How Long Have You Been Using This Site?

Updated on January 02, 2018
S.G. asks from Chino, CA
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I just realized today that I've been using this site for 5.5 years.

Has it helped you with problems you've had?

I know I don't post a lot of questions and mostly answer questions. I know that some answers have thrown me for a loop and others have given me insight to things, by being able to see things from a different perspective.

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So What Happened?

thanks for replying! I did notice that you could check on answers and such, what I don't get is if you've been on this site for 15+, why do your questions or answers only go back two 2 years? Do they archive some peoples questions and answers?

I'd like to think I've helped people. I know I've learned things from this site.
Have a great day peeps!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I started in 2006. I feel the site is not what it used to be. I used to post questions and respond to others’ posts much more frequently. It seems like a lot of the original moms have left the discussion. The tone of exchanges seem increasingly salty. I will keep coming though because I enjoy seeing what other moms have to say, especially the ones that have been here for years.

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answers from Dallas on

I started with Mamasource about 13 years ago I guess because my daughter was in 5th grade and she's now 23.

I've learned a lot. I've met some dear friends on this site. I've received tremendous support when I've been at my worst ... becoming a sudden widow in 2015.

I appreciate this site.

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answers from Anchorage on

I've been on this site for 10 years now. Back when it was mamasourse. It has helped me a lot. I used to ask questions but the last few years I've mostly just answered questions.

It used to strictly be parenting questions. I liked it more back then. Lately it seems like people use this site as a daily blog to ask any question that pops into their head. I don't like that as much. I don't need to hear about every thought or observation that pops into certain people's heads, ya know? So I skip a lot of questions lately.

I like trying to help a mother sort out a parenting issue. I get a lot out of reading other moms responses too. I've used their advice to someone else in my own life. I just hate the daily blog aspect of some posters lately.

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answers from Springfield on

I started with Mamasource. I can't remember when (or even how I found it), but it was when my 11 year old was a baby.

I learn a ton just by reading. I have asked questions. You get some really good answers mixed with some less helpful answers. Some people are more tactful than others, and you definitely have to learn how to sift through it all.

This site used to be much more active than it has been in recent years, but I still like it and find it helpful!

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answers from Washington DC on

I’ve been here since it was called mamasource - I was one of the first moms to participate when that started... a lifetime ago...

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answers from Washington DC on

I've been on MMP since 2007 - and it was mamasource then....

I've seen mamas and papas come and go...had answers and posts removed....overall?

I miss the moderator, Mike, who just left this year. He was on top of things like white on rice!!

I hope i've helped people over the years. Some of have helped me. It's not the site it was. A lot of trolls lately.

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answers from Norfolk on

I think I started using it around 2005.
It was Mamasource back then.

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answers from Cleveland on

I was just thinking about how long I've been on here a few days ago..i would say 12 years when it was mamasource.
I tend to use it most when the kids are off school for vacations but it always seems super slow at those times. I too was thinking about how it changed.
I used to recommend it all the time to new moms.

I think now that Google and youtube really have everything you could wish to know and everyone/Just about) has a phone in their hand, the types of questions have changed.

I don't know if it's cuz I'm old now..or trolls are more prevetant but so many questions lately seem like bad episodes of jerry Springer. I have a hard time knowing if they are really real.

Yet I still come back and look to see if I can offer my experience to someone.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I’ve been here about 10 years, since the mamasource days. I’ve learned a lot from the parents who post here, sometimes in response to my questions but more often from reading questions and answers about topics I would not have thought to ask about.

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answers from Washington DC on

since the mamasource days.

i HAVE had some helpful answers to issues! and i like reading the responses from the thoughtful moms on the site, and am entertained by the less thoughtful ones. :D

it does seem to be on a long slow downhill slide. every time they change management and promise to improve things i get hopeful, but the long term prognosis isn't too rosy.

i take hiatuses, but so far still come back eventually. i miss you guys after a while!
:) khairete

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answers from Seattle on

I have been on here since it was mamasource. My first question was in August of 2008.
9 years!!
Some of my questions have been answered and helped, some I have been chewed up and spit out, and some have made me think.
I have used it as a sounding board, as a place to ask embarrassing questions, and as a place to see if *I* am wrong/right in a situation.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I was on the old page, Mamasource, for several years so I'd say a very long time.

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answers from Miami on

I have been using the site since 2007, back when it was Mamasource, so almost 11 years. I don't remember so many trolls back then, or even as many responses as I see these days on questions that are asked, so I guess we take the bad (trolls) with the good (more input from other parents). Like you, I like reading the different viewpoints and feedback from different people, and how some people may view things in a way I never would have viewed them as, myself, so it has been an educational experience in more ways than one. I also like the reality check responses that are blunt and tell it like it is, sometimes people need someone to be blunt and give it to them straight, without beating around the bush.

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answers from New York on

Since about 2001 or 2002, when it was Mamasource and it was local to your area only. It was more for questions about looking for a good babysitter or asking about a local preschool. In fact, I believe my first question was asking if anyone's husband was good at installing ceiling fans and could I hire him for a couple of hours to do mine (I got 5 immediate responses and a neighbor sent her hubby over who installed it for 20 bucks).

I have left and come back a few times, I got hacked and had to change my info once, I disagreed very strongly with admin/owners about a very scary thing a mom posted a few years ago and took a break for awhile, too. (in that instance, I ended up working with the police and the children were removed from the home - it was pretty bad). Life gets in the way and sometimes I just don't have time to either post a question or answer other folks. Once in awhile, you will see a few members have some pretty toxic behaviors and gang up on moms - I will sometimes take a break and it seems like those folks never last long and leave to bother some other group.

Sometimes I find a great answer/idea - sometimes not. Sometimes it helps to see others are having real issues, just like I do. I feel like sometimes I can offer good advice, and other times I'm sure my advice stinks.

It has taken very interesting turns over the last nearly 20 years I have been on it. Not always for the better.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My first question dates back to May 2013 so almost five years. The site has definitely helped -- it always helps to get a second opinion or a different point of view.

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