How Long Does It Take to Hear Board Results After Taking RN Boards??

Updated on June 14, 2011
A.G. asks from Clinton, MA
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Hi everyone...
Question for all the nurse mommies out there... I took my RN boards today and feel like I totally bombed them, all the questions were adult psych med questions, and only 1 math question... and figures psych is the one aspect of nursing I actually don't like....then the test shut off at 90 questions... I am freaking that I failed the lovely $430 Mass RN test... does anyone know how long till I hear that i bombed (or gambling odds passed?)??? thanks :) and Just as a note the boards did not ask me anything geriatric, pediatric, maternity, med surge, lab values, or nutrition... just psych... I am really mad about that... random tests....

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So What Happened?

I PASSED!!! thanks everyone for your answers.. I was able to log onto the mass dph website and find my #... even though i have not rec'd anything in the mail yet I do have my RN # and am now getting paid more at work. thanks again!

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answers from St. Louis on

My sister took them after graduating in Dec and it was the next day. Everyone in her class who had the minimum or close to it passed except one. Good luck. Let us know how you did.

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answers from Boston on

I took my boards in Mass in 2010 and got my results about 48 hours after the exam. You can look it up online (I think it's the Mass Board of Nursing website?) and should find that there are 2 options. You can either pay a bit extra ($8, I think) to get the results after a couple of days. Or, you can wait until they come in the mail, which, I think, is up to a month after the exam. It's absurd to me that you have to pay extra to get the immediate results. But, when I took it, the extra $8 was worth it for peace of mind.

Good luck -- my experience is that most people feel like they bombed it -- it's a really difficult exam!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I took mine 8 years ago and had to wait 2-3 days. We were able to log onto a website and view the P or F when it was posted! Good luck! I was pretty much sick that whole 3 days!

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answers from Tampa on

We are able to check through the Dept of Health Website... don't know if you have something similar? There is a spot where you can put in your SSN and it will tell you.

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answers from Boston on

I found out really quickly, like maybe 12 hours? I about threw up when I came out of the test. I took them in Massachusetts for my NH license in 2006.

Good luck!

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answers from Reading on

My husband was able to log onto the PA RN license website and get his license # the day he passed the test. That's how he found out he passed. That was 7 years ago. My sister had to wait a day for her license number to post last year after she passed her test.
Good luck!

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answers from Burlington on

Sorry, I had to take them for 2 days on paper and wait 3 months for results back in 1989. I feel so old. Hold you get good results soon!!



answers from Hartford on

Most everyone I know felt like they failed the baords- they are terrible. Mass DPH website is quicker than the actual results. DPH will have it in about 3-5 days. Just type in your name on the website and if you have a license, it will be there.

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