How Do You Keep Your Baby/toddler Warm but Not Too Warm?

Updated on August 14, 2011
C.D. asks from Downers Grove, IL
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My son is 16 months. He has been in a sleep sack for a while and likes it. I currently have him in the aidan & anais brand single layer muslin sack because it is summer and kind of hot around here. He usually wears a light shorts set pj or a onsie underneath, and at times he still sweats a bit. We keep the house at about 76 at night which actually gets chilly in here, and sometimes have the ceiling fans going too. Im prego, so I get hot and cold all the time, so Im not a very good guage. Sometimes when I check on him at night if it seems like his arms are cold I turn down or off his fan because I hate to think of him being cold. Although during his daytime naps he tends to sweat a bit at the same temps so Im totally confused! His room does seem to get warmer during the day and it is on two outside walls so I guess that makes sense.
...Anyway, his sleep sack is now ripped because he's a strong toddler and the material is very thin. I want to get him something else, but he kicks blankets off and Im not real comfortable with loose blankets in there anyway. Id hate to get him a thicker sleepsack because I dont want him hot...soooo - what do all of you with toddlers do for their sleeping arrangements in the summer?
Any suggestions? I feel like he is kind of used to putting on the sleep sack too as part of his bedtime routine, so Id hate to completely take it away if its part of his security. He goes down so nice, i would hate to change that! What do you think?

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answers from Fort Wayne on

he will be fine with a loose blanket. He is old enough that when he gets hot he will kick it off. If hes sweeting he too warm. My dd runs warm all the time so she just goes to bed with a 2pc pj and her light receiving blanket or the blanket that my MIL made for her. its very light and airy. we keep our house at 73* and she has a fan that does not blow on her just to circulate the air/white noise. let him keep his security sack it wont hurt when you check on him before you go to bed feel him and adjust for his temp.

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answers from Chicago on

We still have ours in the aidan & anais sleep sack--and he's 25mo. old:) He loves it and it actually prevents him from climbing out of his crib! We're going to keep him in it for as long as we can. In the summer he wears his short pjs and in the winter the long ones or maybe a fleece onesie. But he still gets his single layer slepp sack over that. I think it is comforting to him as well.

I do know what you mean about the ripping. But I think ours ripped when he started getting bigger in it, so we got him the next size up and now he has lots of room. He is about 30lbs. and the x-l fits great! This is the biggest size so I'll be sad to see them go:( But he should be ready for a blanket by then.

Also, we like to have two of them just in case ones dirty.



answers from Savannah on

I use a sleep sack with my 8 month old. During the day, he wears whatever he happens to have on, whether its short sleeves or sleeveless, but at night, I usually put him in a long sleeved onesie. This way his arms and legs both have only one layer on. When my son gets hot, it is usually only his legs, so this helps to keep him cool. Once in a while, on extra hot nights, I will put him in a short sleeved onesie.

If you like a sleep sack that much, you can get one made for toddlers from HALO. This should fit your child without ripping.



answers from Rockford on

At that age my daughter wore footie pajamas. They do make them out of cotton as well as fleece, and the cotton ones are really nice in the warmer weather, because it doesn't make them hot, but keeps them warm.
My son on the other hand, uses a blanket. He's kind of warm anyway, so he doesn't have a problem staying warm at night. I have gone into his room and seen him asleep and readjusting his blanket back onto himself.

I would go with the footie pajamas. Maybe something like that? I will say we would have to get my daughter a size bigger than she wore because she had big feet, just something to keep in mind.



answers from Chicago on

My 24 month old son wears fleece pj's year round and so did my other two boys until they were about 5. Our thermostat is set to 76 degrees but when it kicks on it gets quite cool. He won't keep a blanket on and the fleece are soft and comfy. You could even give him the sleep sack to snuggle with as a blanket for a while if he's super attached. He's old enough to have a blanket now. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I have 18 month old twins and they sleep with blankets and have been since around 12-14 months. In the summer we keep the thermostat on 74. Both babies are dressed in cotton pj's that are short sleeved and pants. They also are fitted to their bodies. So at night I cover both babies and my daughter stays there with the cover on. My son however sits up immediately and takes the cover off! When I get them up in the morning they both are awoke so I don't know if they sleep with the cover on or not. But their bodies are warm to me. At first I put socks on them when it was cooler but I they are fine now with out socks.

Maybe you can find some one piece pajamas that have feet in them. Like the other mom suggested...fleece pjs. When my babies were younger, I got them one piece cotton sleepers and put them on with onesies if I thought it was too cold. I think if you can find a good pj that is snug to his skin, he will feel warm and cozy.

Good luck


answers from New York on

I never used a sleep sack didnt know they made them for toddlers. Mine always kicked off blankets at that age so I put them in very light weight pajamas, long pants and short or long sleeve top but very light weight material

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