How Long Does It Take to Potty Train,

Updated on March 18, 2012
B.P. asks from Columbia Station, OH
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Well my daughter turned 3 the 13th and friday we went she picked out panties, and today is her first full day wearing panties.

She decided to wear them today and has gone all day going potty and has only had 2 accidents, (she even poopedo n the potty all on her own!!)

Any way i was wondering how long you guys think it may be before she is trained for day time.

Well i am hoping it only takes a few days to a week or so, shes been going potty at night for a while now and has been showing interest so i figured id let HER tell me when she was ready and both times the first time she was upstairs and didnt quite make it in time and the second time she was outside playing and her grandpa was filling the pond some and was spraying her with the hose and probably had the accident while he was doing that

Oh yeah i know it depends on the kid, im a FIRM beiliver that once you start you dont go bacl UNLESS the kid isnt quite ready and then you just wait, we have started a couple times then stopped and i was planning on starting this spring but if shes ready GREAT

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answers from Kansas City on

If you keep the panties on her and take her every 30 min. or so she should be trained in less than a week. The night may be easy too and just depends on if you put her in panties at nap time and she's dry when she wakes then try bedtime with them too. My kids all were dry all night except one that had more of a night time issue but not for long. Good for her for only having 2 accidents. Keep at it and don't go back to pull ups or diapers.

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answers from Las Vegas on

When a child is ready it only takes a few days.

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answers from Detroit on

with both kids.. it took 3 days.. i have a boy and a girl.

however for the first month.. or so.. YOU have to tell the kid to go potty set a timer.. for about an hour.. if trhey are consistently staying dry with potty breaks every hour.. move ti to 1.5 hours.. then 2 hours.. sooner or later they get it and they know when they have to go.. but you must take them before bed, before leaving the house, before .... or they will have to go and thpotty wont be close enough.

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answers from Muncie on

It took my daughter about two weeks. As I recall we did the every 30min to an hour visits to the potty. We used pull ups for a bit they had little hearts on then that disappeared if she was wet. She loved checking for them every time we visited the potty. I also had her visit the moment she woke up and twice at bed time. Once before getting in the tub and once just before bed. We had a few accidents, but she was 3 and I was able to talk to her and tell her the goal was to go in the potty and not in her pretty new panties just like mommy.

Good luck.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Sounds as if she is doing great, she may have it mastered within the week. My grandson (2 years, 8 months) was day and night trained in 4 days, and Mom says he's never had an accident!

Just be consistent with her wearing panties, using the potty, and understanding when she has an accident, she may even have them occasionally once she had it down. Be prepared in the event of a regression, they happen for various reasons sometimes, but at this point it sounds like she's definitely getting it! : )



answers from Detroit on

my daughter (at 27 mos. ) took 1 week. after 1-2 weeks, she was trained at night too. in the next few months, she had a few accidents, mostly next to the toilet, and a couple at night.



answers from Portland on

Here's a really useful website you might find helpful. It gives a few variations on"readiness" checklists, plus tips on various training strategies, the best ages to start them, and the advantages and disadvantages of each approach:

I waited till my daughter was asking and interested. She was trained with no accidents in a matter of a few days. Same pattern for my grandson. Daughter was just over 2.5 years, grandson a little closer to 3. But it does depend largely on the child when using this approach. Some kids just take longer to mature enough.


answers from Kansas City on

actually i feel if you try and they're not ready, you save yourself some hassle and wait until they are. honestly. we tried a few times before he "got it". i don't think it should take weeks. a few days and he had it down, when HE was ready. the other times i tried it was a losing battle. same with night "training" (we pt at 3 for real, but are just now dry at night, at 5) we tried going without pullups, bought a matress protector, and went a couple rounds before it stuck. i refuse to wash bedding every single day. so this last time we didn't even take away the pullups, we just started encouraging him for having dry nights and he basically did it on his own. two nights without pullups (dry), and about 15 nights before that dry, with pullups. i think we are finally there!



answers from Augusta on

it depends on the kid lol. it took forever with my daughter , for my son , we tried for weeks then suddenly he needed to go while we were out shopping , he went that day and never had another accident . I don't know what it was about going at the store , but that's what did it for him.


answers from San Francisco on

We did a "naked from the waist down" method, and it took us a few hours with the first child (unusual, probably), and a few days with the second child. With both of them, if we were leaving the house, I made sure to have a "just in case" change of clothes for them for a month or so, before I felt really confident (but neither one of them had an accident in public that I can recall?). Soon, you will enter the phase where your child will become curious about toilets - and will want to visit them EVERYWHERE you go (Target, the gas station, the grocery store, neighbor's houses... EVERYWHERE ;) Have fun and good luck!



answers from New York on

My son turned 4 on the 13th of March too! When you start REALLY potty training, it should only take a few days to understand and a few weeks to perfect it (no accidents). Even after it's perfected, every once in a while you might get a pee accident but there should be no poop accidents (unless there is a stomach bug). I commend you about getting serious and I am assuming that you have not been letting her wear pullups as diapers for months. That really irks me. Pullups should only be used for serious potty training and if used properly, they work great. My son was poop trained in a matter of days but it did take a couple weeks for pee to be perfected. I used gummy treats as a reward in the beginning because you are taking them to the potty very often. Then after a week or so if he went a few days with no pee accident, he would get a toy. He trained himself at night and that strangely, came first.



answers from Washington DC on

It could be very quick. It was a week or two and DD was trained enough to leave the house without a diaper cover (I used cloth when she was little). Bring extra clothes (including socks and maybe even shoes!) and large baggies to contain it if there's an accident.



answers from New York on

I kept waiting for my daughter to tell me that she was ready. A month after her third birthday, I was tired of waiting. She trained in 4 days. Clearly I waited too long! I would take her every hour and a half and not wait for her to tell you, at the beginning stages. Saying that they have to go is typically a late part of the training process. You are right to keep pushing through. Often when you wait til they're older, like you did, they catch on more quickly,.

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