How Far Along Should You Be to Have a Baby Shower?

Updated on February 07, 2008
K.S. asks from Sandy, UT
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When is it an appropriate to have a baby shower? I am pregnant with my second, but i never got to have a shower or any kind of party with my first. She was concived out of wedlock so my family didnt allow me to celebrate the pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, they love and support her 100%, it was just to set an example for my siblings. I have now met and married a WONDERFUL man and we are expecting! This time I really want to have the party and celebrate our blessing! Its not for the gifts that i want this i just want to party to celebrate with family and friends! How far along in the pregnancy does this usually happen?

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answers from Duluth on

K. don't feel so bad I dident have a Baby shower either, for any of my 2 kids, I have 2 Girls age 17,10 now , I got married at age 18 , I had my first baby at age 19 and my parents and my husbands mother or friends never gave me a baby shower at all just gave me gifts , and I wanted to get together with my family to celebrate but they were always to busy. now I an 36 yrs old and regret not being able to have that time with my family .so I love to put on baby showers for other mothers .
anyways I think that you could have it anytime after the 6th month .I hope yu have fun when ever you decide to have the shower .
C. N

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Even though you can really have it any time you want, I'd take caution having one to early, sometimes things dont go as planned, (I know from experiance, I lost 2 babies) or you might have twins (which you would probably know by now if you've had an ultrasound).

I liked the idea one mom had of a "Were expecting" party, also if you want to know the gender before its born, it might be funner to wait so that everyone can buy things for either a boy or a girl.
You can Even wait until after the baby is born. Its your party, you do whatever you want, you deserve it. We all deserve at least one celebration party.

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answers from Lansing on

i think it about 8 mo along but you could do it when ever congrats on the new one



answers from Boise on

The baby shower should be towards the end of the pregnancy, but since you are so excited know why not have a " We're Expecting" party. Instead of presents for the baby, get a book of some sorts and have people write in it "The best advice they ever got....." and have them bring 2 childrens books, one for your daughter about becoming a big sister, and one for the new baby and you and DD could "try" the books out togather, Keep oldest baby involved and make the party a little about her too...just a thought!



answers from Benton Harbor on

You can have it anytime...but remember that if it's too early, the cute stuff you picked out will be replaced by cuter, newer designs right before your baby is born! Voice of experience, here!




answers from Salt Lake City on

I had my baby shower late in my 7th month. Hopefully someone will step up and offer to throw you a shower. But if not and you want a throw a party simply to celebrate you might want to put on the invitation "No gifts please" or "Gifts not expected." I would think if you throw yourself a "shower" that could come across as "asking" for gifts and since you have a two-year old you probably have a lot of baby things anyway. Better yet, have your HUSBAND throw you the shower!

I think a better idea if no one offers to throw you a shower is to have a party after the baby is born. Then lot of people will bring the baby gifts and everyone gets to see the baby, too. And if you have a boy, you're sure to get lots of "boy" things.

I really hope someone offers to throw a shower for you, because it is something every mom should experience. Congrats on the pregnancy!



answers from Casper on

My friend who threw me my shower asked when I wanted it. Since I had miscarried 4 times prior, I chose to wait until after the baby was born. Good thing too...I ended up spending my last 2 1/2 months lying on my left side. My son was born perfect and healthy, and I thank god each day for that. There really isn't any set time, the person giving the shower and the Mom-to-be should decide.

The only thing I would worry about...if something goes wrong. I can't begin to tell you how horrible experiencing a miscarriage is, and after 4 I was happy that I didn't have to go home from the hospital and stare at a bunch of gifts intended for that baby. Miscarriages can and do happen throughout a pregnancy. The longer you wait the better chance you have, but there is no guarantee.



answers from Des Moines on

I don't think there is any set time to do it. I ended up having 2 showers (one given by my side the other by his- our families live too far apart to have 1 all together). One we had before the baby was born and I was 8 months along. The other we had when the baby was 5 weeks old. I liked both, they each had their advantages. The most obvious difference was the first one seemed more focused on me and the 2nd one was more about the baby and everyone got to meet the baby. When we have baby showers for people at work, we usually let them pick when to have it- we have yet to have someone pick before the baby comes, we usually have it after the baby is born and then at the shower we all get to hold and meet the baby. So really, whatever works for you!



answers from Grand Rapids on

I don't think there should be any set rule of when to have a shower. Once you start showing that seems good enough. It would seem strange to go to a baby shower & not be able to tell the mom was pregnant. I had two & was about 7 1/2 months for one & 8 months for the other. Congrats & Have fun!



answers from Saginaw on

Hi my baby shower was in my 8th month. But they usually say anytime from your 6th month on. Some even wait until the baby is born. Since most people don't know what they are having and want to get gifts more suited to a girl or boy. Good Luck and Congrats on your new arrival.



answers from Des Moines on

I had a few baby showers, but the ones I enjoyed the most were after my son was born. I had 2 after he was born, my mother in law had a shower for her friends/extended family, and my aunt had one for our extended family. It was nice because they were all people I don't see very often & they enjoyed being able to see my son when he was still a baby. I tended to feel awkward being the center of attention at my other showers, but my son took center stage at these 2 :) Especially since you don't need any gifts, I usually recommend showers before the baby is born if you need things for the baby, but why not let people celebrate with the baby if you don't need things.



answers from Omaha on

I'd say that whoever is hosting it for you should do it BEFORE you are 34 weeks case you're early. BUT don't do it too early either...just in case. I'd stick with 7.5 months'll know the sex (if you're finding out) and you're not too close to your due date.