How Good Are You at Keeping up with YOUR Doctor's Appointments?

Updated on May 18, 2011
E.P. asks from Mount Joy, PA
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Just curious - how many Mommas out there are good about keeping up with their own doctor's appointments? I make sure my daughter sees her Pediatrician (for check-ups and for yearly physical), eye specialist 2X per year, orthopedic doctor 2X per year, dentist and allergist regularly. There's no such thing as me skipping an appointment for her. I'm not as good at taking care of myself. Tomorrow I plan to sit down and schedule appointments with my gyno, mammogram, endocronologist, dentist and dermatologist. I'm WAY overdue for ALL of them. I was supposed to see my endocronologist in August or September of last year but my FIL was dying so I never got to it. I just never seem to take the time to look after my own health which is a bad mistake. We have insurance and there's no reason I can't go to a doctor when I need to I just always seem to be doing something for someone else. How good are you at making yourself a priority?

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answers from Chicago on

I have ALWAYS been BAD about going to the doctor. But, once an appointment is scheduled I do not cancel.

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answers from Honolulu on

Well once you have kids, the "Mommy" is often last on the totem pole for appointments.
When oh when, do I even get to cut my hair, for example????
This is a malady, of my friends too, who all have kids.

But yes, my kids, ALWAYS have their appointments, spot-on. Like clock-work.

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answers from Las Vegas on

What are doctors? lmao, I never go to doctors or dentists. I always make sure my lil monkey gets to her appointments, but I never go. I don't have insurance, but there is a free medical clinic who thrives off donations so I could still do all my annual appointments, I just don't. I've never liked going there, I'm like a guy that way haha. I think in the last 3 years I have been to the doctor for me once to try and resolve my migraines, but the med had bad side effects for me so didn't help anyways.

I agree with S H. in that everything is my lil monkey first... she gets clothes, shoes, everything first before me. I don't remember the last time I got my hair cut lol.

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answers from New York on

I am up to date with all remember if your sick your no good to everyone else who will take care of them just make appt and stick to it

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answers from Minneapolis on

I used to be bad about the Ob/Gyn check ups. Saw my Dr at my 6 weeks post partum..then didn't have another pap or any of that for like 12 years! Part of it was scheduling. I started home childcare when my daughter was 3 and this Dr office had only regular hours. Plus after 4 solid years of alot of appointments and that whole "scoot down to the edge of the table" thing (you all know what I mean!!) I just sort of blocked out that Dr! I had 3 miscarriages, surgery, loads of tests, then my problematic pregnancy with DD in that 4 years. I was there at least once a month for 4 solid years.

But now I get a yearly physical, including the "lady Dr" stuff at my regular Dr. Easier to schedule and I HAVE to see her once a year for some blood tests and such due to meds she prescribes for my Migraine Cocktail. I also see my Neurologist 1-2 X a year for the same reason..blood work and a quick chat and meds called in/adjusted if needed for the Migraine Cocktail, but mostly I am in a great maintenance place with the meds so the appt is very quick.

Dental and eye Dr I go when my teen daughter does, and this month seemed to be the winner month somehow! Had a dental check up, then my yearly physical and last night the eye Dr (all 3 Tuesday evenings in a row!). Makes it easier to remember I guess when I did them!

Just do it!



answers from Chicago on

Maybe it would be easiest for you to try to schedule "a day" of getting some of these appts done. Maybe your DH can be home with your daughter so you can take care of yourself. Understandably you can only get 2-3 done per day, but do the most important ones the dentist and OB/GYN. Your OB should be able to give you a "physical" and do blood draws that can be sent to your Endo. They also can write scripts to renew most of your meds. (My Endo will make "recommendations" on any meds changes to my OB - esp when I was pregnant - without having to see me.)

The mammo takes longer. But maybe you can make an appt with a friend and go together so you can "visit" while you wait? I've thought this was a great idea - go get lunch and then go to the office together.

If you still need to see your Endo and Dermo, perhaps you can bring your daughter with you or do it while she's at school?



answers from Washington DC on

Oh i am good. I keep upto date with it all.



answers from New York on

I go to the dentist 2x/year. GYN, MD, cardiologist, dermatologist and eye dr 1x/year. I must do everything in my power to be proactive about my health and well being. Now that the grays need professional coverage, I get my hair done every 2-3 months. Since I still have a little one at home more that in school, I have a babysitter for a couple of hours 1 day a week and schedule all the "me" stuff into that day. If mom is sick and broken the whole ship goes down and if momma aint happy, aint nobody happy!


answers from Orlando on

Sadly, I am much like you....I haven't been to the obgyn since my five week postpartum checkup which will be six years this June...I too have insurance so no reason I shouldn't have gone other than the idea of carrying toddler twin boys with me was never exciting. they start kinder this August though so I think it will be much easier for me to go get a long overdue checkup :-)


answers from New York on

I am good at it. I have thyroid disease and need to see the dr every 6 months to get my meds, I have my teeth cleaned twice a year, and I get my yearly OB physical. Right now I am 19 weeks pregnant so I def keep up with those. While you are making your daughters appointments get on the phone and make yours so that they are close together and you won't miss your important visits. If you go to the same dentist make yours the same day as hers so that you don't have to keep going back. Good Luck!


answers from Houston on

i dont see the gyno unless im pregnant!, im terrible at it. I dont even have a regular practitioner. I go on a case by case basis. I guess thats typical for someone who has never had insurance.

I always say that my Health plan is that i "plan to stay healthy"



answers from Chicago on

I consider my doctor to be my guardian of my health, so I am always on top of appointments and well-exams. In doing so, I continue a positive relationship with the practitioner so that in the event of an emergency he knows who I am and can fit me in if needed.

My husband is the opposite. He never wants to go but when he gets sick or has an issue he just expects that he'll be seen immediately. I try to tell him that if he hasn't even met his primary care physician, then they're not going to bend over backwards to try to fit you in, simply because they know nothing about you!

I owe it to myself and my children to keep abreast of my health and do whatever I can to keep myself as healthy as possible.

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