How Do You Make a Bed with a Footboard?

Updated on January 08, 2012
P.M. asks from Arvada, CO
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Hi moms. We just got all new bedroom furniture from IKEA. Love it, but our bed has a footboard (which I've never had) How to you make the bed with this? I just tucked the end, but then it looks bad because the side looks half tucked. Ugh. Do you tuck the whole thing or what??? We just have a quilt and a blanket on top, no comforter.

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answers from Portland on

There is a space between the foot board and the mattress. I tuck in the sheets and blankets. Then I push the quilt/spread so that it hangs down into the space. I tuck the edges on the sides at the foot under themselves vertically and not under the mattress.

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answers from Medford on

Sometimes you need to make a slit in the corner of the bedspred or quilt so it can go over the side rail and still hang right. I got so tired of the trouble making the bed when our new mattress was so thick, we took the footboard off and put it under the bed instead. Much easier to make now, but what a waste to have a beautiful bed frame and only use half of it.

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answers from Topeka on

We had a bed with a footboard for years...and I just tuck the bottom of the sheets, blanket and spread in on the bottom...and let the sides fall as they may. It REALLY helps if you have somone else on the other side of the bed so that you can both lift up the mattress and tuck the bottom ends in at the same time..instead of wrestling with each side all by yourself!! I have always said that having someone help you make a bed cuts the work by at least 75%!!!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I tuck the sheets and blanket in at the foot as I would do for any other bed. I do hospital corners and then let the sides hang, because I like the look better than tucking everything in all round.

If you have a blanket on top, you could do without the hospital corner on the blanket if you choose. At the corners of the footboard, there will be a "drape" of sorts. That's the way it's supposed to look.

Over my sheets I use a down-alternative blanket, and a quilt serves as my bedspread. The trick is to have the overhang and drape even on both sides (assuming you can walk about the bed) so everything looks intentional.

I never had a footboard-style bed growing up, so this was something I had to figure out how to do, too.

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answers from Austin on

I would tuck the blanket all around with the top folded back showing the top sheet, the bottom corners with hospital corners and place the quilt across the bottom of the bed.

Consider purchasing a comforter with matching shams. . Makes it a lot easier.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I hate foot-boards! I always just go w/ a head board... that being said when I am faced w/ a foot board I usually just drape the comforter between the footboard and mattress.

You mention IKEA so I'm thinking maybe it's a platform bed and therefore you can't drape.... then I would fold all the covers under the mattress just like you would the sheets.

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answers from Denver on

I used to have a bed with a footboard. I wrapped the quilt and blanket around the end of the mattress, and let it fall at the sides. This meant I lost the design on the corner of the patchwork, but it was great for keeping the covers in place. When I use a duvet there is a tendency to wake up and find my feet sticking out from the bottom of the quilt.

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answers from Washington DC on

CONGRATS on your new furniture!! It's exciting!!

When we had a footboard, I ONLY tucked the sheets and blanket.

i would just leave the quilt alone and tuck the sheets and blanket in.

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