How Do You Ladies Handle It with Your Hubby !!!!!!

Updated on April 05, 2012
S.D. asks from Peoria, AZ
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The snoring is getting so old. How do you handle it ? I never get any sleep if I don't fall asleep before him with ear plugs.
So tired of being the one to adjust.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Get O. of those mouth guards. They DO work. We bought O. a few months ago. (Apparently, though, they have to have it IN THEIR MOUTH for it to work! Grrrrrr.....) So now I'm still waking him up, but now to tell him to PUT IT IN not to ROLL OVER!

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answers from Chicago on

I hear ya! Not only does my husband snore loud enough to wake the dead but he also has to fall asleep with the TV on. Habit from when he was a kid and now he can't sleep without it. Makes sleeping a bit of a challenge for me and I can't wear ear plugs (they irritate my ears). Some nights I just wanna make him go sleep in the car! :)
So I don't have an answer for you but I'm right there with you!

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answers from Boston on

I encouraged him to talk with his doctor. When he finally did (yeah -- it took a while), his doctor set him up w/a sleep study. Turns out he has sleep apnea (surprise to him; total no-brainer to me). Now, he uses a CPAP and we are BOTH much happier! Not only is it quieter but he has much, much more energy & is, consequently, happier (as am I!).

BTW -- this took a good bit of time. First, to convince him to see his doctor, then to follow through and get the study done. I spent a lot of time concerned for his health -- and told him so. Tried really hard not to nag and to avoid the "I told you so" when it turned out I was correct. The important thing is the outcome, not "winning".

He threw out a lot of objections -- but most of them were fear based. One by one, his doctor and I showed him it would be OK. And it is. Now, he wouldn't dream of sleeping without it.

hang in.

ETA: For those who are concerned about the noise of the CPAP, take a look at the various types of machines available. When my husband first looked at them on-line, he chose the cheapest one. I told him I get a vote on this also, since it's OUR bedroom and he wasn't the only one affected. I suggested a mid-priced model because it was quieter. Turns out, the device company our doctor & insurance company used also suggested the quieter model. We have crappy insurance -- but even our insurance company covered the device & replacement supplies at 100%. Yeah -- not the sexiest thing on the planet but then again, neither am I. ;) He doesn't put it on when he gets into bed; he puts it on when he's ready to go to sleep. Problem solved...

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answers from Los Angeles on

I began snoring aboutthe time I hit puberty. I snore, my dad and grandfather snored.

I got tested because I would have problems falling asleep at the wheel. I got tested and they found I wasn't getting any rem sleep. I would sleep for about 90 seconds before oxygen depravation set in and I would awaken take some deep breaths and go back to sleep. The doctors told me that one day, I would just not awaken to take those deep breaths.

He put me on a cpap machine and I have been using it ever since. (about 20 years now.) The only time I haven't used it was when I went to Boy Scout camp with my kids. (No plugs in the tents or trees ;~)) )

I sleep much better and so does my wife. I hope your husband goes for a sleep study. I was amazed at how much better I felt after my first night on the cpap machine.

If he is self-centered and not marriage centered, he may not go for the study and cpap machine. I hope he is smart enough, kind enough and loves you enough to do this.

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from St. Louis on

If he snores he has to roll over on his side. He only snores if he is on his back. Then again I snore if I am on my back. :( and have woke myself up snoring, how pathetic is that!?

Anyway see if there is a position he doesn't snore in and make him sleep that way. Troy whines about it because he is more comfortable sleeping on his back. I explained I am not a nice person when I am sleep deprived so unless he wants to be murdered in his sleep he best get used to it.

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answers from Norfolk on

Before he lost weight, my husband was the snorer.
Ear plugs worked fine but it took some getting use to.
Now he's snore free (unless he has a cold) and I'm the one who snores.
I'm sure dropping a few pounds will help.
Even with out weight gain, our skin/tissues loosens as we age, and snoring happens.
There are masks to wear (I've heard they sometimes make worse noise than the snoring - like sleeping next to Darth Vader) and there are a few operations which can remove some of the flappy parts in the throat.
He should discuss it with his doctor - snoring can mean he gets less restful sleep and can affect his health.
Addressing the problem with a doctor might get you both some relief.

