How Early Did You Feel Your Baby Move?

Updated on March 26, 2010
T.B. asks from Westchester, IL
8 answers

Hi there everyone,
I'm just wondering how early you felt your baby move, particularly the 2nd or 3rd, when you knew what it really felt like? I'm only 13 weeks along, but I swear I am feeling movement. Not strong kicks, but definitely sensations. I didn't feel my first son until I was 17 weeks pregnant.


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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! You have confirmed that I am not crazy. ;)

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answers from Chicago on

My first was at 17 weeks and my second i felt at 13 weeks.


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answers from Chicago on

Everyone said I was crazy but with my second I was 14 weeks and my third I felt the sensations at around 12.5 weeks. Everyone told me it was impossible. With my first I didn't feel the sensation until I was almost 19 weeks.



answers from Chicago on

For my first baby, I didn't feel her until the 20th week. For my second pregnancy, I started feeling the sensations you're describing at around week 15!



answers from Chicago on

First baby 20 weeks, second baby, 14.5.



answers from Chicago on

Hi T.~
I am currently 13 weeks along with my 3rd baby, also due in May!! I've been feeling the little "flutters" now since about 10 weeks. My friend thought I was crazy, but when I was at the doctor listening to the heart at 10 weeks, I made a comment that I felt a little sensation, and sure enough at that exact moment we lost the sound of the heart & had to move the doppler to find it again! I was reading that with each subsequent pregnancy you feel it sooner because you now know what to expect.
Congrats with baby #2!



answers from Bloomington on

Hi T.!! My first at 24 weeks my second at 16 weeks!!



answers from Chicago on

yes with the 2nd and 3rd you feel sooner because all those muscles are stretched out

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