How Do You Make Money off Your Kids Old Clothes? Other than Thread-up...

Updated on April 14, 2011
J.A. asks from Schenectady, NY
16 answers

What else have your tried? Is craigslist the way to go? A resale shop like Once Upon a Child or something?

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answers from Dallas on

We donate to the women's shelter and places like that where the children appreciate the Abercrombie and "in" clothes.

We feel good about donating to someone who appreciates it and we get a tax deduction!

Keep in mind... Time = $$

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answers from Miami on

I consign everything from childrens clothing to my clothing, to houseware items. I've made a lot of money from consignment shops and believe me, when you save it and add it up at the end of the year, it's a lot. I'm a full time SAHM with 3 children and another due in two weeks. I miss my financial independence and in todays economy, especially on one income, I put all my priorities to the test: NEEDS vs. WANTS. My "wants" list seems to get longer every year so when I consign things, I save that money and use it when I have enough saved to buy what I want because I know that we would not be able to buy it out right.

I have also sold many things, including childrens clothes on Ebay. I've never tried Craigslist as I am a bit apprehensive about meeting with people I don't know and I personally believe Ebay is a safer alternative.

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answers from Anchorage on

I don't, I donate all of ours to the woman and families homeless shelter and the local domestic violence safe house so I know they are going to children who really need and appreciate them.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have found that eBay is better than craigslist for higher end stuff that I've sold.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I do a garage sale, after that I bundle them up and do as a LOT on craigslist...the lots will be "5 carters pjs size 2T" or "4 shorts and 4 shirts"

Usually on my CL post I will say at the end "check out my other lists by typing in the search word ILLUSHPA" or something different...chances are if someone is going to buy your clothes listed, they are looking for more than just the jammies and may want to make a deal on all of it.
Takes time but so does the resales shops..Once upon a child is a rip off in my opinion. they give you like .5 cents for a onsie.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Established consignment SALES that pop up once or twice a year. You get to set your own prices and typically keep 70% of your sales.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Check the site
YOu can see sales in your area and look to register as consigner. There are often wait lists, so look now for fall sales, most of the spring ones are over or will be in next few weeks.
YOu will take home 60-70% of your sales depending on the sale and if you volunteer.
anything that is not sold you have option in most sales of having them donate the items for you , so best of both worlds



answers from St. Louis on

I tend to just hand them down to friends because thats what was done for me. But I will suggest not taking them to Once Upon A Child. If they are not within 2 years or something like that, they wont buy anything. And if they do, it is not much money at all. I had taken several things and they "bought" half the stuff back and only offered me $11. I said no thank you, I would rather donate the stuff for that price. I know a lot of people sell the clothes on Craigslist and it is normally decent prices, so I would try that. You could also look into a church consignment sale or something maybe. Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

Are there mom2mom sales in your area? You can pay to rent a table and sell any of your kids' items (clothes, toys, etc.).



answers from San Francisco on

craigslist, ebay, consignment stores and garage sales



answers from Kansas City on

I would avoid Once Upon a Child. They don't give you a fair price for your clothing. Best bet would be to consign your clothes at one of the many sales. In KC, there's Here We Grow Again, Just Between Friends, Kids' Closet (or Connection... i don't remember), just to name a few.

good luck! :)


answers from Los Angeles on

I only sell big items on Craigslist. I don't have time for the little stuff and all the flakes -- plus, I don't like people coming to my house. If the clothing is a sought-after name brand, I might sell it on Ebay. But generally, I sell the stuff in excellent condition to our local chain of kids resale, where they give you 50% more if you choose store credit, which I generally do because you get more for your money. If the clothing isn't in excellent shape, we donate it to charity.



answers from San Antonio on

Craigslist has worked for us. I will sell items as a full lot with like items. Did much better than re-sale shops or garage sales.



answers from Kansas City on

i sell my daughters clothes at a consignment sale called kids closet. you get to do your own pricing and you make 70% off what you sell. it takes some work but worth the effort. i have made some good $$ off of it and if you dont want the leftover clothes that you dont sell they take them to goodwill. they usually have 3 sales in the spring and 3 in the fall - whatever you dont sell in the first sale you can put it in the next one. you can check them out at - good luck



answers from Joplin on

Because my daughter has two grandmothers that buy her a ton of clothes I have been able to sell her clothes in "lots" on Craigslist and made some money, not a lot...but something more than I would have if I had just tossed them in a garage sale. I have always only sold stuff that was in nice condition and it has not hurt that a lot of it was like several pieces of Gymboree's line or other name brands. I have had some luck in re-selling specialty dresses on craigslist as well. You can look into other online venues, I belong to notquitefree ( I think maybe it is a yahoo group? ) I gave up using Once Upon A Child when my youngest was little because I got so little from it, but we don't even have one locally now.



answers from San Antonio on

I have sold clothing through Munchkin Mart. They do a big consignment sale 2 or 3 times a year. I made some money back. All the clothes must be on hangers and have to be tagged with their tags a specific way. It was time consuming getting everything ready. They also went through the clothes when I dropped off and wouldn't take some of it even after I had it tagged and ready. If you have the time for it and your used clothes, shoes, and toys are near perfect then this is a good option.

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