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answers from Houston on

a cpap dear. I haven't slept so well in years! Get him a sleep study, my husband partially woke about 30 times in an hour, he sleeps better too. Not very sexy tho!

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answers from Seattle on

My husband sleeps in his own room. That way I sleep and he does too since I am not hitting and kicking him to shut the hell up.

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answers from Dallas on

I had the exact same experience as KN - have him get a sleep study, it will change BOTH of your lives!!!

As for the noise of the machine, if I'm already having a hard time getting to sleep it can be a little irritating, but it is a soft sound and compared to the snoring it is nothing.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I am right there with you! My husband claims he didn't sleep the night before but with all of his snoring that means he's busy sleeping... while I'm constantly punching him to stop! I'm the one not sleeping! When it gets too bad he sleeps on the couch, whether he's a jerk about it or not. If the couch hurts his back I'll have one of the kids sleep with me and he can sleep in their bed. I put up with a lot with that stinking snoring and when it's too much he's out!

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets

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answers from Phoenix on

Ha Ha, Joanne H., my hubby and I sleep in separate bedrooms too! And we're both under 40 so people can't believe it, but we both sleep better and we'll also have our "conjugal visits" as needed!



answers from Kansas City on

Unfortunately, I am the snorer at our house. If I fall asleep on my back my hubby claims he can hear me snoring 2 floors away!! I sleep on my side and he'll wake me up and tell me to turn over.

I talked with a doctor once about it and she suggested I lose some weight, something I need to do anyway!

I'm working on it. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, now that I think about it my hubby can be a very cranky SOB at times. Maybe if I lost weight and snored less he'd sleep better and be less cranky. Maybe that will give me the kick in the pants I need to lose some pounds!




answers from Los Angeles on

he needs to see an ent it could be apnea. my husband was a bad snorer and i made him get checked out. he has apnea and they did a sceptoplastmy on his nose. he wears a mask every night for the apnea.


answers from Washington DC on

has he been checked for apnea? he might need a C-Pap, which also noisy but i gather not nearly as annoying.
those little breathe-right strips work wonders.
does he get crabby if you roll him over? a lot of times a change of position will do the trick.



answers from Phoenix on

I've read through all the great advice you have already received, and the only thing I can contribute is that we used a regular ol' box fan. Sometimes white noise helps to drown out all the snoring. Good luck! :-)


answers from Asheville on

sleep study center to rule out apnea (bet he has it). they will set him up with a c-pap machine (takes a little getting used to). better sleep for both of you!



answers from Phoenix on

we sleep in 2 different bedrooms! haha the snoring drives me CRAZY and my insomnia drives him crazy!!
and when we want to have some "alone time" we do that in my bedroom then he leaves haha I know sounds so weird! but we are much happier people when we both get a good night's sleep! and he always says "people in the 50's use to do it and look how long they are married" it works for us :)



answers from Phoenix on

I've been married 44 years and my husband was really bad. I work too and I needed to have some much needed sleep. I've used every kind of ear plug imaginable. We went on vacation and daughter taped him on her phone. He heard it and knew he needed to get something done. Luckily for us their was several member of our family there and they all had went to the sleep center. They all had a machine called a C-pap that works. He had to go to the sleep center at least three times for them to figure him out. He is a big guy so he needed the strongest mask available. It has now been over a year and its wonderful. The machine isn't loud like his snoring. I can sleep all night and I don't hear it except when I first put my head down on the pillow.


answers from Dallas on

I wear ear plugs, take benedryl and wrap my head in a pillow.

When he wakes and sees me, he usually goes to the couch.

We have horrid sleeping hours around here anyway. My hubby is always up be 2am and working. Many times he has the 6am flight out of town. SO, I have an internal clock now that has me awake by 2am no matter what. He is in bed, out of bed and in bed several times a night.

Right now, he is on a trip for 2 nights and I am treasuring my sleep but I was still awake at 2am this am. When he goes out of town I sleep.

He has gotten better because he used to think I should be up by 5 no matter waht like he is. He is a morning person, I am not. Now he leaves me alone until I wake up which is nice.. sometimes I nap until 7. I said nap because basically that is what I do every night. I would LOVE to have just 3-4 straight hours of sleep.... paradise!

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