How Do You "Plug" into Savannah- Where Are All the Moms???

Updated on May 29, 2007
M.B. asks from Savannah, GA
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My family and I moved here in the middle of this past September. We have four kiddos- and one one the way! Comming from Chattanooga TN has been a hard change as there appears to be no where to go with the kids. (Chatt was very family oriented) Where do moms go to meet and let their kids play here in Savannah- are there better parks than Forsyth? Normally we when we moved in th past we met people through church but we home church now and since we have not found an already established homechurch we are just felloshipiing within our family unit.
We are a very active family and the kids and I especially love getting out and about-
Because we also are a homeschooling family things like the soft play at the Oglethorpe Mall are not real options for us as our 7 yearold is too tall to be allowed to play. However going to things like skating or bowling is tough to do when you have inbetween kids that still need you to help them do those things and babies that you need to also attend to. Besides I personally like the things that are free vs costing me something. I would love easy places to go to! Oh if it helps we live in the Berwick plantaion off hwy 17 so we are kind of in inbetween land- not Savannah, not Richmond hill, not pooler and not garder city just... here- lol...Please share your info with me about this town. Thanks!

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I'm a relative newcomer to Savannah myself. We've been here about a year and a half. We make it a point to go to most of the First Saturday events on River Street, as they usually have a kids' area with rides, games, and such, especially around holidays. I try to check out local webpages when we're looking for something to do. Try and Also, March is the absolute best month with all of the St. Patrick's activities downtown.

Some other neat places of interest we've found- Lake Mayer has ducks to feed, park and track; Flying Frogs to just go let loose, and the Aquarium out on Skidaway is tiny but interesting enough for my four-year-old daughter! I also want to visit the new Children's wing at Telfair, but just haven't made time for that one yet. Another good one for an easy moms' meet up is the kids play area at the Oglethorpe Mall. It's nice when you have other moms to go and you can just sit around and talk while the kids exert all their energy!

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Hi there I am in Savannah but I fall into the same problem I lived here along time ago about 11 yrs ago and when I moved from here to go into the army there was plenty to do with the family and socially but now there is really nothing that I am aware of.I have 4 boys the oldest is about to turn 18 and the others fall into the 4- 9-11 range. I will keep my eyes and ears open for you.



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Hi M.,
You are right, there is a dreadful lack of 'stuff' for kids in the Savannah area. I have been trying to find places or activities for my 2 girls since we moved here 6 months ago. I did find an online moms group that meets weekly, but most of the other kids are still in the baby range, so I am still always looking for something for my 3 year old. I know there is an issue of cost, but the YMCA in Pooler does have a very nice pool with a kiddie splash pad. You can pay to get in for the the day, but if you are a member its free.

By the way - to answer your question: This is where I think all the moms are (IMHO).... Since enclosed communities with amenities centers are so prevalent here, I think all the moms just stay in their own communities, go to their own pools, and play at their own playgrounds. It kind of stinks for the rest of us!



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Gosh I know how you feel ,wasn't it easy if the kids were bored to take them down to coolidge park to ride the carosuel or go to the kids discovery museum , I haven't been able to find a lot to of things here.I do kinda miss Chattanooga too. We have been here two years now .I would love some ideas too it just seems like things were closer and easier to get to in Chattanooga!

36 yr old Mom to An 11 yr old boy,SAHM been married for 12 years



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Hi M.,
There is a MOMS Club of Savannah, although I haven't found them to be very friendly to newcomers. You might want to try them - you might have a totally different experience than I had.
Are you a Christian? If so, there are several great MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) groups at various churches. I can get you more info if you are interested.
You said you homechurch. If you are Christian, I encourage you to try Savannah Christian Church. They have an amazing children's program, the sermons are right on, and there are small groups & classes & all kinds of fellowship. I was bored when I first moved here too, but since we hooked up with this incredible church, I am making good friends (the kind that will actually be there for you when you have a problem) & my family is getting the spiritual food we need. My kids love it there! They also have a homeschool support group. Again, I can send you more info if you are interested.
It's awful to be bored & feel like you're alone. I hope that you & your family will start enjoying it more here. There are things to do & lots of nice people. You just have to find them. Good luck!

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