How Do You Keep Your Sheets Smelling Fresh?

Updated on February 24, 2011
S.D. asks from Mesa, AZ
12 answers

I was wondering how you ladies keep your sheets smelling fresh in your linen closets? I find that if sheets sit in the closet too long that they smell icky and I end up rewashing clean sheets before I'll use them. Does anyone else have the problem and if so how do you combat it? Thanks in advance ladies!

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answers from Phoenix on

Try putting dryer sheets in between the folded sheets. If that doesn't do the trick, I suggest you paint and seal the insie walls and shelves of the linen closet.

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answers from Chicago on

I'm with another mom below. I got rid of all my old sheets. I only use one set at a time. I will wash my sheets and but them right back on in 2 hours. When they get too worn out, then I put on a new set. I do always have a new spare on hand just in case. You never know if something happens in the middle of the night - like one time my daughter got sick in our bed - gross. I wasn't doing laundry then! At least we had a spare to get us through one night!

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answers from Charlotte on

A sachet of baking soda or a dryer sheet can work wonders.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Our linen closet doesn't have anything in it that could create unpleasant odors, and we keep it closed so that the pets don't get into it.
Neither of us is a big fan of scents on linens. We use unscented alundry detergent, and as long as the sheets don't smell funky, they're fine.

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answers from Utica on

I would just hang them out on a clothes line for an hour or two before you use them. The fresh air and the sun will help to crisp them right up and smell nature fresh again. Works for me.
Good Luck

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answers from Washington DC on

same problem here and I can't figure out where the smell comes from!
I like the idea of a space bag and a dryer sheet.
For now, I just wash and return them to the bed so they'll be perfectly fresh...or I just keep the "used" ones in the laundry hamper until I need to change the sheets and then wash them and put them on peeve of mine.

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answers from Bloomington on

If it is your linen closet that smells, then you might want to buy a space bag and store unused sheets in it with a dryer sheet.



answers from Portland on

An airing outside is the least energy-intensive and healthiest option. Most brands of dryer sheets contain toxins that are seriously scary:

You might want to try emptying your linen closet and spraying all surfaces with white vinegar – it's a great deodorizer and germ killer, and completely non-toxic. Allow it to dry completely before stacking sheets again. And keep only the amount of bedding you actually need, including spares. Room for air to move around in the closet will help.



answers from New York on

We don't keep more linens than we need, which helps. When they were all "crammed" in there it got musty. We "purged" and now have only what we need and keep "spares" in the basement- they only get used when we have a LOT of company and then I have to wash them.

Aside from that, I would suggest putting dryer sheets between the sets of sheets to keep them smelling fresh and rotate your linens weekly- don't just wash and put the same ones back on the bed!



answers from Phoenix on

try febreeze sprays they make stuff like that smell good, so you wont have to worry about rewashing them, unless you actually use them.



answers from Kansas City on

I don't like space bags, they make everything smell chemically plastic (the same with certain plastic tubs/containers). I wash and all but one pillow case. Then I put the folded linens in the pillow case along with a dryer sheet.



answers from Chicago on

I 2nd what Whitney said. I use a 'linen' scented dryer sheet (because it's not as overwhelming of the scents) and tuck it in between the flat and folded sheets.

I have also used a 'stick up' or whatever they are called now. But it's just a room deodorizer basically that 'sticks' on the wall (but I just sit it in the cabinet).

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