How Long for Blood Work to Show I'm Having a Baby

Updated on September 02, 2009
S.F. asks from Knoxville, TN
12 answers

Can a female have sex wit guy on Aug.9th and go to doctors on Aug.28th and get blood test that say she's having a baby?

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answers from Johnson City on

I was two weeks pregnant when a blood test confirmed it.
The EPT I took didn't show anything in the suggested time limit... but later that evening you could see line was there.

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answers from Memphis on

Ask your doctor's office how sensitive the tests are.

Here's the deal: when you have sex, the egg must be fertilized within about 24 hours of ovulation, or the egg dies. Sperm can live in your uterus up to 3-5 days (rarely even a bit longer). After fertilization, the egg takes anywhere from a few days to nearly a week to implant. After implantation, there is a rise in hCG (what pregnancy tests check for), and blood tests are more sensitive than most urine tests. I'm not sure how sensitive they are. They may be very sensitive; they may have to send it off if it's a special test. I'm not sure.

But, if you're talking about a normal pregnancy test -- if you were supposed to start prior to 8/28 and you haven't yet, and the OTC pregnancy tests are negative, then a doctor's test may be more sensitive and yield a positive. My first pregnancy, it was almost a full week after I was supposed to have started before the pregnancy test came back positive, so sometimes the hormones are either slow to rise, or perhaps my urine was always too diluted (I drink a lot of water) to have the hCG register on the test. But blood is not diluted like urine can be, so that's why the blood test is more accurate.



answers from Raleigh on

I won't give you the physical facts as everyone else has but I will advise you not to have sex "with a guy"...until you're ready to be a mommy...Sounds as if you are a bit clueless about the process. So my free tip of the day is do your on research...and be prepared...



answers from Charleston on

Yes usually a womans luteal phase is about 10-14 days (thats the time between when you ovulate and when you get your period) so if you think you ovulated around the 9th and you have not gotton your period yet then go get tested. Maybe try goign to dollar tree and picking up a $1 test they are super sensitive and very accurate. I used them the whole time I was trying to both my kids (combined total of 3 years) and the 2 times I was pregnant they were right at 11 days past ovulation.



answers from Raleigh on

The first responder preg tests at the drug store are supposed to be able to tell you even before a missed period - so the commercials say. These aren't blood tests, though - just pee pee ones.



answers from Wheeling on

Was the blood test specifically for that purpose (or are they specifically looking for that factor among other things)? A home pregnancy test is the cheapest, quickest method, and if you had blood work for other purposes and they didn't specifically order a test for pregnancy, it won't be checked for that.



answers from Chattanooga on

Well I'm hoping you know the guy you had sex with. It sounds like your kinda clueless on how getting pregnant occurs from the sounds of it. If you had sex before then that could that could be the day.



answers from Charlotte on

I found out by blood test about 2 weeks after getting pregnant, so the answer is yes.



answers from Wilmington on

It all depends on where you are in your cycle. Ovulation generally takes place 12-14 days after the first day of your period. Blood tests can show positive 10 days after ovulation.

Once ovulation takes place, the egg can be fertilized for 24 hours (keep in mind that semen can live up to 7 days inside the uterus, some studies say longer). Once the egg has been fertilized it takes anywhere from 5-10 days to implant, the average time being 7 days. Once implantation takes place, the hormone hCG is produced. This is the hormone used to test positive for pregnancy tests.

Urine pregnancy tests generally show positive about 14 days after ovulation where as blood pregnancy tests are a little more sensitive and can show positive within 10 days of ovulation.

Generally speaking, if you were in the fertility/ovulation phase of your cycle on August 9th then yes, blood tests should show positive around Aug. 28th, 21 days later.



answers from Lexington on

Yes it is possible. My husband and I waited for several years before trying to conceive. One day he came home and said he was ready to start trying - to my surprise I tested positive on a urine test two weeks later.



answers from Louisville on

they send it off so you wont find out that day but yes it should show up



answers from Johnson City on

it all depends both times mine was drawn it was back in less than 20 minutes and i was preg both times 2-4 weeks both times they did what they needed to do to read the blood test there in the office i could tell you how you could tell the way my ob/gyn said its easy for her to tell just by looking but not to sure if you wanna do stuff like that best of luck to ya

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