How Do You Throw a Lingerie Shower? Help!

Updated on February 20, 2008
M.R. asks from Fort Worth, TX
4 answers

Hi mammas :)

I need to know how you throw a lingerie party & if your the one who sells lingerie, what are you supposed to do for the party?


PS - sorry ladies I guess I wasn't clear - I sell lingerie & am opening up a retail location soon.. I have gotten a request to throw a lingerie party for a new bride & I don't know what to do.. I am not part of a home party system, just my own business.. and so as the person who sells lingerie I am a loss of what to do :)


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answers from Dallas on

A great party starts with a cute invitation to set the mood. Check out Paper Capers in Lincoln Square for some cute invitations you can print.
Lots of people do a combo lingerie party/ girls night out or bachelorette party. Some do a PJ overnight party. The older crowd calls it a personal shower and is a little more conservative about it all.
You can have cocktails and hors 'd oeuvres or the traditional shower food: cake & punch.
Some people do a few little games but some find it corny - depends on your crowd. The fun is usually when somebody buys a very conservative bride racy undies or embarrasing items!



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My name is M. with Pure Romance. I understand you are trying to host a lingerie party. Please visit my website at to see why we are the #1 Girls Night party plan in the nation!

There is NO FEE to host a party! It's Free! Ans you get your products the night of your party!

M. ###-###-####



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have you thought about a pure romance should contact michelle at ###-###-####...she does adult parties for women and they do lingerie is a blast and she does them in a very tasteful, classy manner..she handled my daughter's bachorlette party last year...



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they do lingerie and adult novlty toys. very professional and FUN, FUN!!

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