How Long Did It Take You to Show with Each Pregnancy

Updated on May 23, 2010
L.H. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Hi Mamas!

My husband and I are TTC our 3rd baby. With our girls I got pregnant the first month trying. I showed at 9 weeks with baby #1 and 6 weeks with baby #2. This is our first month of trying and I swear that I'm pregnant! I feel pregnant and think I'm showing already. Hubby thinks it's just my body getting used to not being on the pill. My period isn't due until June 4th so it's too early for a PT. This could just be in my head but I just don't know!

What were your experiences with feeling pregnant and showing with pregnancy #2, 3...



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So What Happened?

Thank you for all of your replies!! Well...I have to give last month to hubby. My body must have been adjusting to being off the pill and ovulating for the first time in 4 years! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this month. :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

1st pregnancy took about 20 weeks. Second took about 5 minutes after conception to start showing. Gah!

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answers from Phoenix on

I have the benefit of knowing exactly when I got pregnant due to IUI. With my first I was already getting bigger breasts and extrememly sensitive smell a week before I was supposed to take a pregnancy test. With my second, I had sever nausea the week after the IUI and I put on 15 lbs within 3 weeks. This brought me back up to the weight of my prepregnancy self with my first son. If I hadn't been pregnant either time I would have been shocked because my bady immediately changed. All the best, I hope congrats are in order.

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answers from Casper on

I have had 6 children and am currently pregnant with #7 and with each one it was different. The first I didn't show for quite sometime, but then with #2 is was more like 16 wks but each time it has come earlier. I think with this last one I was completely into my maternity clothing by 12 weeks. Each one has been different.



answers from Fort Wayne on

i did not show until my 6th month she was breach pretty much standing up so she really did not want anyone to know. lol when i finally started to really show she decided to make an early enterance. if you think you might be pregers take the test you never know.



answers from Chicago on

More like around the 15 week for number 2 and 3 and I think 1. Anyways, had a friend who went off the pill thinking it would take a little while to get pregnant. She never got her period after going off because she was pregnant. So the second time she went off the pill she waited for her period...pregnant that month.


answers from Los Angeles on

with my first I didn't show until I was about 15-20 weeks. With my 2nd I didn't show until around 20 weeks also. I have little babies though. They were both 6 pounds, and I only gained about 25 pounds each.



answers from Detroit on

I was pregnant with twins, and I didn't show for 4 months. I am only 5'4 and weighed 118 lbs before the babies. I wanted to show soooo bad as it took 7 years for us to finally get preggers! I only gained 28 lbs with the boys, but they came at 30 weeks. I didn't think I was prego, just having bad boobs...oh, ouch!!! But never having a "live" pregnancy (3 misscarriages previously) was I was not sure what to expect.

Bottem line, only time will tell...and that is the worst part, waiting!
Much love to you all!


answers from Rochester on

I was in maternity pants by 10/11 weeks with #2, my body already knowing what it needed to be doing. We are also trying for #3 and I won't know until the first week in June, but if we are expecting, the little guy is only a day to a week old. I have been occassionally feeling a lot of abdominal pressure, similar to what I would feel in early pregnancy, but I think it is mostly bloating (sorry to be gross). I also have had a more tender chest in the last couple of days, but again am afraid it might be anticipation more than a symptom. It probably is just you feeling excited, but hopefully you are also expecting! :)



answers from Phoenix on

They say you're supposed to show earlier with your 2nd. Not me.
My first I started seeing a larger belly at 6 weeks. My first was a preemie at 33 weeks 4lbs 9oz. My second, I really even start to show until week 15 and didn't put on a pound until week 22. My second was 2 weeks late and 8lbs 3 oz.

I'm convinced every pregnancy is unique - and in my case completely opposite!



answers from Las Vegas on

My first pregnancy I didn't start showing until about 3/4 months but with my second I started showing right away! Like right away!



answers from Dallas on

I started showing around 16 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy, and then by 24 weeks I looked like I was 8 months!!!



answers from Grand Rapids on

I started showing at 3 months with my daughter (that's how I knew I was pregnant! Lol!). With my son I started getting a bump at only four weeks!!! I had to have an ultrasound to make sure I wasn't farther along or that it was twins. It wasn't either of those. I think it just because I'm so short. ;)


answers from Pocatello on

Well when I actually felt pregnant is way different from when I started looking pregnant. With my first I really didn't start feeling pregnant until I started getting sick around 10 weeks. And I really didn't start to show, like nice round tummy and in maternity clothes until 6 months. With my second I did get a few days of sickness really early (like week 3 of pregnancy) but then it went away until about 8 weeks along. And again with that pregnancy I wasn't really showing until about 6 months along. But all women are different. And even though I didn't feel or look pregnant as early as you I new both times for sure that I was before taking a test.



answers from Dallas on

With my first, I didn't know I was pregnant until I was about a month and a half along (she was a surprise!). And I didn't start showing at all until after 3 months. I am 7 weeks pregnant now (this one was planned) and I knew right away that I was pregnant. It was just a really strong feeling that I had and I just knew it. And I am already starting to show a little bit. So every pregnancy is different. But I would say to be careful with your feelings. Don't get too excited until it is time to take the test because even though we should trust our instincts, they are not always right. Good luck. :)


answers from Gainesville on

I am 14 weeks preg now with my 3rd and think I look about 6 months preg! I told people right away this time....before they started asking about me my weight gaining! I hid myself so well with baby 1 and 2, and to tell you the truth I was skinnier before this baby than any of the other 2....I don't know why this one is different, and I am sure it is not twins!



answers from Chicago on

When I had my third child I started to show at 8 weeks!! It was really difficult, since we were no were ready to start telling people. Both myself and my husband prefer to wait until we get through the first trimester. With #3 we had no choice. By nine, definitely 10 weeks, it was impossible to hide!!



answers from Washington DC on

My first pregnancy I didn't show until 20 weeks , second it was 15 wks and 3rd it was 10 wks.

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