How Long Does Your Amazon/Disney Order Usually Take to Ship?

Updated on October 21, 2013
V.K. asks from Chisago City, MN
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We ordered Oliver's birthday gifts last Thursday, two from Amazon and one from Disney. We had to wait until hubby's pay day to do it, otherwise we would have done it sooner. Still, it was estimated to arrive between Wednesday and Saturday of this week. Oliver's party is on Sunday and every time I order something from Amazon it always ships the next day and usually gets here a day or two before the estimated delivery date, so we weren't too worried.

However, it's now Monday and neither the Amazon order nor the Disney order has shipped yet! I went into the 'track your package' area of the websites and both orders are 'being processed for shipping'. I'm starting to worry that they might get here late :( Oliver won't know the difference and he will be excited about any gifts that he gets from other family members, but I really want our gift there for him to open at his party! I think I might be more excited about it than he will be because I know how much he is going to love it (He LOVES Toy Story and already has one of those big pull string Woody dolls so we got him the big Buzz Lightyear Action Figure as well as the movie Tarzan (He LOVES monkeys, elephants, and music so this is the perfect movie for him) and a sticker book that has re-usable/movable stickers (What 3 year old doesn't love stickers?)). Anyways, I'm really bummed that his gifts might not get here in time.

But maybe I've just been spoiled with my Amazon experiences so far and this is completely normal... How long does your Amazon or Disney order usually take to ship? Will this effect the delivery date as much as I think that it's going to?

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So What Happened?

I'm pretty sure that it shipped straight from Amazon because I got the 'free super saver shipping' because my order was over $25, and I don't think that they will do free shipping if it's from a third party.

Of course I just got an email from Amazon saying that that order shipped. The estimated delivery date is for Friday, so at least part of Oliver's present should be here before the party. Yay! Come on Disney :)

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answers from Dallas on

My amazon orders have been all over the map. If it is a third party selling through amazon, you don't get your great amazon service. Typically a tell is that they don't offer the free shipping as a Prime account holder.
Sometimes I couldn't even tell if it was a third party until I got shipping info. One shampoo I purchased took over a month - A MONTH! It was the fulfillment of that seller and not amazon *sigh*

I guess just hope and pray, but prepare for it not to be there in time:(
I don't order from Disney- so no help there.



answers from Springfield on

I don't remember Amazon ever being "late" by their estimate. If the website still says it will arrive between Wed & Sat, then I really think it will. They usually take into account the time it will take to package your order.


answers from San Diego on

I have been finding that Amazon shipping has gotten all over the map. It used to be super fast., even faster as we approached the holidays.
Now it seems like it can take forever for some things and others seem to arrive faster than we order them. It's become so totally random! There is no rhyme or reason to it.
My husband theorized that they wait until you hit the $25 mark at that particular distribution center before they send stuff out. We also both think they are trying desperately to get people to spend money on Amazon Prime to supplement the free shipping they offer.
Disney Store has been taking longer and long as well. I allow a whole lot of time if I need it for a present, a good couple weeks at least.


answers from Houston on

Amazon is a sneaky bastard. If the item 'ships' from Amazon then the 2-3 day delivery thing happens every time.
If it 'ships' from the seller or another vendor, I've had things take 2-3 weeks…or more.
Verify who it shipped from and that will answer your question.
The Amazon Prime only applies to items shipped from Amazon (just FYI) I learned this the hard way.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Amazon's super saver shipping takes longer - they say five to eight *business days.* I have found that to be an accurate estimate. If you want your purchases faster, you have to pay for the speed. I hope the presents come in time!

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