How Do You Organize Your Coupons

Updated on March 28, 2011
E.Z. asks from Albertville, MN
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Hi Ladies - I have a question, I am a coupon freak mom and I feel really disorganized when it comes to my coupons. I am wondering what you use/how you organize your coupons. The pro/cons etc.


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answers from Allentown on

It depends on the mood I'm in. :-)

Normally, I use a binder with photo sheets (as opposed to the popular baseball card holders), and insert them in a loose sort of ABC order. When I'm feeling lazy or overwhelmed with a large stack (my fil sends them in bulk), I just leave the inserts in date order. Since Couponmom and The Grocery Game both list the insert and date on each item, it isn't too difficult to cut as-needed.

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answers from Boston on

I do what Laurie does. Then I pull the ones I'm likely to use on my next trip (either based on my grocery list, an upcoming expiration date, or a sale), and I put them either in the front section of the file or stuck in a large paper clip on the front outside of the coupon file. I put them in "aisle order". When I get to the first aisle, I look for what matches up. If the price is right and I'm going to use my coupon (vs. sometimes using the store brand because it's still cheaper than a doubled coupon), I pick up the item and move that coupon to a 2nd paper clip. If the coupon is about to expire but I've decided not to use it, I leave it on the shelf for another shopper's convenience. Repeat. When I get to the check-out, I take all the coupons I'm going to redeem from under the 2nd paper clip, and it's easy to scan them. Any coupon I didn't use but which still has some time before expiration is still under the first paper clip, and I re-file it when I get home or while I'm waiting for the cashier to ring up my purchases.

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answers from Austin on

Diane, thank you for reminding me about leaving almost expired coupons.. When daughter would find some almost expired and we were not using them, she would help find the product and leave the coupon.. Like a "Search and find game"..

I have a small file I carry in my purse. I ONLY clip coupons for products I actually use.

When I place them in the file, the tabs are my own tabs, Meat, veggies, cat food, dairy, cereal aisle, bread aisle, chip aisle, Freezer aisle veggies, freezer aisle entrees, freezer aisle juice, etc...

I also place them so that the expiration dates are in order.. The longest are in the back of the section, the ones about to expire towards the front.

If I know for sure I am going to use one, I have the front of this file pocket for collecting them. If I come across expired coupons, I throw them away at the check out.

I used to have our daughter go through there sometimes and be my "big helper" by cleaning out the expired coupons. She learned a lot about saving money.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have tried a few different systems, including an envelope for each different category (Frozen foods/Dairy/Baking Goods/Canned Foods/Personal Producst/Cleaning Products). I am now using a plastic accordion file - full size so the newspaper inserts fit into it. The appropriate coupons go under the tabbed category. There are even a few tabs for the specific store coupons. I organized the tabs in the same order as the aisles at our favorite grocery store. This seems to save time (that is if the kids aren't totally distracting me!). I also have the store's current flyer in the file so I don't forget the current deals the store is running. The last thing I use is a paper envelope. As I go through the store and find the coupon items I am looking for, I put the coupon in the paper envelope. Experience has taught me that by the time I get to the checkout lane I am either so frazzled or distracted by the kids that I don't always remember all the coupons (or have dropped some along the way). This keeps them all in one place and helps me remember. = ) Good luck to you!

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answers from Milwaukee on

Hi E., There are alot of great ways to organize your coupons! The 2 most popular ways would be to use a binder or file your inserts...heres a link to a great blog dedicated to finding hot deals and couponing, they also have a great post about different ways to organize your coupons! heres the link:



answers from Minneapolis on

Check out

Coupon organization has been written about several times there and you can search that website for ideas.



answers from Erie on

I think i just spend my WHOLE day doing this. ugg usually it isn't so bad but i had let it slide plus it's the end of the month and there also seem to be a TON of good deals this week.

I follow a couponing blog, As i get an insert from the newspaper, i usually go through it right way, clip the stuff i know we will use ( peter pan butter is the only kind the kids will eat), then save the insert because alot of times there are really good dealson things i might not normally buy ( and they have to be free for me to bother trying them) or things i know i wouldn't really need this month but again if it's free or close to free then it's worth it for me to go back to the insert and clip the coupon. ( colgate toothbrushes, mandmeaster candy)
So after i get my normal Q (coupons) out then i write the date on the front, staple the insert so the pages don't fall out and file it.
my normal q's i keep in envelops with headings that make sense to me, Dental for all the toothpaste, mouth wash etc, cereal, Snacks like chexmix or ritz crackers etc. I like the looks of the coupon organizer there was a link to but i don't feel like it's fluid enough for me. I like to make my own catagories and it would bug the heck out of me if there were 10 catagoris and i only needed 8 or if there were 10 and i needed 12. OCD i dunno.

Each sunday i go to the blog and see what things are worth stopping at rite aid, walgreens, and cvs on my way home from work on monday. Then i look through my envelops, what i don't have there, The lady that does the blog lists the inserts and the date they came out so i pull that insert and find the Q and clip it out. Then i put each Q with a list for each store and hope and pray they have everything i'm trying to get an no one is mean.

Hubby likes to do the regular grocery shop at Super Walmart once a month, so I try to pin him down and give him the regular coupons. Sometimes we shop together but then i'm usually sorry because he can zip in and out and i like to take my time, which is impossible to do when you are shopping for a whole month.

As for expired ones, i try to go through all the envelopes near the end of the month and think if i'll use them or not. otherwise I just toss it if i run across it.

oh and i've seen the baseball inserts but looks crazy hard for me, I don't have the most nimble fingers, the envelopes are faster for me to flip through.

HTH I think probably the key is just keeping on top of it, I learned lesson that today.
Happy couponing.


answers from San Antonio on

I use this coupon binder called "The Couponizer". It has pockets w/ categories for all the coupons. I think it was $19 to purchase it. I love it and it keeps me organized. I've had a lot of people ask me where I got it when I use it at the grocery store. Here's a link if you're interested:

Every Sunday clip your coupons, put it in the organizer and take the expired ones out. Keep the organizer either in your purse or in your car. That way you'll ALWAYS have it ready when you need it.

Pros: Works well, easy to organize coupons with the categories already done for you.
Cons: It's about $20 to purchase

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