an organic, milk based formula from Kroger/Smiths called "Private Selection Organic". They were both getting VERY fussy over the past couple weeks (also one of my girls has acid reflux & just started Prevacid), so thus the switch to Gentlease. My question is that Both girls have had REALLY, STINKY gas lately! Their bowel movements are once a day & also dark green but creamy (sorry TMI).

How long does it take for them to adjust to a new formula or have I already given it enough time?? The strange thing & that the formula seems to be helping, especially w/sleeping at night....but is this Stinky gas normal?? The same thing happened when I tried them on Good Start & had to change. Any input is appreciated ;-)

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So What Happened?

Well, decided to take my twins off the Gentlease & put them onto Baby's Only Organic formula. they are doing much better on the new Organic formula (no more gas). Also my Baby w/the acid reflux - prevacid is helping out tremeandously!!!

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Soy is just as bad if not worse than dairy. If you are having problems with these foods already then try as it is for babies that cannot have either soy or dairy. I would keep them away from any wheat and eggs products as well which also means no vaccines as these ingredients are in vaccines as well. You don't say how old they are but it sounds like their immune systems are in needing some assistance. You could also look into probiotics and omega3.

Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders, by Dr. Kenneth Bock is a MUST for just about every family now.

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Maybe they shouldn't be drinking milk? They could be intolerant. I switched my daughter to goats milk and that made a difference.

What is the prevacid doing? prevents the gut from producing its own HCL to digest food? Won't that cause digestion issues later if she can't digest?
Check out L-glutamine, an amino acid. I drink it on an empty stomach to heal my system from acid reflux. Calms it down right away.

Perhaps check out a homeopath or someone that practices integrative medicine for the best solutions for your girls. I can give you referrals.



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Do like the Italians do and try out Goat Milk -you will be amazed at the no- colic easy going difference!
For some reason no one ever thinks of that.Its almost like it was made for babies...



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My daughter had to switch her son to Gentlease as well, and yea, he had gas quite a bit-but that's good-even tho it stinks, lol. It's not 'staying' inside them and hurting them. It depends on the child, I would assume. I don't really remember the 'color' of his stools, but they were normal, nonetheless. I think, if I'm not mistaken, that the green color is common. If you are at all nervous, please consult your pediatrician. I think they're fine tho. It helped OOOODLES with my grandson. Good luck and awww TWINS...giggle!



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It is definitely the formula. Gentlease is almost the same thing as Good Start as both have the proteins broken down to help with digestion, but that means extremely, smelly gas for your baby. I was shocked at how bad my little guy smelled and almost embarrassed to take him out of the house. I have always fed my babies Enfamil Lipil (or Premium now) but started my 3rd baby on Good Start because he was very fussy and he had reflux so I "thought" it might help. Well, to be honest, his gas was so bad I called the Dr. and he said it was definitely the formula. I realized I could not stand the smell so I switched him right to Enfamil and he did great. I am a huge fan of Enfamil and do feel it is the "best" out there. Yes, it is expensive but it is worth it. I had read up on all these new "specialty" formulas that are out now and some of the stuff I read was a little disturbing. "Broken down" proteins also means they have been chemically altered and it changes the natural make-up of their food. I would much rather stick to regular formula that is as naturally processed as possible. Babies never used to have all these fancy formulas and I would bet most of them managed just fine. It is all a marketing scheme in my opinion. For your baby with reflux, get a crib wedge that raises her head up or sleep her in a Papasan chair at night. 2 of my babies had reflux and they do grow out of it. As for the fussiness, some babies are just fussier than others. I do not feel it is always the formula but rather just the fact that they are newborns and newborns are fussy :) Good luck and try some Enfamil Premium.



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I'm with Melinda N. I can just say ditto to her remarks. I've had my family on the raw milk diet and we make our own kefir as well and everyone is doing very well. Its even cleared up my son's eczema and food allergies! The kefir is a great probiotic for keeping your kids healthy during the cold and flu season too. My kids were unintentionally exposed to H1N1 several times and even caught it but were over it within a few hours and I give the credit to the kefir and healthy bacteria.

My sister in law's kids both seemed to have an intolerance to pasturized milk and since she switched them over to the raw milk they've done very well. I'm not sure where you live but I know there's a dairy in the southern Utah/Arizona border area that sells it if you're interested.

Good luck with it!




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I definitely wanted to add my experience to this one. I tried that formula for my daughter and she didn't do well either. Refresh my memory, is it soy based? I know that LOTS of people even as adults have trouble digesting soy products. I would try Alimentum or Nutramigen if I were you. (I know, more expensive, boo!) But when they get a little older a lot of times babies tend to grow out of the acid-reflux issue, and you may be able to switch back to something milk based. (like at 6 or 8 mos of age)

Good luck!



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also try giving them Hylands colic tablets ..really helped my son with his gas problems when he was little...u can also try adding just a little more water to the formula for now...good luck




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If there is soy it is genetically modified and may cause intestinal problems if you continue. Soy is not good anyway for girls or boys. Look into it on If you use some kind of probiotic there should be no need for the meds. I make my own kefir and kombucha. Raw milk has much better enzymes and will digest itself instead of those formulas. Just depends if you want to start a lifetime of meds or go natural. M., NTP