How Long Did Your Implantation Bleeding Last???

Updated on October 16, 2010
S.P. asks from Nashville, TN
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okay so from my other questions me and my husband are ttc a second child. We had sex the whole week which i was ovulating and couple days after. My period isnt supposed to start until this Sunday oct. 17th. Starting tuesday ive had pinkish mucous looking spotting only when i wipe and it doesnt come out on my panties like a regular period would. And it only does it after i pee and i wipe it will be on the toilet paper. Today i am still having it only when i wipe and its been four days already of this spotting only when i wipe. So i dont think its an early period as it would of already got heavy and i would have to wear a pad or tampon. I dont wear a pad or tampon since its so light and only comes when i pee and wipe. Ive also had bloating that makes me look pregnant which they say if its your 2nd child you may show alot quicker than with your first since your uterus has already been stretched. But ive also had mood swings and im forgetting little stuff that i have to call my husband to make sure i know what ive done with things and im peeing alot more as well. I have taken 2 pregnancy test both negative which im not supposed to get my period yet and its probably to early. What im wondering is does this sound like implantation bleeding? also if you have had implantation bleeding did it come a week before your period is due and how long did it last? thanks:)

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So What Happened?

I dont think its a UTI being ive had one of those and know exactly how those feel and this is different. WIth my uti it started as sharp pains im my lower back by my kidneys and then the next day i had to pee frequently but it would only be a small amount and then while i was still peeing i would have that urge to keep going but couldnt. thanks but i dont believe this is a uti.

thank you to everybody.
And im not STRESS and i dont need to CHILL. IM EXCITED if im not this month then i know it might be next month since it only took 2months to concieve my daughter. We are both young and fertile im just really EXCITED and want to be pregnant!!!

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answers from Dallas on

This could have been me a few weeks ago! (except we aren't trying and don't want to be pregnant again) We had an oops moment and had sex a few times right before and while I was ovulating. What you described, is exactly what happened to me! I did not end up being pregnant. I was convinced I was, because my periods have been the exact same since I started having a period. Turns out, despite my was just a really weird period. I had the bleeding like you, for 4 days before a normal type of flow started. I even called my Dr. She said implantation bleeding, is not very common. It is usually just drops once or twice and hardly noticeable. She said, it's pretty common to get weird periods when you have frequent sex right around ovulation.

Your best bet is take a test on the 17th, first thing in the morning. Good luck!

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answers from St. Louis on

Mine came a few days before my period was technically due and it only lasted a day



answers from Lexington on

what are you in such a hurry for? If you are not pregnant this month, you may be next month. The kind of stress you are putting yourself through is not good for you (or if you are pregnant for the baby). CHILL



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I had implantation bleeding w/ my 2nd was about a week b/4 my period was due. I know b/c a few days later I took a pg test & it was negative. It wasn't positive for about a week & a half after the bleeding started (& mine was similar to yours). Sit tight & take another test closer to when your period is due.



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I don't remember when exactly it came, maybe 5-7 days before period (this "baby" is now 15.5 yo). I do remember it showing up on my underwear, and yes, seemed just like the beginning of a period (in fact I was really bummed because we were ttc and I thought we hadn't). But only lasted two days or so.

What it sounds like you have is a UTI, since you are only seeing the blood when you pee and wipe. Also you said you are peeing a lot.

Sorry if that wasn't what you wanted to hear. I would talk to your doc about it.

Best of luck with the ttc!

K. Z.



answers from Lexington on

Mine was sort of like what you are talking about. I just kept thinking I was getting my period and it just never started even though the tests were negative. Finally a week later I took another test and it was positive. :) I hope that you are pregnant.

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