How Long Does Your Blow Dryer Live?

Updated on March 22, 2012
☆.A. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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Usually I get 1-2 years out of a blow dryer. That's the average.
Some last longer, some just can't cut it, I guess.
I have a Revlon 1875 right now & it's OK. (Though I miss the retractable cord n my old one.)
Is there a REALLY good blow dryer out there?
Do you have one that has REALLY lasted a long time?
Any rcommendations?

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answers from Seattle on

Mine all last through 6 or 7 drops onto the hard tile.

How often I'm dropping it varies.


Mine all last through 6 or 7 drops onto the hard tile.

How often I'm dropping it varies.

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answers from Columbia on

Make sure you clean out the back in - where the air gets sucked into.

My wife never cleans it, and her's burn out also within a year or two.

Once I started cleaning the lint out...well we're at three years currently.

Yeah - I clean the lint out of the wife's hairdryer. I'm the WAH, so I took that on as part and parcel of 'keeping the house'. Wanna make something of it?


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answers from Savannah on

I bought mine in 1995, but use it 5 times a year maybe. So it still works. :)

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answers from Washington DC on

I've had mine now for a few years and I use it daily (rarely do I skip drying) and it works great. I think it was $20 or so from Target. It's brown and pink, not sure of the brand right now.

If you want a good salon quality one, you'll need to go to a beauty supply store or a salon. Chi makes great products.

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answers from Seattle on

I am still on my first hairdryer ever.

I got it for Christmas two years ago.

Never had one before that.....It was like using something foreign I had never seen before. I had curly hair though growing up.....If I blew it dry.....It would be a big Afro........After having Zman my hair went straight, So I needed to have one.

It gets used about three times a week. I use high heat for me and then cold for when I do Gieger's dreadlocks. So it is being used to the fullest.

I am not sure how long they should last....but if they are like yours I should be do for a new here soon??

I will go back to awkward limp hair that I flat iron then.........Unless those only have a 2 year shelf life.......cause I am coming up on that one too....AHH!

LOVE YOU!!! I will go through your other recommendations to see which one to put on my Christmas list for Santa:)

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answers from Denver on

I have a Revlon and it is ancient (In dryer years)! lol. It is at least 6 plus years? My hair is down past my shoulder blades and I dry my hair every day.

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answers from Chicago on

Conair and Vidal Sassoon Dryers have given me easily 8-10 years each. I have only had 3 hair dryers in my life - My first in High School was a hand me down Conair from my sister and that lasted 4 or so w/ her and 4 w/ me. Then I bought a Vidal Sassoon that lasted 10yrs and I just recently replaced it with another Conair (retractable cord). I do not use them daily and I do not use them on the highset setting each time. I use it probably 3 or 4 times a week, keep the dust/hair cleaned out from the filter in the back and do not keep it on for too long - I give it a break.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I don't know what mine is, but I have had it about 3 or 4 years now. I use it a few times a week, maybe 5 minutes each time. The one before that I had about 6 years and used it on the same schedule. It still works, but I handed it down to my son, who went through a brief phase of wanting to blowdry his hair (it was a bit longer 2 years ago, lol) in the mornings before school. It sits in the closet in the kids' bathroom now unused, but it still works.

Most blowdryers I have had over the years have lasted for several. Usually what did in any that didn't last long was one of two things: the cord being damaged from packing it improperly too many times, or the lint thingy not getting cleaned in time to save the motor from overheating.

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answers from St. Louis on

I can't remember the first but it lasted over ten years. The second one I am not sure since my daughter stole it when she went to college. :( The one I am currently using is four years old, yes, she will graduate this year. :p Oh the third one is one of those Ion ones from Sally Beauty, has some something or other that is supposed to keep down the frizz but doesn't. :(

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answers from Lakeland on

The only time mine lasts is when I don't use them that often. When my hair is longer I let it air dry. I have thick wavy hair and if I blow it dry every day the dryer will blow up (that has happened three times to me). I am sure they make expensive brands that will last, like the ones the salons use. But I figure the cost will equal the same over time.

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answers from Dallas on

I use a Chi dryer, the same as my stylist. It has lasted years, and it has a lifetime warranty. I just mail it back if it breaks. My stylist has mailed hers back before with no problem. They just repair it or send her a new one. I have extremely thick hair that is getting pretty long, so my dryer gets quite a workout.

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answers from Lake Charles on

I have a conair... it's seriously (NO lying) like 14 years old. It's amazing. I'm going to be upset if/when i have to replace it. The only thing I've had to do is get tweezers and pull all the dust and lint from the intake screens.. I do that like once a year and she's still working. Insane.

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